Current Issue: Monday, April 5th, 2021

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Interrobang articles on the topic of Donald Trump

Trump's second impeachment: It is only the beginning
U.S. President Donald Trump made history on Jan. 13, 2021 by becoming the only president to have been impeached twice, a fitting end for such a controversial term in office. Read this article

Welcome to 2021: the year of renewal
2020 was the start of a new decade, ushering in the era of peace, prosperity, and acceptance...just kidding - it was arguably the worst year of most of our lives, having spent it forcibly inside due to an airborne virus. Read this article

Interrobang Podcast Episode 19: Ilhan Aden and Sarah Wallace
Interrobang's Ilhan Aden and Western Gazette's Sarah Wallace reflect on last week's anti-mask rally in Aylmer, Ont., as well as the results of the U.S. election. Seven more weeks of 2020 to go, folks. Read this article

Off the Radar: What's going on in the world
Here are five recent events that will help you keep on track of what's happening with the environment around the world. Read this article

Why the American election matters for Canadian students
The stakes are high in the momentous election just south of the border and the consequences could be great - even for students in Canada. Read this article

Division is a distraction from the bigger picture
Divide et impera: Divide and conquer. This tactic has proven to be, time and time again since Julius Caesar conquered Gaul in 52 B.C., a highly effective strategy used to, well, conquer populaces in history. Read this article

Emotional burnout: resistance is futile
I've never watched a presidential debate live, before now. Admittedly, I did not pay close attention to U.S. politics until 2016, when shit got real - and continued to get more and more real over the past four years. Read this article

What Does Kerra Say?: Why what happened matters
Understanding what is going on in the U.S. and around the world isn't easy, but taking action and not letting fear and hate outrun helping others with compassion is a step to relieve yourself from what's happened to the world, since President Donald Trump stepped into office. Read this article

Rumours of Grace: Climate change activists, don't give up
Today, as I write, is a good day for climate destruction and bad one for all those who have been active in the battle to save our global environment. The reason? The U.S. president signed an executive order cutting down what reporters are calling former President Obama's climate change legacy. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay?: Damn, Donald
In news that would only surprise those who have been living under a rock for the last three months, President Donald Trump's approval rating has reached a record-breaking low. Read this article

Rumours of Grace: Why I am subscribing to the New York Times
I admit that there are hours I get sucked into the vortex of news coming from the U.S. about President Trump. The commentary about his leadership is endless. CNN, Fox News, Breitbart, MSNBC and smaller news companies churn out video after video. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay?: This week in awful news
I'm a pessimist on a good day, and after the week the world just had I don't think you can blame me anymore. It's been a hell of a week, folks. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay: I can't quit you, Trump
I'll admit it, I'm guilty. I'm guilty of writing column after column after column about President Donald Trump and whatever scandal he managed to get himself into in the past week. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay?: This apple fell far from the tree and rotted
Donald John Trump. Racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic; none of these descriptors should be surprising to anyone who witnessed his campaign or the first month of his presidency. Read this article

Rumours of Grace: The lost habit of rest and why we love Trump
We like our caffeine fixes. They get us moving each morning; especially if they are laced with fructose laden flavour shots and, of course, the well-established standby, white granulate sugar. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay?: Diversity makes us stronger, not weaker
North American society as we know it is founded on the concept of immigrants and immigration. If you don't know this already, read a goddamn book. So why is anti-immigration rhetoric so popular right now? Read this article

Does Fanshawe's international student enrollment increase coincide with Trump's presidency?
Full-time international student enrollment at Fanshawe nearly doubled from 2,007 in 2015 to 3,446 in 2016. Although international students enjoy studying at Fanshawe, they say that U.S. President Donald Trump's 2016 election is unrelated to the increase. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay?: Capitalizing on a tragedy
Late in the evening on Sunday, Jan. 31, a man walked into the Centre Culturel Islamique de Quebec in Quebec City and opened fire on a group gathered for prayer. In the end, six men were killed and close to two dozen were injured. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay?: Alternative facts, alternative reality
While the list of President Donald Trump's inadequacies would take more than the 500 word allotment I have for this article, I'm going to focus on just one today. His ego. Read this article

Rumours of Grace: Political gods and demagogues
Someone asked me the other day if I thought that the new U.S. president is the antichrist. I replied that as far as I know he is just a man, an ordinary human like the rest of us, neither totally evil nor good. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay: Welcome to the Democrazy
If you were fortunate enough to have a platform where you were able to reach hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people at one time, would you use that power wisely? Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay?: It's too early for a witty headline
TIME Magazine named president-elect Trump Person of the Year, and regardless of your opinion of him, he definitely was the number one newsmaker of the year. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay?: And the story goes on
So now that the fustercluck that was the 2016 U.S. presidential election is over and done with, I'm going to actually have so spend some time trying to find something interesting in politics to talk about. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay?: One step forward, who knows how many steps back
By the time you're reading this, this will be old news. But as I am writing this, the feelings I have over Donald Trump's presidential nomination are real, painful and cut deeply. But most of all, I am afraid. Read this article

With Trump in charge, what does this mean for the rest of us?
The U.S. presidential election may have come and gone, but many are still questioning the Nov. 8 results and the fact that Donald Trump will soon be referred to as commander-in-chief. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay: If you're reading this, it's too late
By the time you're reading this, the U.S. presidential election will finally be over. I know it seems like we’ve been dealing with this circus of an election for like, 27 years, but really it's only been about two. Read this article

Rumours of Grace: What's the matter with America?
The Hillary Clinton-Donald Trump race to the White House has not been pretty. What is happening to make the election such an uncivil, polarizing and contentious process? Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay?: This is why we can't have nice things
We're in the final stretch of the 2016 U.S. election, and unless you've been living under a rock I'm sure you're probably sick and tired of hearing about it. I'm even more tired of writing about it. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay?: Trump is everyone's worst Tinder match combined
When I was in university in Ottawa I was a casual Tinder user. I didn't end up going on that many dates, but I used the app when I was waiting for the bus and ended up having some nice (and some not so nice) conversations with a variety of people. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay?: Who should I vote for, Trump or Not-Trump?
I am simultaneously happy and upset that I don't get to vote in the U.S. federal election. Happy, because whatever the results I will not feel any responsibility for the repercussions and upset because I have no control over anything and can only watch it unfold, completely powerless. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay?: The loser stands alone
Instead of providing my commentary on the latest Trump scandal (of which there are many to choose from), I'm going to look at the people who have stood behind him throughout these scandals. Read this article

Rumours of Grace: Trump, gender inequality, churches and a glimpse of God
Commentators on the Clinton vs. Trump Sept. 26 debate are making the point that gender inequality was reflected in comments Trump made. He said that he did not believe that Clinton has the stamina to be the president of their country. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay: The presidential debate and why it doesn't matter
Since the only interesting thing that happened in Canadian politics in the last week was when the adorable Prince George left stud-muffin Prime Minister Trudeau's high five hanging, I feel like I am forced to talk about the debate. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay?: Stoking the flames: The rise of the violent voter
I'll be the first to admit that, as a Canadian, I just can't stop reading about the 2016 U.S. election. I didn't even pay this much attention to the recent Canadian federal elections, and I'm a goddamn journalist. Read this article

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