Current Issue: Monday, April 5th, 2021

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Interrobang articles by Skylar McCarthy

Does anyone remember <em>The Mighty Ducks</em>?
When I look back into good sports movies out there, one of my favourites growing up was The Mighty DucksRead this article

Skylar McCarthy - What I learned through this COVID-filled year
I'll be graduating after April, but it totally doesn't even feel like a celebration, to be honest. This year for me has been a lot of ups and downs not only physically, but also mentally and socially. Read this article

Why we need to cancel cancel culture
During this pandemic the term of cancel culture has come to the forefront - but what exactly is cancel culture? Read this article

New state-of-the-art Oral Health Clinic a win
Fanshawe College has a newly renovated, state of the art, Oral Health Clinic for dental students to help out their studies. Read this article

How the Nintendo Switch switched the gaming world
It's been about four years since the Nintendo Switch launched back in 2017. Before this, gaming wasn't really portable at all. Read this article

What is the future of the monarchy?
In October 2019, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced they would be taking six weeks off from their Royal Family duties. Read this article

Fanshawe promotes innovation through upcoming events
Fanshawe's Research and Innovation Day takes place virtually this year, as part of Fanshawe's Innovate 2021 program. Read this article

How Superstore is my favourite modern "office" show
Superstore the show reflects on experiences in big superstores like Walmart but adds that Office vibe to the show. Read this article

Why is virtual networking more important than ever?
With more of an online presence and more jobs becoming exclusively remote, now is the time to be able to virtually network yourself. Read this article

Want your voice heard when it comes to energy?
A Vancouver-based organization, Student Energy, is asking for your help in making your voice heard. Read this article

Why Tom Brady is the greatest athlete of this generation
Heading into this Super Bowl, Tom Brady had already won six, which was the most of any player to ever play in the National Football League (NFL). Read this article

Why we need more diversity for women in politics
In the last few years, we're starting to see, especially in the United States, more women are getting into politics. Read this article

Speaker Leroy Hibbert gives talk on understanding Black history
February is Black History Month, when people from Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. honour and learn about the historical events of Black history and reflect on how it all led to where Black people are today. Read this article

How <em>Space Force</em> might be your new alternative to <em>The Office</em>
Space Force is a political satire comedy that aims to portray the ridiculousness of trying to militarize space and it does this extremely. well. Read this article

How to prevent thefts on and off campus
Campus Security is reporting it's seen an uptick of items being left unattended, leading to an increase in thefts. Read this article

What will the job market look like when I graduate?
For some students out there like myself, graduation is a few months away. All your hard work will be put to the test in your last semester, before you finally get the degree/diploma that you have been wanting for a while. But what happens after you graduate? Read this article

What is cryptocurrency?
Crypto in general is seeing a high rise and many people are talking about it, but really, what is cryptocurrency? Read this article

Two virtual career fairs coming to Fanshawe
This year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, two virtual career fairs will be taking place for students. Read this article

What to expect from sports in 2021
Many, if not all industries in 2020 had to shift their operations to make work environments safe from the global COVID-19 pandemic. The same could be said about the sports industry. Read this article

Oh boy, do we ever need 2021!
2020 WAS NOT A FUN YEAR. I don't think anyone would disagree with that statement. From beginning to the end of the year, we have gone through so much. Read this article

How to celebrate the New Year, safely
The year 2020 is about to end, and I think I can speak for most of us when I say we're happier go into a New Year like never before. Read this article

Safety Tips for Celebrating the Holiday Season
The COVID-19 pandemic has made us have to switch the way we celebrate holidays. While some people went back home, lots of people stayed here in London for their Thanksgiving festivities. Read this article

Working out during a pandemic
When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, gyms and fitness centres were forced to close down to curb the spread of the virus. Read this article

Welcome to the next generation of gaming
There are two new consoles that have been out on the market recently that create a whole new generation of gaming. Read this article

How can we stop a climate crisis?
I think I can speak for everyone when I say we want our world to be healthy and environmentally safe for our kids and grandchildren. Read this article

