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Interrobang articles on the topic of Sexuality

Sex outside the Matrix
As recently as 50 years ago, being sexually active in Canada without being married to one's partner was a matter of controversy. Read this article

A history of LGBTQ representation in video games
The video game industry has evolved a lot since its infancy; one interesting development has been the inclusion of the LGBTQ community in some form. Read this article

Lighten up: Life is an experience
Virginity is a social construct used as a means to control. What it's meant to control is dependent on the source of the pressure influencing you to keep it or not. Read this article

Growing pains: Coming out in Indian society
Opinion: Ideally no one should come out as gay, but instead declare their orientation without fear of being seen as different from everyone else. Read this article

Five reasons to visit an actual sex toy store
It's no secret that sex toys are known for spicing up the bedroom. When you're looking to experiment and not sure where to look, many of us turn to online retailers Read this article

Sex toys are for everyone
Sex toys are for everyone! With the sex-positivity movement gaining speed many people are curious and are looking into everything sex has to offer. Read this article

A lesson on fetishes with sexologist Carlen Costa
Carlen Costa, a registered clinical doctor of sexology, has granted Interrobang readers with some answers to the mysterious world of fetishes. Read this article

Sex positions for every kind of mood
Basic positions, adventurous positions and LGBTQ positions. Read this article

What LGBTQ+ stands for
The LGBTQ+ community is often known to many people solely by the acronym. Some people do not know what each of these letters mean. Read this article

Hitting the right spot with a sex workshop
Nestled in the heart of downtown, Spot of Delight is one of London's newest sex shops. It encourages inclusivity and discretion. Read this article

Turned on through fetishes
Since the widely successful 50 Shades of Grey franchise, the discussion of sex and pleasure has been more socially acceptable. Interrobang has compiled a short list of the most common kinks and fetishes that people display. Read this article

Sexting Etiqutte: The five rules to follow if you're going to "sext" that special someone
Although sexting is healthy and can be fun, there are still some very important rules that must be followed in order to reduce the risks that comes along with it. Read this article

STDs and STIs: What to watch out for and how to get treated
A sexually transmitted infection (STI) is an infection that is usually transmitted through unprotected sexual activity. There are various types of STIs, some minor and others extremely severe. Read this article

Birth Control Methods 101
Preventing pregnancy and educating oneself on the methods of practicing safe sex is important before engaging in sexual activity. There are different benefits and disadvantages to different types of birth control, some of which require consulting a physician prior to completing a medical procedure. Read this article

X-rated hypnotists are creepy and we sit back and watch
X-rated hypnotists may be funny, but if you think about it they are quite creepy. Read this article

The sex doctor is in
Justine Shuey, who is now working on her second doctorate in human sexuality, is slated to visit Fanshawe College to discuss the ins and outs of all things related to sex, love, consent, communication and healthy relationships. Read this article

Using the Correct Words: Understanding LGBTQ+ vocabulary and terms
The Interrobang has put together a list of terms and their proper definitions used within the LGBTQ+ community to help spread awareness and understanding. Read this article

LGBTQ+ community helps debunk myths
Stereotypes and myths are never something you should ever immerse yourself into because they not only make yourself look uneducated about a given topic, but they can be damaging to those that are targeted. Read this article

(Just) say my name
Everyday individuals make subconscious assumptions about others based off the appearances that society has been brought up to perceive in a specific manner. But times are changing, and there is a growing number of people who understand that the world has not been constructed in binaries. Read this article

What does LGBTQ+ stand for?
The LGBTQ+ term is constantly used and spoken of, but not many know that there is more to the rainbow community than simply lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender individuals. Read this article

Degrassi: Seeing the way one show culturally shifted sexuality displayed on TV
One can say that a main driving factor in the TV landscape that has shaped the cultural and sexual shift for today's society includes Degrassi. From the beginning when the show debuted in the '80s and over the years and seasons, and up to today's batch of episodes, Degrassi has been the show to discuss tough subjects, including that of sex and sexuality. Read this article

Fanshawe grad uses business to create social change
Fanshawe graduate and entrepreneur Tyler Bryden has a lot to be proud of. His marketing and production company SixFive Interactive has just hired on a new employee and has an established office space in Innovation Works, a big step for the propel entrepreneurship program graduates. Read this article

A book on how we stray, why we stray and what it means
A great and a rare example of truly intriguing popular-science book, Sex at Dawn (2010) may be considered one of the most comprehensive studies on human sexuality of recent times. Read this article

Self-actualize with the weirdest sex comedy
The 2001 film Human Nature is a collaboration between screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and director Michal Gondry, both heavyweights in the modern independent/art film world. Human Nature is a wonderfully quirky, surreal and emotionally charged sex-comedy drama. Read this article

Canadian Horror Story: Bedroom Edition
My buddy and his girlfriend had finally decided to try anal sex for the first time. Her roommates were out of the house one day, so they had both decided it was the right time. Read this article

Want to know my dirty little secret?
Sex comes in all different shapes and sizes, and there is no definite understanding of what good sex is, but sometimes it takes just a little more than usual for some to get off. Read this article

Contraceptives: A cheaper alternative to sending your kid to college
By now you've likely heard (perhaps excessively) about how important it is to practice safe sex to not only prevent pregnancy but also STIs and STDs. With such a large variety of options available, sometimes it can be hard to know what provides the most protection and will work best for you. Read this article

It's not just pillow talk
The best sex comes from an honest conversation. As easy as that sounds, it's harder than you think, especially when you're in the moment. Read this article

Setting the mood to do the deed
Ever wonder why you're not getting laid? Everything was going great at the bar, they laughed at your jokes and even suggested a quaint little ice cream place for dessert but when they got back to your place everything fell apart. Read this article

What's all the buzz about?
Adult toys are somewhat of a taboo topic so I'm here to try and disarm the stigma. Many people in heterosexual relationships are afraid to suggest them to their partner because they don't want to make them feel inadequate. Read this article

Mount "O": How to reach the peak
We all have faked it once or twice, but let's put an end to the facade, let's figure out how to reach our climax, climb Mount O and sail through the amazing ride that is an orgasm. Read this article

A pleasurable surprise waiting at the back door
Anal sex is considered to be a taboo in our society because of the stigma around it. Thankfully, Interrobang is here to change the stigma and introduce you to a whole new world. Read this article

Foreplay: Do it before you screw it
According to Urban Dictionary, foreplay is defined as touching, kissing and licking each other in a stimulating manner in order to become turned on before having sex. Read this article

Renewing relationships: How to keep the spark alive
You're sitting at home trying to put pieces of their face together but haven't seen them enough to know what the whole thing is like altogether. Read this article

You do you: A guide to masturbation
Masturbation is an important aspect of anyone's sexual experiences. It's important to learn how your body works and feels before you can tell someone else how to pleasure you. Read this article

My decision to remain abstinent
Many people ask me how I do it, but I think the most important question is why. Why do I choose to abstain from sex? I have come to understand that I am a part of the minority of people who choose to remain abstinent. Read this article

Laci Green talks safe sex and consent
YouTube sexpert Laci Green sat down for a quick interview with Interrobang before her Feb. 1st presentation at Fanshawe to give a rundown of what to expect for those who missed it. Read this article

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