It’s all about The Conjuring

The Conjuring films are spooky season staples.

Spooky season has arrived and it feels almost sinful to not write about my favourite horror movie, The Conjuring. This three-film series that began in 2013 is based on real-life couple Ed and Lorraine Warren, who have a connection to the “spiritual world.” Throughout their investigations of disturbed families who have been haunted by evil spirits, Ed and Lorraine walk us through some of their most chilling stories. A series based on true events that leaves viewers with goosebumps as the directors of Saw and Insidious bring these hauntings to our screens.

The Conjuring

The movie that started it all, the original Conjuring tells the story of Carolyn and Roger Perron who move into a house where, unbeknownst to them, supernatural activity once took place. Famous actress Joey King plays one of their children, Christine, one of the first of the family to connect with the demonic spirit attacking them.

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The movie begins with a video pertaining to the Annabelle case where Ed and Lorraine are introduced telling the story of this possessed doll.

The Perron family hauntings start as an ordinary family adjusting to their new home. It doesn’t take long for things to turn sinister, showcased by one of this film’s most iconic sequences wherein a game of hide and clap takes place between Carolyn, one of her daughters, and something supernatural.

While this movie tells the Perron story, it also dives into Ed and Lorraine and how assisting with getting rid of demonic presences can affect them.

The Conjuring 2

This is the story of Ed and Lorraine travelling to Enfield in North London to look into the possession of 72-year-old Bill Wilkins. Bill takes over the body of 11-year-old Janet Hodgson, after she plays the well-known Ouija board game with her sister.

The film begins with Ed and Lorraine investigating the famous Amityville case, where Lorraine sees an evil spirit dressed as a nun. This nun appears to both her and Ed throughout the film before they even travel to the Hodgson residence.

Towards the end, the possessive spirit takes over Janet’s body and makes it appear as though she’s been faking for attention and publicity. Evidence is brought to the table to make Ed and Lorraine believe that Janet was never possessed and that they should head back home. It’s not until Lorraine is able to connect with Bill Wilkins herself that she realized that his spirit is really just a “pawn,” to disguise the true evil spirit who we come to find is named Valak, the one taking control of Janet.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It

The most recent Conjuring film, released only two years ago, is based on the trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson. This movie highlights a murder trial that turns the heads of many as they find it hard to believe that Arne was under the influence of a demonic presence during the murders.

This is the chilling case of when a murder trial claims demonic possession as a defense for the first time. The unfolding of exorcism, witchcraft, and murder are all presented.

Throughout the film, a witch’s totem is found, making Ed and Lorraine believe that the family has been cursed.

With Lorraine’s gifted visions and ability to connect to the spiritual side, she is able to relive murder, stabbings specifically, and uncover a suicide.