Current Issue: Friday, January 17th, 2020

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Fanshawe professor paves way for artists with disabilities
New exhibit highlights the works of Londoner Gerard Pas, a disabled artist whose battle with polio left him culturally and socially isolated due to an atrophied leg. Read more

The Marshes: A sinking failure
The first Shudder original of 2020 has finally been released, and is an Australian horror titled The MarshesRead more

A guide to keeping your notes organized
With the start of the new semester I decided to share a few tips on how to organize and take notes during lectures. Read more

Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
An emotional matter will result in a change of plans. Don't make assumptions or believe everything you hear. Read more

RETWEET is your new favourite podcast
RETWEET is a thought-provoking podcast which I encourage all podcast lovers to listen to. Read more

Netflix Fix of the Week: Messiah
Messiah is yet another addition to Netflix's long list of fanatic-themed shows. Read more

2020: The Year of the Nurse
In addition to stepping into a new year with new beginnings, 2020 has been deemed by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the Year of the Nurse and Midwife. Read more

Exercises to lose weight for specific goals
Here are some common places on the body that people exercise for and examples of exercises for those areas. Read more

Get Active
Here are some easy exercises that anyone can do throughout their day without the need to overhaul their existing schedules. Read more

Workout supplements that can help build muscle
There are many ways to lose weight and build muscle. One of the most well-known options is supplements. Before taking any supplements, be sure to do your own research on the product and to speak with your doctor. Read more

Six excellent fitness trackers to use when exercising
Fitness trackers, also called fitness watches, have become a mainstream tool for weight loss. We present this list of possible choices of trackers. Read more

Longboarding: exercise that's actually fun
Longboarding has been growing in popularity as more and more people are noticing the benefits of owning one. Read more

Let's go on a winter workout
There are actually many benefits to working out during the winter months which increase your health and well-being. Read more

Health and wellness in the New Year
Some of us from the Student Wellness Centre would like to give you some tips to getting active and maintaining physical activity as an everyday part of your lifestyle. Read more

Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
What you do for others will make you feel good but may have a different effect on someone close to you who feels neglected. Read more

Places of worship
Presented is a guide to places of worship that are local to Fanshawe's Oxford Street campus, as well those that have limited alternatives in London. Read more

Short cuts: cutting down travel time to classes
Sometimes it is tedious to traverse the halls of Fanshawe. The weird shapes to some of the buildings makes it longer to get to one end of the College to the other. Read more

Resources for international Fanshawe students
There are also a number of resources available for international students throughout the semester. Whether you are new to Canada or are still settling in, these resources are here to help you out. Read more

Off-campus housing: Tips for finding your home away from home
Finding the perfect place to live off-campus can be a tedious process, so here are some tips and tricks that can help you make a decision you won't regret. Read more

Quick and easy potato soup recipe
Anyone can make this simple and delicious potato soup recipe. Read more

How to stay healthy when you have a chronic health issue
Dealing with a health condition, whether it be long or short-term, hidden or out there, can be hard as a student - especially if you're dealing with kids, relationships and work, as many of us do. Read more

New Year, new you
The winter holiday season has come to a close, and a mild dread creeps into our minds as we approach the new school year. Read more

Sticking to your New Year's resolutions
If you've made New Year's resolutions this year, try your best to stick to them. Read more

Is the keto diet as great as it seems?
Every couple of years a new diet trend appears and invades the world. Read more

Netflix Fix of the Week: You, season two
Released just before the end of 2019, Netflix's You is it the perfect violent, depressing antidote to all that holiday cheer. Read more

Mind over matter: Alternatives to assist you in quitting smoking
Unless you're planning a trip to a country that doesn't easily produce cigarettes for purchase and consumption, quitting smoking is not an easy task. Read more

The Fanatic: Travolta like you've never seen before
John Travolta's latest film, The Fanatic, is psychological thriller without any thrills or psychological insights. Read more

Pardis Parker to perform four shows in London
Following a set of sold-out shows across Canada, award-winning comedian Pardis Parker will perform in London for the first time. Read more

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