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Interrobang issue for Friday, November 13th, 2020

Cover of the 11/13/20 issue of Interrobang
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Police charge two men for 150-person Halloween party
London police charged two men in relation to a Halloween party on Beaufort Street that saw at least 150 guests. Read this article
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From the Vault II reveals story of London's growth
A new photo-history of London reveals the city's history of growth and expansion in the mid-twentieth century. Read this article

LHSC announces new Indigenous Healing Space
The London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) has partnered with Atlohsa Family Healing Services to open a new Indigenous Healing Space at Victoria Hospital.  Read this article

Off the Radar: What's going on in the world
Here are five recent events that will help you keep on track of what's happening with the environment around the world. Read this article

Fanshawe fashion film wins CANIFF award
Unbound Revival, a film project produced by Fanshawe fashion design program and more than 50 students across the College, has won the Best Student Film at the 2020 Canadian International Film Festival (CANIFF). Read this article


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From the Editor
It's now or never. That's the takeaway of this year's Sustainability Issue, where Interrobang's writers took a moment to reflect on where humanity stands in terms of solving climate change. Read this article

Environmental sustainability: Pathways to choosing trade-offs
When we act with integrity to address our problems and sincerely pray for God to walk with us and bless all we are up to, we can expect a future that does not disappoint all our hopes, but fulfills many of them, perhaps more than we dare to imagine. Read this article

Ontario's new blue box plan a step in the right direction
If everyone takes a moment of their day to properly sort their garbage, then workers at the landfill wouldn't struggle to sort through piles of unorganized trash. Read this article

Climate Crisis Coalition: Western needs to take its climate goals seriously
We are living in a climate crisis. As the California wildfires and other catastrophes have shown, there is a steep human cost to inaction. Read this article
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Practice what you preach and you will gain respect and support. Personal changes will influence how you feel, how you present and market your skills and attributes. Read this article

Are you feeling Zoom fatigue?
With every other stressor we have in today's world, it's not surprising something like technology fatigue is becoming a bigger issue than ever before. Read this article

Western students' talents take over TikTok
Western students are academics, advocates and partiers — and now some have forged a new title over the quarantine. Read this article
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Creative Conversations over Coffee: Asante Deluy
I had the pleasure of exploring the musical mind of Asante Deluy, a first-year student in music industry arts (MIA). Read this article

How can we stop a climate crisis?
I think I can speak for everyone when I say we want our world to be healthy and environmentally safe for our kids and grandchildren. Read this article

Should Londoners have chickens in their backyards?
Nowadays, it is a well-known fact that the chicken industry has very questionable methods. They keep their animals packed by the thousands in small spaces, with no natural light or ventilation. But what if we could change this? Read this article

Growing food in space could be the answer to food sustainability
Long before mass extinction and global flooding, scientists predict that one of the key fallouts from overconsumption will be widespread food shortages. Read this article

Environmentally friendly beauty product switches you need to make
Let's explore alternatives to the cheap but detrimental beauty products we use today to help keep you safe and our planet in tip top shape. Read this article


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