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In times of crisis, choose who you follow with care
Sometimes, it can take a life or death situation for us to discover our boundaries. And in the past eight weeks, I for one have learned to draw the line at misinformation, the rampant spread of which mirrors the veracity of the coronavirus itself. Read more

We will fight back
Canada has always prided itself in its image as being warm and welcoming to diversity. But I wonder, how can we welcome different cultures when we can't even recognize the first peoples of the land? Read more

More lost secrets of the universe: The God who was afraid
Some people believe that God is without emotion, like an enormous Buddha, serene and calm even though we people may be facing great distresses. Read more

From the Editor
Hello, Fanshawe students, staff and friends. Welcome to another issue of Interrobang. Today's (March 11) news cycle has been a wild ride. Read more

Inferiority complex: A bigger problem than considered
Opinion: If you ever feel that you are inferior compared to others, ask yourself - so what? Read more

Dealing with graduation anxiety
Opinion: Graduating is a significant milestone you should be proud of, so take the time to breathe before worrying about your next steps. Read more

Subs or dubs: Which do you prefer?
In the anime community there's been the long debate of sub versus dub. Read more

Preparing for life after college
Arguably, the main purpose of college or university is to prepare yourself for a career. The end goal is for you to not just land your first job but also to find your passion. Read more

From the Editor
Greetings and salutations, Fanshawe community and beyond. Welcome to another action-packed issue of Interrobang. Read more

Ask a Prof: Finding the best cup of coffee
Ask A Prof is a monthly column which answers student questions on any topic. The Prof answering is Jim Benedek, a Professor in the School of IT's office administration programs. Read more

Lost secrets of the cosmos
About 3,500 years ago, the ruling class of Egypt believed that chaos could devour the world at any moment. Read more

Judgement days: Where do we stand?
Opinion: In these days of judgement, we should think about our rush to pronounce judgement on others. Read more

From the Editor
Greetings and salutations fair readers of the Fanshawe community and beyond. Welcome to another issue of Interrobang, Fanshawe's official campus newspaper. Read more

Why care about self-care?
Take care of yourself, be kind to yourself and watch over yourself. Great words to live by in theory, but what is self-care and how do we actualize it in our own life? Read more

What does Weinstein's verdict mean for survivors?
Opinion: The Weinstein trial demonstrates the extreme difficulty of prosecuting men for sexual assault. Read more

Editorial: Rye ditches RSU, that's that on student autonomy
As of Jan. 24, Ryerson University no longer recognizes the Ryerson Students' Union (RSU) as the official student body government. Read more

Mistrust at the railway crossing
Opinion: Canadians, and members of the national Christian community, are finding ways to support the Wet'suwet'en government and protestors. Read more

How to embrace obstacles as opportunities
Obstacles appear every day and most often we rise to the challenge without much thought. Read more

Parasite wins best picture: What does this mean for the Oscars?
After being characteristically predictable, the Oscars delivered a climactic twist to their award show this year by awarding Parasite as best picture. Read more

From the Editor
Greetings, readers from the Fanshawe community and beyond. Welcome back from reading week and to another edition of Interrobang. Read more

Ask a Prof: Dealing with withdrawal
Hey Prof, I'm not doing very well in one of my courses and I'm thinking about dropping it. Any advice? Read more

Is hatred and discrimination at the centre of politics in India?
Opinion: If basing nationwide policies off of racial hatred is obviously wrong, why is it happening? Read more

To think or not to think; that is the question
To think before you speak is a skill we all have been taught to some degree. But what does that skill look like in world where lies are more entertaining than the truth? Read more

From the Editor
Greetings, readers from the Fanshawe community and beyond. Thank you for reading this year's edition of the Valentine's Day issue. Read more

Editorial: Western can't ignore sugar babies on campus
Western's student sugar baby population has more than doubled over the past year, according to a major sugaring platform. Read more

How my learning disability impacts me as an adult
Opinion: I'm thankful that I can use computers to accommodate my learning disability (LD), but that doesn't erase the impact my LD has on my life. Read more

Does the Christian Church stifle diversity?
Opinion: All churches can do better about being inclusive. Read more

Oscar nominations disappoint again
Another awards season, another conversation about diversity. I have to wonder: If we talk about this every year, why does nothing change? Read more

Is Canada's multicultural mosaic in jeopardy?
Canadian identity is influenced by many, many different cultures and traditions. Read more

Bell - let's talk
Let's take the conversation off the internet and into real life. Let's see you be the change you want to see. Read more

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