Graduating in a world coping with COVID-19
The COVID-19 pandemic has made it so that life has become unpredictable. The world after the pandemic will be weird. But what's weirder is that I'm graduating at the end of this year. Read this article

A history of athletes taking political stances
Athletes are just like celebrities. Everyone watches them and idolizes them. And lately, we have seen athletes take a stand in the political sphere. Read this article

How "bubble environments" are safer for the players
The bubble that the NHL and the NBA created for their respective leagues was a unique experience and ensured everyone stayed safe. Read this article

The Career Launcher program is helping youth find jobs
Fanshawe College received some major funding recently from the federal government. The $3.7 million dollar boost from the federal government is being used to help youth that are facing barriers trying to get in or return to the workforce. Read this article

How can gaming improve your mental health?
One of my ways of relieving stress after a long workload of a day, is to play a few hours of video games. Some of the fun video games I play are competitive, like Rocket League. But there are also times where I just want to play a game because of a good story, like Batman: Arkham CityRead this article

Professional athletes are humans, too
All the major sport icons like Lebron James, Tom Brady, Serena Williams and others have thousands to millions of people looking up to them. But it can be very hard for some athletes to be a role model and like humans, athletes as well do carry a lot of mental demons with them. Read this article

An Orientation Week that will look like no other
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) to turn their events virtual, or even a hybrid of some online or some in-person. Read this article

The new world of sports amid a pandemic
With the COVID-19 pandemic that has been in effect in our lives, everything from the way you work, the way politics is run and even sports have changed. Read this article

Women's basketball team clinches Provincial Championship spot
On Feb. 29, the Fanshawe Falcons women's basketball team were on home court for the final time this season, in a win-or-go-home playoff game against the Loyalist Lancers. Read this article

Falcons honour seniors at final home games
On Feb. 20, the Fanshawe Falcons honoured their five-year seniors before both the women's and men's basketball teams played their final home game of the regular season. Read this article

Fanshawe to host 2021 Women's Basketball National Championship
The Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA), and Fanshawe Athletics announced that Fanshawe will host the 2021 CCAA Women's Basketball Championship. Read this article

Kobe Bryant: The impact of a legend
Kobe Bryant may not have been the most perfect athlete in the world, but he left his impact on the world. Read this article

Falcons Volleyball dominates "Bell Let's Talk" matches
On Jan. 22, Fanshawe's men's and women's volleyball teams squared off against the Redeemer Royals as part of Bell Let's Talk. Read this article

Falcons' volleyball coach reaches special milestone
Fanshawe Falcons volleyball head coach Patrick Johnston records 100 Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA) league wins. win. Read this article

Men's basketball climbs into CCAA rankings
In the first rankings for the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) national teams of 2020, the Fanshawe Falcons men's basketball team has reached the top 15. Read this article

How being healthy can help make 2020 a great year
Opinion: Taking care of yourself now will pay off for 2020 and years beyond. Read this article

Falcons men's basketball face their toughest challenge
On Nov. 29, the Fanshawe Falcons men's basketball team faced off their toughest opponents so far, the Niagara Knights, in some Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCCA) action. Read this article

Five perfect gifts for the gamer in your life
The holidays are so close to being here, and people are doing Christmas shopping. Here’s my top five gifts for a gamer in your life, as recommended by a gamer. Read this article

Falcons' men's basketball dominate November
The Fanshawe Falcons' men's basketball team has won every single game in the month of November. Read this article

The Winter Fair is coming to town
The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is presenting a Winter Fair on Nov. 26 for the Downtown Campus in London and Nov. 27 at Oxford (Main) Campus. Read this article

NFL coverage: Week 10
It's Week 10 and the 1972 Miami Dolphins have popped the champagne corks once again to toast that they remain the only team to have a perfect season. Read this article

Falcons men's cross country takes top place in nation
On Oct. 15, the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) released their cross country rankings, showing that the Falcons are the top men's team in the nation. Read this article

Recapping the NFL season so far
What an amazing start to the NFL season. Is the best quarterback in the game out due to the Madden Curse? Read this article

NBA 2019/2020 season preview: Teams to watch out for
A lot of changes happened this NBA off-season, but let's give you a quick recap of what is happened up to this point. Read this article

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