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Students in residence fined on Fake HOCO; dozens sanctioned
Around 100 Western University students could face sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct for partying in residence the night of Fake Homecoming. Read more

London Police launch Project LEARN as students return to school
London Police Services launched Project LEARN (Liquor Enforcement and Reduction of Noise) on Sept. 6. Read more

Fanshawe hosts first Polar Plunge Week
Fanshawe College will have its first Polar Plunge Week to raise money for Special Olympics Ontario. Read more

London Police help protect students during reading week
On Feb. 5, Cst. Catherine Fountain visited Fanshawe College, along with auxiliary officer Barbara Jovanovic, to teach students about campus security. Read more

Project LEARN 2019 sees less warnings, tickets, and charges
Project LEARN 2019 resulted in 30 provincial offence notices, 17 of the tickets regarding the nuisance by-law, 97 warnings, three arrests, and one federal charge. Read more

Larger crowd, less injuries and charges at FOCO 2019
The City of London's Unsanctioned Street Parties Task Force have acknowledged that their work will not end with Fake Homecoming (FOCO) 2019. Read more

Project LEARN returns for 2019
There will be more London Police in neighbourhoods nearby Fanshawe College and Western University and in Downtown London. Read more

Western University discusses plan of action for unsanctioned street parties
Western University and its University Students' Council (USC) plan to counteract unsanctioned street parties like Fake Homecoming, with university representatives meeting with other post-secondary schools like Fanshawe College. Read more

More possible victims in human trafficking investigation
London Police believe there may be more victims of an online human trafficking ad targeting students. Read more

London sex workers inspiration for play
A new play at the TAP Centre for Creativity is using the lives of London sex workers as inspiration to demystify stereotypes and humanize those in the industry.  Read more

National Road Safety week leads to almost 300 charges laid
London Police joined police services across Ontario in National Road Safety Week (May 14 to May 20). Read more

London Police use naloxone almost a hundred times in seven months
The London Police Service (LPS) saved the lives of 57 individuals with naloxone in 2018, according to a recent media release. Read more

Polar Plunge asks students to freeze for the Special Olympics
London Police Service (LPS) is hosting a Polar Plunge fundraising event outside Forwell Hall on Feb. 13. Read more

London Police Services Board seeks feedback on Sexual Assault Investigation Policy
The London Police Services Board (LPSB) is requesting community feedback on its Sexual Assault Investigation Policy draft until Dec. 10. Read more

Rooftop partying not worth social media glory
Students are advised by public safety officials to think carefully before participating in rooftop partying. Read more

London Police Service: Always be alert
Several recent incidents have officials reminding students to always be alert and aware of their surroundings. Read more

Thurman Circle partiers advised to take precautions following robbery, rowdiness
Students living on and around Thurman Circle are advised to be more vigilant and responsible by the London Police Service (LPS) and Fanshawe's campus security services, following a series of criminal activities. Read more

Reminder to keep doors locked
The London Police Service (LPS) are investigating a series of robberies that occurred at Fleming Drive between Aug. 14 and Aug. 19. Read more

LHSC medical technician terminated and charged for sedating and sexually assaulting a patient
A June 5 press release from the London Police Service (LPS) announced that twenty-four-year-old Vincent Gauthier, of London, Ont., was charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of overcoming resistance by administering or attempting to administer a drug.  Read more

Results of 2017 Public Needs Survey
On Feb. 15, the London Police Service (LPS) released the data collected from their 2017 Public Needs Survey. Read more

Temporary overdose prevention site to open in downtown London this February
London will become the first city in the province to open a temporary overdose prevention site this February. The site will provide those who use injection drugs the opportunity to take these drugs under the supervision of healthcare professionals. Read more

LPS and OPP host public fentanyl education session
On Jan. 17, the London Police Service (LPS) and Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) hosted an education session for the public on fentanyl and other opioids, at the Wolf Performance Hall. Read more

Break and enters and a variety of assaults on the rise around Fanshawe and Western student neighbourhoods
Fanshawe College and Western University student neighbourhoods and surrounding areas have become the chosen locations for criminals to seek assault and break and enter opportunities. Read more

London Police Service reveals results from Operation Impact
London Police Service (LPS) participated in Operation Impact as part of the national initiative to make Canada's roads the safest in the world. Read more

Break and enter cases threaten the safety of Fanshawe students and neighbourhoods
London Police Service are urging students to keep their doors and windows locked after police responded to two break and enters earlier this week. Read more

The University Of Western Ontario's fake homecoming draws huge crowd, but high cost for the City of London
Last year, the University of Western Ontario announced it would change the date of the actual homecoming celebrations as a strategic decision to curb immense amounts of partying. Read more


London Police Service unveils results from sexual assault case review
London Police Service (LPS) is changing the manner in which sexual assault cases are coded to more accurately show the result of an investigation and be more reflective of their victim-centred approach. Read more

Fanshawe holds mock disaster training exercise
Emergency medical services (EMS) arrived at Fanshawe to respond to a mock emergency that took place in front of B building on May 25. The incident, a Fanshawe Emergency Management Office (EMO), disaster training exercise, titled Fanshawe Exercise 50, was organized by a core planning team. Read more

London Police Service restructuring investigations into sexual violence cases
The London Police Service is restructuring the way in which officers deal with cases of sexual violence, after a recent Globe and Mail article discovered London has one of the highest number of unfounded case rates of the 25 largest police communities in the country. Read more

Sugaring and student debt: Why more students are signing up for sugar relationships
A growing trend with students is entering a sugar relationship to pay their way through school. The website released a list of the top 20 universities and colleges across Canada with registered members. Western University was 13th. Read more

Potential animal serial killer in London
The London Police Service have disclosed that they suspect there may be an animal serial killer in the city after they have made numerous discoveries of tortured, mutilated and murdered animals. Read more

Break-ins around campus leave students on edge
With the holidays coming around the corner and students going home, the fear of student break-ins are not uncommon. Read more


Students continue to learn how to drink and party safely
It's that time of year again, where students are not only working hard and hitting the books, but also making new friends and wanting to have a good time out. Read more

Student housing a prime target for break-ins and robbery
Students living on Fleming Drive and Thurman Circle located on the northeast side of London are reporting break-and-enters. Read more


Fontana facts: Need to know
Understanding the charges - 2005: Joe Fontana, then a Federal Labour Minister, allegedly used two government cheques to cover the cost of his son's wedding reception: 1. $1,700 room deposit to the venue 2. $18,900 given to the venue ... Read more


The burning question: London's marijuana grow-ops
In 1936, Louis Gasnier directed Reefer Madness, a grim portrayal of marijuana and its corruption of youth, ensnaring them into a destructive lifestyle. It was later produced by Dwain Esper and went through several different name changes including... Read more

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