Current Issue: Monday, April 5th, 2021

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 38: Over the past year, nutritionist Karri Wilson has seen her student clientele increase exponentially. Host Hannah Theodore chats with Wilson about body anxiety coming out of quarantine, and how students can combat it.

Episode 37: The Interrobang Roundtable is back! Interrobang editor Hannah Theodore and reporter Aisha Javaid discuss some of Interrobang’s top stories of the week, from climate anxiety to vaccine hesitancy.

Episode 36: This week we’re talking climate change on the Interrobang Podcast. As temperatures soared in B.C. last week, and wild storms moved over southern Ontario, scientists are once again signalling the need to build climate resilient communities. Our guest, Professor Gordon McBean, has worked for decades to develop policies based on climate science. He chats with Hannah Theodore about the need for climate action now.

Episode 35: This week’s podcast is all in the family. Host Hannah Theodore catches up with Interrobang reporters, Savannah Bisaillon and Aisha Javaid. They discuss the summer so far, their hopes for the future, and what it’s been like to cover difficult stories.

Pride Podcast Series Episode 4: The final episode in our Pride Podcast Series is here! We’re closing out the series with a conversation about the art of drag. Host Hannah Theodore chats with local drag queen Phoenix Black about the Rupaul effect, how she found her drag persona and what advice she would offer to young people looking to pursue drag. Listen on our website, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Pride Podcast Series Episode 3: In episode three of our Pride Podcast series, host Hannah Theodore chats with the former vice-president of Pride London, Amanda Pearson. Amanda was the first transgender person to ever serve in the role. In this episode, she shares her experience of transitioning later in life, and what she struggled most with as a board member with Pride. Listen on Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Pride Podcast Series Episode 2: In the second episode of our Pride Podcast Series, host Hannah Theodore sits down with the president of Spectrum Fanshawe, Nicholas Veal. Find out how the club has been navigating the pandemic, and what Nicholas has planned during his time as president.

Pride Podcast Series Episode 1: Episode one in our Pride Podcast Series features a conversation with the current president of Pride London, Stephen D’Amelio. Host Hannah Theodore and Stephen discuss police at Pride, race, and all the fun you can expect at Pride Fest this year.

Episode 34: How do students benefit from collegiate publications? What can we do to keep students informed on what really matters? Hannah Theodore chats with Western Gazette Editor, Liam Afonso about the importance of student journalism, and the future of the partnership between the Gazette and the Interrobang.

Episode 33: In this episode, former Interrobang Editor, Angela McInnes passes on the reins to Hannah Theodore. They discuss the past three years, the future of Interrobang and journalism in the Forest City.

Episode 32: Listen as Interrobang editor Angela McInnes and multimedia reporter Ilhan Aden discuss the week’s news in this year’s final episode of the Interrobang Newsroom. In today’s episode they discuss the new lockdown restrictions, a seemingly innocuous protest on the local rail line, Huron’s possible exit from Western University and more!

Episode 31: Listen as editor Angela McInnes and multimedia reporter Ilhan Aden attempt to make more sense of the nonsense. In today’s episode, they discuss the high rate of commercial vacancies in downtown London, Canada’s response to COVID, and Western University’s symbiotic relationship with London.

Episode 30: In this special edition of the Interrobang Podcast, listen as Fanshawe alumni, Alex Emrich, and artist/student Asante Deluy, discuss the ebbs and flows of the music industry with reporter Ilhan Aden.

Episode 29: In this episode of The Wrap Up, Sarah Wallace of the Western Gazette and Ilhan Aden of Interrobang express their qualms about student politics.

Episode 28: Join Angela and Ilhan as they tackle the idea of celebrity in 2021. Listen as they discuss the Free Britney movement, the downfall of the countercultural king Marilyn Manson, Ilhan’s distaste for Justin Timberlake and much more!

Episode 27: Is ignorance bliss? Ilhan and Angela in the Interrobang Newsroom as they hash out their thoughts while discussing Marjorie Taylor Greene, Facebook vs Apple and the Myanmar coup.

Episode 26: In this week’s Interrobang Newsroom Podcast, editor Angela McInnes joins multimedia reporter Ilhan Aden to discuss the Proud Boys, vacationing politicians, and what it means to be a movement journalist.

Episode 25: Join Sarah and Ilhan as they stumble through a mishmash of hot topics including the new lockdown measures, your appearance over Zoom, and the potential censorship of rap music.
Side note: The host’s name from Ilhan’s conspiracy podcast Brainwashed is Michelle Shephard! (This episode was recorded January 14)

Episode 24: Happy New Year Falcons! Join Ilhan, Sarah and Omar as they gear up for a new school term. A “part two” of this episode is coming soon!

Episode 23: Listen as Sarah Wallace and Ilhan Aden work through what’s left of their brains at the end of a long term. In this Interrobang podcast episode, they discuss mandatory vaccinations on top of their usual school woes.

Episode 22: If you miss conversation, this is the episode for you. Join Interrobang reporters Ilhan Aden and Hannah Theodore as they talk their way through a variety of topics ranging from professional usage of social media to how they deal with criticism.

Episode 21: Should Canada have a Universal Basic Income? Interrobang reporter Hannah Theodore sits down with Fanshawe Student Union Finance Coordinator Anuar Issa to discuss his thoughts on the topic.

Episode 20: Adapting classes to an online format hasn’t been easy for both students and instructors. In this episode, Interrobang’s multimedia reporter Ilhan Aden has a Creative Conversation with two peers from the broadcasting-television and film production program to hash out how they believe Fanshawe can do better.

