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 Vol. 55 Issue No. 10 January 20, 2023 
 Vol. 55 Issue 10 



Interrobang Podcast

Interviews brought to you by the Interrobang staff

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The Interrobang Podcast brings you interviews with members of the Fanshawe College community and beyond. Topics range from the latest news on the Fanshawe Student Union, to municipal politics and current events around the world. The podcast is hosted by reporters on the Interrobang news staff.

The Red Couch Podcast Episode 102: Reporter Rants

This week on the Red Couch Podcast, Host Ben Harrietha is joined by Interrobang Editor Hannah Theodore to chat about the new issue of the Interrobang, our Black History Month Issue.

Episode 101: The Red Couch Podcast Debut

Introducing the new and improved Interrobang podcast, now titled The Red Couch Podcast! Every other week, you’ll be able to view episodes on video on our YouTube channel, but don’t worry, audio episodes will still be available weekly on our website and all your favourite streaming platforms. For our first episode, we’ve got FSU president Ismail Aravai on the show. Host Ben Harrietha asks Ismail what the past year has been like, and what his advice would be for the next FSU president.

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Episode 100: 100th episode with special guests

This week on a very special episode of the Interrobang podcast, we’re celebrating 100 episodes! Host Hannah Theodore sits down with every host of the Interrobang podcast, both past and present, to discuss their fondest memories of hosting the show. Plus, current host of the show, Ben Harrietha announces what’s next for the Interrobang podcast.

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Episode 99 - Bonus Episode: Reporter Rants

This week on a special bonus episode of the Interrobang podcast, host Ben Harrietha is joined by Interrobang sports reporter and future Interrobang podcast host Justin Kohler. The two discuss hosting a podcast, some of the behind the scenes work that goes into podcast making, and the two's previous podcast experience.

Episode 98: Sports safety with Grant Dickey

This week on the Interrobang Podcast, host Ben Harrietha is joined by Western University biomedical engineering PhD student Grant Dickey. Dickey is currently studying commotio cordis, which is a condition that disrupts the heart and what many believe happened to Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals earlier this month.

Episode 97: Reporter Rants with Ben and Hannah

Host Ben Harrietha is joined by Interrobang editor Hannah Theodore to chat about their holiday breaks and what’s coming up in their personal lives and for Interrobang in the new year.