OnlyFans' relationship with sexual content

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Why OnlyFans initial ban on pornography was a mistake.

Recently, internet content subscription service OnlyFans received backlash after it announced it would be banning sexually explicit content. The platform was a leading source of income for sex workers, who were also some of the top subscribed users on OnlyFans. Several successful gig workers and avid consumers emerged in anger when the content subscription service announced its ban. Although the platform welcomes all creators in varying industries, pornography remains its leading category.

Their settlement to reverse their planned porn ban occurred when multiple credit card companies withdrew their support from this decision.

I believe OnlyFans’ initial ruling to ban pornographic content was a huge mistake. The accelerated rise in the usage of the platform was apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic. An upswing in its users (today there are 50 million active users on the platform) equated to booming profits for the organization.

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Although they have reversed the ban, a number of their successful content creators are searching for alternative programs which are less threatening towards sexually explicit content.

Personally, I’ve never used OnlyFans. I’ve never created content on their platform nor have I subscribed to other users. But I have used other digital networking platforms, like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, which have allowed me to engage and interact with some of the most talented people known online.

I’ve asked highly accomplished make-up artists questions regarding make-up techniques, and shared different cooking methods with well-known chefs. Being able to personally interact with individuals who you admire or share similar interests as you is probably one of the greatest technological features known today.

Aside from the perks of being a subscriber, the OnlyFans platform also serves as a safe environment for sex workers. Sex workers are financially supported by their subscribers for digitally interacting with them. They are paid by their clients for everything from stripping off clothing or helping their clients attain orgasms. Some even remember their subscribers’ birthdays. The shift from the ‘street’ to digital-based sex work significantly decreased the life-threatening risks faced by sex workers.

As well, influencers on the platform spanned from being members of the LGBTQ2S+ community to celebrity lookalikes and much more. All genres of personality and gimmicks were acceptable. This notion allowed for creativity with an addition of uniqueness and inclusion to any creator.

Some notable celebrities who have used OnlyFans include Cardi B, Bella Thorne, Aaron Carter, Tyga, and Chris Brown.

Furthermore, I understand that the platform was also battling issues regarding child sexual abuse and having under-aged individuals on their web page. In their defense, I believe their plan to prohibit pornography due to issues arising because of child sexual abuse material is commendable.

Although I have never been employed within an industry which seeks to specialize in content creation, I am unaware of their ability to be able to monitor minors as users and within content. But, as a user on multiple social networking platforms, I noticed that there are options to flag materials that are deemed inappropriate and offensive. Perhaps, OnlyFans will implement similar features to prevent their company from being investigated for a variety of criminal offenses.

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