Episode 19: Interrobang’s Ilhan Aden and Western Gazette’s Sarah Wallace reflect on last week’s anti-mask rally in Aylmer, Ont., as well as the results of the U.S. election. Seven more weeks of 2020 to go, folks.

Episode 18: llhan Aden speaks with Loren Carriere, a professor in Fanshawe’s fashion design program and director of collaborative student film Unbound Revival. Exploring over-consumption in the fashion industry, Unbound Revival was awarded for Best Student Film at the 2020 Canadian International Fashion Film Festival (CANIFF). The film is available to stream at Click on ‘watch awards ceremony’ and scroll through to timestamp 25:28.

Episode 17: How has COVID-19 changed the world for students? What kind of a world will they graduate into? In this week’s Interrobang podcast, reporter Ilhan Aden sits down with Interrobang sports and news reporter Skylar McCarthy to discuss what the future may hold.

Episode 16: What kind of a world do we live in? What’s going to happen next? Can naked celebrities save democracy? Find out the answers to these burning questions and more in the latest podcast with Interrobang’s Ilhan Aden and The Gazette’s Sarah Wallace. Want to share your postsecondary pandemic story with our Fanshawe/Western hosts? Shoot them a message on Twitter via interrobang_fsu or @sarahkwallace7.

Episode 15: In this week’s podcast, Interrobang’s multimedia reporter Ilhan Aden checks in with Leah Marshall, Fanshawe’s Sexual Violence Prevention Advisor. The two discuss how Marshall’s job has been impacted by COVID-19, and why sexual violence remains an important issue to highlight across Canada’s colleges and universities.

Episode 14: Ilhan Aden (multimedia reporter for Interrobang) and Sarah Wallace (culture editor of the Gazette) are students from Fanshawe College and Western University who just want to have a good conversation with a fellow human being between virtual classes. Listen to them discuss all things from Western’s response to student partying to coping with caution fatigue, and more, in Interrobang’s first podcast episode of the fall 2020 term.

Episode 13: When Western University alumna Vanessa Patterson saw an Instagram account call out racism in Harvard Law, and then another one doing the same for Queen’s University Business School, she realized the issue of racism on campus applied to her own alma mater. She created the account @UWOMinorityStory to give students past and present an opportunity to tell their own stories of being visible minorities at Western. Interrobang editor Angela McInnes spoke to Vanessa about the submissions that have come in so far, as well as her own experiences while attending the London, Ontario university.

Episode 12: It’s been a few months since we touched base with some of Interrobang’s student reporters. In this episode of the Interrobang podcast, editor Angela McInnes catches up with Skylar McCarthy and Hannah Theodore, who before the time of COVID wrote for the paper while studying broadcast journalism at Fanshawe.

Episode 11: Sierra Jamieson is an optimistic young Indigenous woman about to enter her second year of police foundations at Fanshawe. Interrobang editor Angela McInnes spoke to Jamieson about her career ambition, and why she wants to overcome the obstacles surrounding it.

Episode 10: How can we safely enjoy ourselves in the Summer of Covid-19? This week’s podcast episode features an interview with Nikki Ross, Fanshawe’s Acting Manager of Personal Counselling, to find out how.

Episode 9: Grand Chief Joel Abram spoke with Interrobang about why now is the time for Canadians to acknowledge their country’s own history of racism. Abram is from the Oneida Nation of the Thames Settlement. He is currently Grand Chief of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians.

Episode 8: Interrobang reporter Angela McInnes interviews educational speaker Leroy Hibbert to discuss racism in Canada.

Episode 7: Darlene O’Neill, Director Of Employment and Student Entreprenurial Services at Fanshawe College discusses services available to Fanshawe students and graduates, whether they are interested in finding a job or starting their own business.

Episode 6: Tom Davis, professor at the Donald J. Smith School of Building Technology at Fanshawe College discusses the environmental impacts of COVID-19.

Episode 5: Mary Pierce, the Dean of Business, Information Technology and Part-time Studies at Fanshawe College discusses the transition to online learning for faculty and students and how Fanshawe is leading the way in that tech and helping out other institutions. Pierce also touches on the potential long term impacts of innovations we’re seeing now.

Episode 4: Jordan Macdonald, a Fanshawe College alumnus and member of the band Texas King discusses the formation of his band with fellow Music Industry Arts alumni, how the current COVID-19 pandemic has affected the group’s plans and some of the online shows he will be taking part in, like the one on April 9 at 3 p.m. on the Fanshawe Student Union’s Instagram story.

Episode 3: FSU President Keren Nanneti discusses some of the initiatives that the Fanshawe Student Union are running during the campus closures as a result of COVID-19 and also what her daily life as a student is like during this time.

Episode 2: In this episode, Interrobang sits down with Katyayini Thakur to hear why she is running to be the next president of the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU). Hailing from India, the physician and current health systems management student aspires to one day open her own medical practice in Canada. But first, Thakur says she wants to make a difference on Fanshawe’s campus.

Episode 1: Blue Monday is supposedly the “most depressing day of the year” according to psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall, who calculated the day using factors such as time since Christmas, weather and motivation. While the science behind the formula has been debunked, Blue Monday is used by travel agencies as a prompt to sell travellers on vacations, and more recently as an opportunity for advocates to raise awareness of mental health issues and seasonal blues.
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