Current Issue: Friday, January 8th, 2021

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Happy unflinching New Year: A lesson from Arctic
As we enter the New Year in these difficult times, survival means doing onto others as we would have them do onto us. Read this article

Beware the COVID gaslighter
While many of us have made drastic sacrifices to protect our communities and loved ones from the deadly COVID-19 virus, others were suggesting that there was nothing to fear. Read this article

People holding a Middlesex Community Living banner

Enjoy a Career in Developmental Services with Middlesex Community Living
Sponsored by Middlesex Community Living
Middlesex Community Living is a not-for-profit, charitable organization that supports adults with developmental disabilities in the Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc. It partners with people to realize their value as full, contributing citizens in their community. Read this article

From the Editor
Happy New Year, London students. It's a week into 2021 and the proverbial heat has already turned up a notch. Read this article

Let's normalize grieving over the holidays
If there's any holiday tradition we should leave behind, it's the pressure to pretend to be happy during December - even when someone is going through a difficult time. Read this article

The Consciousness-wrenching truth about Christmas
The Christian tradition says that Jesus was, on the one hand, a human being, and on the other, God. The tradition is correct. Read this article

From the Editor
There is now light at the end of this strange, dark, twisted tunnel. Read this article

Unlocking the mysteries of American politics
In Canada we wonder why the political rhetoric south of the border is as extreme as it is. For example, it is hard for us to imagine that voting can be controversial. After all, aren't votes just there to be counted? How hard can it be, and why would the final tallies be contested? Read this article

From the Editor
Greetings, Fanshawe College and Western University. Welcome to our Finance Issue - the second last Interrobang issue before the fall 2020 term wraps up for winter break. Read this article

Guest submission: On the road to financial freedom
When it comes to personal finance there are a lot of do's and don'ts. Knowing what to do and what not to do is key to you and your family's financial wellbeing. Read this article

Opinion: Student 'side hustlers' face an uphill battle
Like many others, I started a small business in quarantine - and it hasn't been everything that hustle culture advertised. Read this article
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Climate Crisis Coalition: Western needs to take its climate goals seriously
We are living in a climate crisis. As the California wildfires and other catastrophes have shown, there is a steep human cost to inaction. Read this article
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Ontario's new blue box plan a step in the right direction
If everyone takes a moment of their day to properly sort their garbage, then workers at the landfill wouldn't struggle to sort through piles of unorganized trash. Read this article

Environmental sustainability: Pathways to choosing trade-offs
When we act with integrity to address our problems and sincerely pray for God to walk with us and bless all we are up to, we can expect a future that does not disappoint all our hopes, but fulfills many of them, perhaps more than we dare to imagine. Read this article

From the Editor
It's now or never. That's the takeaway of this year's Sustainability Issue, where Interrobang's writers took a moment to reflect on where humanity stands in terms of solving climate change. Read this article

THE NOTORIOUS RBG: The weight of a lifetime
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg paved the way for many to come, when she subverted the oppressive structures around her and flourished in a world filled with unfair obstacles. Read this article

Canada has a long way to go in ending period poverty
Until 2015, Canadians who menstruated were paying GST on menstrual products like pads and tampons. These necessary tools for managing periods were deemed non-essential, a luxury, by the Canadian government. Read this article

What would privatizing healthcare mean for Canada?
Healthcare today is provided on an as-needs basis, instead of on who has enough cash to acquire it. This system ensures free medical care to those with a Canadian citizenship, no matter their income. Considering privatization of Medicare would jeopardize the access to health services for all. Read this article

Fanshawe you win; I give up
Guidance is something we all desire, something to hold onto to make sense of the darkness the unknown can bring. COVID-19 has made this all but more apparent to me. Read this article

Graduating in a world coping with COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has made it so that life has become unpredictable. The world after the pandemic will be weird. But what's weirder is that I'm graduating at the end of this year. Read this article

Why we should not cancel Halloween: Keeping a degree of normalcy in COVID-19
The debate about whether Halloween should be cancelled has been a hot topic in not just Ontario, but all over Canada. Read this article

How do politics and religion relate?
Opinion: Christianity demands humility from political leaders. Read this article

From the Editor
October 2020 seems as good a time as ever to launch Interrobang's first-ever Politics Issue, so that's what we did. Read this article

Opinion: Students should be allowed to rename themselves on Zoom
There are many reasons why someone might want to change their display name on Zoom. They may not go by their legal name, whether that be due to a gender transition, preference or safety reasons; or they may want to add pronouns to the end of their name to make the virtual classroom a more supportive environment for gender non-conforming peers. Read this article

Division is a distraction from the bigger picture
Divide et impera: Divide and conquer. This tactic has proven to be, time and time again since Julius Caesar conquered Gaul in 52 B.C., a highly effective strategy used to, well, conquer populaces in history. Read this article

From the Editor
SEX!!! Now that I have your attention, welcome Fanshawe and Western to Interrobang's latest issue - the Sex Issue. Read this article

Opinion: Academic accommodations aren't enough in a pandemic
Even as most aspects of university life are changing drastically, academic accommodation appears to remain the same. Read this article

Rethinking relationships is not a bad thing
I say this purely in the spirit of much-needed levity, with all due respect to the seriousness of the situation at hand: It took the life-threatening reality of a global pandemic for me to finally demand more for myself in my personal relationships. Read this article

Sex outside the Matrix
As recently as 50 years ago, being sexually active in Canada without being married to one's partner was a matter of controversy. Read this article

Cuties: Cannes or cancelled?
Disgusting, inappropriate, inspiring, influential, encouraging and propaganda. These are some reactions describing the confusing response to CutiesRead this article

The reality of mental health: an uncensored glimpse into our support services
Between the Bell Let’s Talk campaign and Suicide Prevention Month, the discourse about mental health and illnesses only surfaces twice a year. Read this article

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