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Interrobang articles by Kayla Hurst

Hot or Not: Bikinis
Hot One shoulder One over the shoulder strap is back! It gives a sense of femininity and sexiness. There are so many different varieties of one shoulder swimwear, you'll definitely have no problem finding one that fits you and your style. ... Read this article

Wilson has the right name for the game
Name: Matt Wilson Age: 19 Field of study: Police Foundations Sport: Varsity Volleyball What things do you need to improve on for next season? I'm a middle player, and one thing is my quickness. How are you preparing for the season? We get s... Read this article

Hot or Not: Summer fun
Hot Summer job Getting a summer job is a great way to gain experience in the field of your choice, or just to earn a few bucks. That way, you can do all the shopping you want! Who can say no to that? Family vacation This is a great time for y... Read this article

Hot or Not: Money saving tips
Hot Carpooling If there isn't a need for you to drive, then don't. Try contacting classmates or co-workers, and plan to alternately pick each other up, and head to your destination together. You are all going to the same place, so save s... Read this article

Water logged
Name: Trevor Henry Age: 19 Field of study: Landscape Design Sport: Water Polo (Waterdown Water Polo Club) How long have you been playing? Four years. What initiated you to play? High school water polo. Just hearing it on the announcements. Wh... Read this article

Hot or Not: Hair
Hot Rhianna “Good Girl Gone Bad,” is right Rhianna! When she first came to the scene, she had long, wavy extensions that were a light brown colour. I guess you can say it went with her sweet personality, but it didn't look GREAT ... Read this article

Mckenzie makes baskets
Name: Andro Mckenzie Age: 23 Field of study: Business and Human Resources Sport: Varsity Basketball What are your future plans? I just want to find something in my field. It's hard, with the economy, to find anything. I plan to play basketba... Read this article

Hot or Not: Shoes
Hot The fringed look You can only pull these fab shoes off if you are wearing the right outfit with them. A form-fitting mini dress is perfect with these because the shoes will be able to stand out a whole lot more. Gladiator I can't get ... Read this article

Shooting hoops
Name: Syed Raza Age: 21 Field of study: Business Sport: Intramural Basketball (Fly Boyz) Have you had any injuries? A couple, but not major. We don't play against the best players all the time, and sometimes they can get a little crazy.

Hot or Not: Spring fashion
Hot Neon colours Neon colours seem to be a popular trend right now with many designers. They aren't difficult to spot in their fashion shows either. You just have to know how to wear them without overdoing it, or making it look tacky.

Standing guard as goalkeeper
Name: Ryan Harvey Sport: Fanshawe Men's Soccer, goalkeeper Age: 19 Field of study: Recreation and Leisure Services How long have you been playing Soccer? I started taking it seriously in grade seven. My parents got me involved in it at... Read this article

Hot or Not: Bodies
Hot Matthew McConaughey You can never catch this rock hard body with a shirt covering it. This celeb lives on the beach and lives knowing that he has one of the greatest bodies EVER! Beyonce This curvaceous diva is always looking her best and... Read this article

Good ol' hockey game
Name: Scott Mezenberg Age: 21 Sport: Senior Hockey (Lucan Jets) How long have you been playing? I don't know. Maybe 15 or 16 years, since I was two. Which team is the hardest team to beat? Petrolia. They are big. Have you had any injuri... Read this article

His muscles are always on his mind
Name: Adam Colorado Age: 20 Sport: Bodybuilding Field of Study: Fine Arts How long have you been bodybuilding? I've been competing for five and a half years, and training for four years. How many competitions have you done? There have ... Read this article

Hot or Not: Love Songs
Hot I Will Always Love You: Whitney Houston Originally sung by Dolly Parton, “I Will Always Love You” is one of the best-selling singles of all time, and better yet, one of the greatest love songs of all time! The notes that Whitney ... Read this article

Setting up for a smile
Name? Lindsay DeVries Age? 23 Sport? Varsity Volleyball Worst sports injury? I've had a lot recently. I just had a concussion. It happened January 16 against Mohawk. Favourite memory? There's a lot to choose from, but my favouri... Read this article

Hot or Not: Healthy Foods
Hot Green's The New Black Green vegetables are extremely good for you. They are low in calories, and are full of phytonutrients, iron, vitamins A and C and calcium. Talk about healthy! These filling veggies can be eaten cooked or raw, either... Read this article

Going for the gold
The Vitals Name: Stephanie Colizza Sport: Varsity Basketball Age: 19 Field of Study: Practical Nursing Best thing about sport? The intensity and competition. Describe the team chemistry? We have amazing team chemistry. The girls are my second... Read this article

Hot or Not: Careers
Hot Electrical and Mechanical Engineer Technology is replacing more and more jobs, so why not find a secure job in building these automated systems. Also, there is a great demand for electrical and mechanical engineers now-a-days. Accountants ... Read this article

Having a ball
The Vitals Name: Walter Gramajo Sport: Intramural Soccer Age: 19 Field of Study: General Arts and Science Single favourite thing about sport? A fun activity to do at school. It gets my mind off of studies. Describe yourself in one word? Fun. ... Read this article

Hot or Not: Spring Break
South Beach, Florida If you want to go somewhere inexpensive, hip, and has non-stop partying, then here is where you want to go. This is Miami's hottest beach, especially for this time of the year! It has great weather, beautiful peo... Read this article

Hot or Not: New students
Hot Get involved Research clubs and events that you can get involved in at school. It will help you meet a lot of great people and will make your college career a lot more exciting. Check out Stay focused If you begin college off ... Read this article

Spiking Westman
The Vitals Name: Mathew Westman Sport: Varsity Volleyball Age: 20 Field of study: Construction Engineering Favourite thing about Volleyball? Having a team. It's a team sport. Special talents? Any physical activity.

... Read this article

Hot or Not: New Year's Resolutions
Hot Improve grades With the end of second semester quickly approaching, now is the time to buckle down and better your grades. Ending a school year with a big bang is the best feeling ever! Quit smoking Even though dropping this disgusting ha... Read this article

Hot or Not: 2008 Fashion
Hot The natural look Looking natural has never been so popular. Times have changed. Not too long ago, people overdosed on eye makeup, lipstick and foundation. Put down that bright burgundy lipstick and pick up a nude tone.

Read this article

Hooping it up with Ferreira
The Vitals Name: Phillip Ferreira Sport: Basketball Age: 25 Field of Study: Business Insurance What's your favourite NBA team? Phoenix Suns What's the best thing about playing basketball? It's almost like your second family: We ... Read this article

Mason running down a dream?
The Vitals Name: John Mason Sport: Cross Country Age: 21 Field of Study: Construction Management Best thing about being on the team? Probably how close we are (the team) as a group: It's like an extended family. They're like my family, ... Read this article

Hot Gifts Galore Giving one another little gifts for no reason at all shows a lot. It's a reminder that you are someone special in his or her life. Public Affection Don't over-do it in public, but a nice bear hug, bird peck and a litt... Read this article

Opening up with v-ball's Corby
The Vitals Name: Ryan Corby Sport: Varsity Volleyball Age: 22 Field of Study: Architecture Favourite thing about being on the team? Probably the competition, teammates, brotherhood and friendship.

Read this article

Fanshawe fashions hit Toronto runway
David Dixon, Arthur Mendonca and Pat McDonagh are just a few big-named Canadian fashion icons whose designs graced the runways at the L'Oreal Fashion Week in Toronto. Along with those big names were five lucky Fanshawe College fashion students, A... Read this article

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