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 Vol. 56 Issue No. 8 December 1, 2023 
 Vol. 56 Issue 8 



Interrobang Podcast

Interviews brought to you by the Interrobang staff

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The Interrobang Podcast brings you interviews with members of the Fanshawe College community and beyond. Topics range from the latest news on the Fanshawe Student Union, to municipal politics and current events around the world. The podcast is hosted by reporters on the Interrobang news staff.

Episode 34: Hannah Theodore and Liam Afonso

How do students benefit from collegiate publications? What can we do to keep students informed on what really matters? Hannah Theodore chats with Western Gazette Editor, Liam Afonso about the importance of student journalism, and the future of the partnership between the Gazette and the Interrobang.

Episode 33: Angela McInnes and Hannah Theodore

In this episode, former Interrobang Editor, Angela McInnes passes on the reins to Hannah Theodore. They discuss the past three years, the future of Interrobang and journalism in the Forest City.

Episode 32: Interrobang Newsroom with Ilhan Aden and Angela McInnes

Listen as Interrobang editor Angela McInnes and multimedia reporter Ilhan Aden discuss the week’s news in this year’s final episode of the Interrobang Newsroom. In today’s episode they discuss the new lockdown restrictions, a seemingly innocuous protest on the local rail line, Huron’s possible exit from Western University and more!

Episode 31: Interrobang Newsroom with Ilhan Aden and Angela McInnes

Listen as editor Angela McInnes and multimedia reporter Ilhan Aden attempt to make more sense of the nonsense. In today’s episode, they discuss the high rate of commercial vacancies in downtown London, Canada’s response to COVID, and Western University’s symbiotic relationship with London.

Episode 30: Creative Conversation with Alex Emrich and Asante Deluy

In this special edition of the Interrobang Podcast, listen as Fanshawe alumni, Alex Emrich, and artist/student Asante Deluy, discuss the ebbs and flows of the music industry with reporter Ilhan Aden.

Episode 29: The Wrap Up with Ilhan and Sarah

In this episode of The Wrap Up, Sarah Wallace of the Western Gazette and Ilhan Aden of Interrobang express their qualms about student politics.