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Video games to satisfy your horror craving
It's hard to come across a genuinely horrifying simulated experience. What does it take to make a truly terrifying video game, something that makes you afraid of the dark? Read more

<em>Bliss</em>: Drug-induced madness
Shudder's latest exclusive horror, Bliss, has recently splattered its way onto screen. Read more

<em>Polaroid</em>: Say cheese and die?
Polaroid might remind you of certain nostalgic Canadian TV shows, but still stands up on its own. Read more

Romantic horror films to spook up your Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day means movies about romance, love and the extraordinary lengths people have gone for their special someone. But that does not mean Richard Gere and Julia Roberts get to hog all of that Valentine's Day material. Read more

<em>Jacob's Ladder</em>: An attempt to recreate madness
Although the original Jacob's Ladder has rightfully gained cult status, you can take a hard pass on the remake. Read more

<em>Deadcon</em>: A wannabe horror
Deadcon, was not only painful to watch, but is a disgrace to the horror genre. Read more

<em>The Furies</em>: A gruesome version of The Hunger Games
This year’s horror genre finally finds its footing with Shudder's The FuriesRead more

<em>The Marshes:</em> A sinking failure
The first Shudder original of 2020 has finally been released, and is an Australian horror titled The MarshesRead more

<em>3 From Hell</em>: An unnecessary failure
We hate to break it to you, but 3 From Hell was not worth the wait. Read more

<em>Eli</em>: An Unexpected Thriller
As the Halloween season is still very alive, tons of new horror movies are popping up all over, including a Netflix Original, EliRead more

<em>In the Tall Grass</em>: An exhausting maze
Netflix's latest horror movie release, In the Tall Grass, is one of the latest film adaptations of a Stephen King book. Read more

Remembering American horror film legend Sid Haig
Legendary horror movie icon Sid Haig (House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil's Rejects) passed away September 21. Read more

<em>The Harvesting:</em> A failed harvest of horrors
Not only do I love to watch indie horror movies, I love a good psychological thriller. When I heard about 2018's The Harvesting and found out it was both of those things combined, I was ultimately intrigued. Read more

<em>Belzebuth</em>: A failed exorcism
Try as it may, Belzebuth falls short in wholly satisfying its horror-hungry audience. Read more

<em>IT Chapter 2</em>: Floating its way to the top
The highly anticipated sequel to the 2017 adaptation of Stephen King's iconic story, IT, has finally hit theatres. Read more

<em>Twinsanity</em>: Double the awful
Twinsanity, also known as Downward Twin, is the latest psychological thriller released on Netflix this month. Read more

<em>Don't Leave Home</em>: An atmospheric mystery at best
Don't Leave Home is a Shudder (like Netflix but with only horror films) exclusive that has been compared to the likes of the iconic movie, Get OutRead more

<em>May the Devil Take You</em>: A tepid love letter to <em>The Evil Dead</em>
Though skilled in the art of gore-tastic filmmaking, Indonesian director Timo Tjahhanto appears to have fallen for this trap with his disappointing follow up, May the Devil Take YouRead more

<em>Velvet Buzzsaw</em>: One of Netflix's best
Netflix's latest original, Velvet Buzzsaw, is masterfully created, visually stunning and has a fresh plot with just the right amount of twists and turns. Read more

Suspiria: A test of patience
After a limited release in Canada, Suspiria (a remake of the iconic original in 1977), has finally been released nation-wide. Read more

Look Away: A non-thrilling psychological thriller
Look Away, written and directed by Assaf Bernstein, is a recently released psychological thriller that had so much potential to be good, but ended up falling short. Read more

Apostle: Exhaustingly gruesome
One of Netflix's latest original horror movies, Apostle, is a drawn out yet bizarrely intriguing period piece laced with gut wrenching brutalities. Read more

14 Cameras: Surely to Get Under Your Skin
While most people are starting to transition their movie selections over to something more cheerful and in the holiday spirit, there are some new horrors that are being released under the radar. Read more

Don't Watch This: Unless you've got time to kill
One of the latest horror miniseries, Don't Watch This, has quietly made its way onto Netflix this past week without creating much hype. Read more

Halloween: Slashers make a comeback
Probably one of the most anticipated horror movies this season, Halloween, slashed its way into theatres on Oct. 19. Read more

Seven in Heaven truly horror-ible
With too many holes in the plot, flatline characters and overall not enough explanation of certain aspects of the film are about, Seven in Heaven is not the best horror film to check out. Read more

Unfriended: Dark Web
After the great success this movie franchise saw back in 2014, the second installment, Unfriended: Dark Web, has now been released worldwide. Read more

