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 Vol. 56 Issue No. 8 December 1, 2023 
 Vol. 56 Issue 8 



Interrobang Podcast

Interviews brought to you by the Interrobang staff

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The Interrobang Podcast brings you interviews with members of the Fanshawe College community and beyond. Topics range from the latest news on the Fanshawe Student Union, to municipal politics and current events around the world. The podcast is hosted by reporters on the Interrobang news staff.

Episode 36: Climatologist Gordon McBean

This week we’re talking climate change on the Interrobang Podcast. As temperatures soared in B.C. last week, and wild storms moved over southern Ontario, scientists are once again signalling the need to build climate resilient communities. Our guest, Professor Gordon McBean, has worked for decades to develop policies based on climate science. He chats with Hannah Theodore about the need for climate action now.

Episode 35: Interrobang Roundtable

This week’s podcast is all in the family. Host Hannah Theodore catches up with Interrobang reporters, Savannah Bisaillon and Aisha Javaid. They discuss the summer so far, their hopes for the future, and what it’s been like to cover difficult stories.

Pride Podcast Series Episode 4 with Phoenix Black

The final episode in our Pride Podcast Series is here! We’re closing out the series with a conversation about the art of drag. Host Hannah Theodore chats with local drag queen Phoenix Black about the Rupaul effect, how she found her drag persona and what advice she would offer to young people looking to pursue drag. Listen on our website, Google Play, Apple Music and Spotify.

Pride Podcast Series Episode 3 with Amanda Pearson

In episode three of our Pride Podcast series, host Hannah Theodore chats with the former vice-president of Pride London, Amanda Pearson. Amanda was the first transgender person to ever serve in the role. In this episode, she shares her experience of transitioning later in life, and what she struggled most with as a board member with Pride.

Pride Podcast Series Episode 2 with Spectrum Fanshawe President Nicholas Veal

In the second episode of our Pride Podcast Series, host Hannah Theodore sits down with the president of Spectrum Fanshawe, Nicholas Veal. Find out how the club has been navigating the pandemic, and what Nicholas has planned during his time as president.

Pride Podcast Series Episode 1 with Stephen D’Amelio

Episode one in our Pride Podcast Series features a conversation with the current president of Pride London, Stephen D’Amelio. Host Hannah Theodore and Stephen discuss police at Pride, race, and all the fun you can expect at Pride Fest this year.