Current Issue: Friday, January 8th, 2021

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Equipment to get a good workout from home
Working out is a wonderful stress reliever that also has great effects on your physical health. However, not everyone has time and or the money for a gym membership.  Read this article

Deskercise: Getting active while sitting
These days, students are sitting at their computers for long periods of time, which translates into endless hours of sitting in a chair all day. Read this article

People holding a Middlesex Community Living banner

Enjoy a Career in Developmental Services with Middlesex Community Living
Sponsored by Middlesex Community Living
Middlesex Community Living is a not-for-profit, charitable organization that supports adults with developmental disabilities in the Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc. It partners with people to realize their value as full, contributing citizens in their community. Read this article

"Yoga"na wanna try these stretches
Stretches are an essential part of your workout. They energize and restore muscles to prevent injuries. Read this article

Five apps for weight loss
These weight loss and fitness apps are a safe, practical solution to avoiding gyms during lockdown. Read this article

Say no to diet culture in 2021
As another January rolls around, diet companies are ramping up their advertising as millions make resolutions to get fit and lose weight. But this year, audiences are wising up. Read this article

Say what's on your mind and it will help put an end to uncertainty and confusion regarding what's next for you. Read this article

Out with the old and in with the new
Change is an inevitable part of life but as creatures of habit it takes work to embrace. For some that work begins in the New Year and for others that work never stopped. Read this article

Twelve ways to optimize your time and conquer the new semester
Extensions, applications, and useful websites can help you get a head start in conquering the new semester! Read this article

Manage your time, and then meditate on it
Remember, only you can take charge of yourself in these uncertain times. Read this article

Developing a healthier relationship with social media in 2021
To me, it always sounded a bit absurd to plan a series of goals for a New Year because you never know how the next year will be. Read this article

Oh boy, do we ever need 2021!
2020 WAS NOT A FUN YEAR. I don't think anyone would disagree with that statement. From beginning to the end of the year, we have gone through so much. Read this article

Welcome to 2021: the year of renewal
2020 was the start of a new decade, ushering in the era of peace, prosperity, and acceptance...just kidding - it was arguably the worst year of most of our lives, having spent it forcibly inside due to an airborne virus. Read this article

The DOs and DO NOTs of our new reality
Just when you think you've adjusted to the new reality of a global pandemic, you have to adjust all over again to going to college. Read this article

Look up, way up: Why 2020 was the best year for astronomy, and what's next for 2021
With little else to do during a lockdown amid a global pandemic, many of us deserted our screens in favour of the night sky to gaze at the stars. Read this article

Five movies to watch in 2021
After many release dates being postponed, we can expect to see various big movies in 2021. Read this article

How to celebrate the New Year, safely
The year 2020 is about to end, and I think I can speak for most of us when I say we're happier go into a New Year like never before. Read this article

How to support local and sustainable businesses this holiday season
As the holiday season approaches, it's time to max out credit cards buying the perfect gifts for loved ones. Read this article
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Budget-friendly Christmas activities your wallet will thank you for
After being stuck indoors for so long, it's likely that you may need a little extra boost to your holiday spirit this year. Read this article
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Creative Conversations over Coffee: Sunday Ajak
Originally from South Sudan but born in Newfoundland, Sunday Ajak is a third-year Western student studying social justice and peace. Read this article

Coronavirus update: The vaccine is coming
Almost a year ago since the beginning of the worst pandemic in a century, a vaccine has been approved by the federal government. Read this article

Mind your mind over the holidays
I have heard it time and time again now, that the one thing that we need now more than ever is a message of hope - especially with everything that we have been dealing with in the past year. Read this article

Top 10 shows and movies to watch during the holidays
We are just about done our finals, and freedom is only an arm's length away. No more schoolwork, no more deadlines, and a stress-free break is all that awaits us. Read this article

Safety Tips for Celebrating the Holiday Season
The COVID-19 pandemic has made us have to switch the way we celebrate holidays. While some people went back home, lots of people stayed here in London for their Thanksgiving festivities. Read this article

Home Alone For Christmas
Home Alone is just one of the vast list of stories where the plot is based on Christmas being in danger of not happening as planned, or not happening at all. Read this article

Have yourself a plant based holiday
The holidays can be a tough time for anyone trying their hand at a plant-based diet. Read this article

Refuse to let your emotions interfere with your ability to get things done. Look for imaginative ways to entertain someone you love, and it will lead to a closer relationship. Read this article

Interrobang Episode 21: Fanshawe Student Union Finance Coordinator Anuar Issa
Should Canada have a Universal Basic Income? Interrobang reporter Hannah Theodore sits down with Fanshawe Student Union Finance Coordinator Anuar Issa to discuss his thoughts on the topic. Read this article

How to manage buyer's remorse in a culture of consumption
We have all made an impulsive purchase at some point or another and have later come to regret it. Read this article
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