The Lodgers: Beautiful and deeply disturbing
Originally featured at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), The Lodgers, directed by Brian O'Malley, has finally been released onto Netflix for all of Canada to experience. Read more

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich
Almost 30 years after the initial release of the cult classic film, Puppet Master, the thirteenth installment, Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich, graces us with its ridiculous presence once again. Read more

Terrifier: The bar has risen for clown horrors
Looking for something over the top? Suspenseful? Gory enough to make you cringe throughout basically the entire film? If your answer is yes to all of those, then Terrifier is the movie for you. Read more

Mom and Dad: Frivolous and twisted
What was first premiered at the Toronto Film Festival back in 2017, Mom and Dad finally got its international release in 2018. While this film is definitely not Oscar worthy, it had a twisted plot and was a lot of fun to watch. Read more

Annihilation: Insightful film that takes time to understand
Annihilation is a thought-provoking science fiction horror film that will leave the audience wondering about various events of the film long after they have left the theater Read more

Hellraiser Judgement: A gory rebirth
Hellraiser Judgement takes a fresh look on the series where three detectives are trying to hunt down a gruesome serial killer who is terrorizing the town. Read more

Veronica: Scary, but over-hyped
One of the most talked about movies this month has been Veronica. All over social media were posts about how it was the scariest movie of all time and that people couldn't even get half way through the film before turning it off. Read more

The Ritual: A fresh take on horror
The Ritual, a Netflix exclusive that was released on Feb. 9, has been the refresh the horror genre was in definite need of. With such great attention to detail, truly frightening scenes and an unforgettable monster, The Ritual is a must see. Read more

Winchester: A haunting masterpiece
Probably one of the most underrated releases this month, Winchester, was an absolutely brilliant haunted house film with the perfect amount of realism. Read more

Delirium: A haunted house without a good haunt
Haunted house horror movies are often among some of the scariest horror movies out there. Delirium tried really hard to be one of these movies, but unfortunately missed the mark. Read more

No Solicitors: Move on to the next one
What had a very limited initial release back in 2015, No Solicitors, directed by John Callas, just received its full launch this month. Read more

The Open House: Beware of the critics
One of Netflix's latest releases, The Open House, has caused quite a commotion and an onslaught of negative reviews. People were claiming it was the worst movie they have ever seen and that the ending was nonsensical. Read more

Jeepers Creepers 3: A long-awaited disappointment
If you are a horror buff you may have heard through the grapevine that a new Jeepers Creepers movie was coming to theatres but then never heard anything about it again. Read more

Slumber: A Familiar Nightmare
Have you ever woken up in a dream feeling like someone was sitting on your chest? Or dreamt you were running, but were actually not getting anywhere? Read more

Mother Krampus: A Horrible Holiday Horror
The newly released holiday horror, Mother Krampus, (also titled The 12 Deaths of Christmas) tried to bring some Christmas scares back to life this year. Read more

Happy Death Day: Familiar Story with New Twists
Happy Death Day, directed by Christopher Landon, had a perfect launch date of Friday the 13th, which helped give the film that much more hype. Read more

Gerald's Game: Another Stephen King Success
We have been so lucky this year to see a string of Stephen King film adaptions like The Dark Tower and It, which have all been masterfully done in their own unique way. The latest Netflix exclusive adaptation, Gerald's Game, has continued this trend of well done films inspired by the brilliant Stephen King's novels Read more

Friend Request: Accepted
Friend Request, directed by Simon Verhoeven, does an excellent job at shedding light on some of the real life horrors associated with social media and the dark web while incorporating a pretty creepy witchcraft, supernatural twist. Read more

The Houses October Built 2: A potential franchise killed
If a late night thrill is what you are looking for, then the newly released 'horror' film, The Houses October Built 2, directed by Bobby Roe, is definitely not it. Read more

Fear for Thought - Thrills and chills: Five must-see upcoming horror films
Here's a list of the top five upcoming horror, thriller and murder mystery movies that look especially enticing for us lovers of the colder, darker days to come. Read more

Get Out is the movie we need and deserve right now
The thriller film Get Out was written, co-produced and directed by Jordan Peele, previously best known for his comedic work on Mad TV and Key & Peele. Read more

Fear For Thought: Supernatural horror mixes with harsh realities in Under the Shadow
The plot of Under the Shadow revolves around Shideh, an ambitious medical student who has been barred from classes due to her involvement in pre-revolution demonstrations. Read more

