Teen arrested after assaulting police officer at Thurman Circle party

Exterior of houses on Thurman Circle in London, Ontario CREDIT: MAURICIO PRADO
Large disturbance leads to the arrest of a teenager at Thurman Circle.

On May 14, London Police responded to a disturbance at Thurman Circle that resulted in the arrest of a 15-year-old girl.

Police, including members of the Emergency Response Unit, arrived on the scene around midnight in response to a “large disturbance.” Upon arrival, police said there were a “number” of individuals in the street.

“I work a night shift at a restaurant. When I got home around midnight, the street was packed with people,” said Ahmed Adem, a witness and Thurman Circle resident. “There were a bunch of police cars and officers trying to disperse the crowd. There were people all over my front yard alongside broken pieces of chairs and bottles.”

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While attempting to disperse the crowd, police said they saw two women fighting and attempted to arrest one. According to the police release, during the arrest, members of the crowd approached the police, including the teen, attempting to intervene in the arrest. She assaulted an officer and then attempted to flee on foot. She was arrested without incident and the officer sustained minor injuries, not requiring medical attention.

“It was a noisy mess,” said Adem.

Coralie Waschkowski, another witness, complained in a tweet about the noise after she said she heard fireworks being set off at the party.

“My dogs are freaking out, and I am exhausted!” said Waschkowski.

Several other witnesses also expressed frustration, stating that this behaviour of the individuals involved was “dangerous and immature.”

The suspect, who cannot be named due to her age, is expected to appear in court on June 26