Vampires, werewolves, generic action and confounding pointlessness
Taking place in a gothic world of vampires versus werewolves (called lycans), Underworld: Blood Wars follows vampire Selene as she is pursued by both the waning vampires in search of revenge for the killing of their elders and by the lycans in search of her vampire-lycan hybrid daughter in order to generate a powerful army of hybrids. Read more

Fear For Thought: Lights Out sheds light on life with a mental illness
The twisted monster of the recently released film Lights Out closely stalks its victims when the lights are on and makes its move once they are switched off. Read more

Fear For Thought: Spider Baby is a creepy, crawly classic
In the mood to watch something delightfully offbeat, twisted and depraved with just a hint of social commentary? Jack Hill's Spider Baby or, The Maddest Story Ever Told is the epitome of American horror/exploitation. Read more

The paranormal jump scare movie that delivers
Ouija: Origin of Evil is a paranormal horror film about a little girl named Doris who is possessed by evil spirits channeled through a Ouija board. Read more

Five nights of Netflix
Interrobang has compiled a list of modern horror movies and thrillers that will make this Halloween the scariest (or creepiest) one yet. Read more

Unmasking the clown: A brief history of clowning and fear
The recent killer clown phenomenon made its way to London as local high schools were threatened with the kidnapping of students and killing of teachers. Read more

A haunting we will go
The Fanshawe Pioneer Village has new plans for Halloween; instead of the Haunted Hayride, there will be the Midnight Village. Read more

Fear For Thought: Father knows crazy in Eyes Without a Face
It's a wonder that Eyes Without a Face was not deemed a cult classic any sooner than it has been. Not only does it make for an elegant sample of horror film history, but also its themes of patriarchal control over the feminine subject make for interesting post-viewing conversation. Read more


Blair Witch tries too hard to be good
Blair Witch is a sequel to the 1999 independent horror film The Blair Witch Project, one of the most successful independent films of all time. Read more

Fear For Thought: How watching horror movies helped me work through grief
I was recently affected by the shock waves of a local tragedy. A significant member of my network and community passed away quite unexpectedly. Read more

A stereotypical, low-budget horror film
If you are into low budget, stereotypical horror films, then the 1986 film Critters is for you. Read more

Fear For Thought: Into the woods
The Blair Witch is creeping closer towards us, with the eponymous direct sequel to 1999's found-footage phenomenon slated for a fall release. Read more


An abundantly better love story than Twilight
It’s a premise that’s practically been done to death in many a medium: a misfit human finds love in the arms of a misfit monster. United by their shared weirdness as outcasts in one another’s respective communities, they overc... Read more

Curses, claws and the original cat woman
A woman walks down a street darkened by the cover of night. Her gait is confident at first, but she can’t help suspect that she may not be alone. Casting a glance behind her, she finds nobody is actually there. Her pace quickens, and sud... Read more

Dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight
Exiled from their town and shunned by their society, a small family tries to make a new life on a small farm in the middle of nowhere. Unfortunately, this is the 1630s in New England, and all the tales you’ve heard, of pacts with the Dev... Read more

David Bowie, the vampire
From mime to music, there wasn’t a medium of art that the late and great David Bowie could not master throughout his esteemed career and there was never a genre that he did not shy away from as an actor. We’ve all seen Bowie dan... Read more

Creep, the scariest film of 2015 that you probably missed
For horror movie fans, 2015 was an impressive year of surprise successes with titles including The Babadook and It Follows. Even M. Night Shyamalan managed to blow audiences away with the unanticipated triumph that was The Visit. Indeed, the p... Read more

Not for the jolly or faint of heart
Not everyone wants to throw on ugly Christmas sweaters and watch the same old movies year after year. I can’t speak for everyone, but the last thing I want after being bombarded by holiday spirit all day, is to go home and numb myself with th... Read more

DIY Horror
Each year, people are finding creative ways to enhance costumes and houses on Halloween. Sites such as YouTube and Pinterest have begun to offer users the ability to research and get inspired from other users who have taken everyday items and m... Read more


The Horror Games: Dice, Murder and Madness
Looking for something more strange and unusual for Devil’s Night and Halloween this year? From Cthulu to hordes of zombies, these board games will have you wondering what’s living in the dark corners of your home.  Elder Sign ... Read more

A cleverly condensed history of horror
The Halloween ritual can take on various meanings depending on what stage you may be at in life. As a child, Halloween is a favourite day when candy and costumes break the monotony of school; older kids prefer to take advantage of the evening... Read more


Pioneer Village spookin', scarin' and creepin'
More than 150 years ago, London’s early settlers huddled together around cooking fires, retelling paranormal tales of hauntings, creatures in the night and witchery. These storytellers wove their tales not for fun, but as stern warnings f... Read more

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