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 Vol. 56 Issue No. 3 September 22, 2023 
 Vol. 56 Issue 3 



Interrobang Podcast

Interviews brought to you by the Interrobang staff

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The Interrobang Podcast brings you interviews with members of the Fanshawe College community and beyond. Topics range from the latest news on the Fanshawe Student Union, to municipal politics and current events around the world. The podcast is hosted by reporters on the Interrobang news staff.

Episode 13: Vanessa Patterson

When Western University alumna Vanessa Patterson saw an Instagram account call out racism in Harvard Law, and then another one doing the same for Queen’s University Business School, she realized the issue of racism on campus applied to her own alma mater. She created the account @UWOMinorityStory to give students past and present an opportunity to tell their own stories of being visible minorities at Western. Interrobang editor Angela McInnes spoke to Vanessa about the submissions that have come in so far, as well as her own experiences while attending the London, Ontario university.

Episode 12: Skylar McCarthy and Hannah Theodore

It’s been a few months since we touched base with some of Interrobang’s student reporters. In this episode of the Interrobang podcast, editor Angela McInnes catches up with Skylar McCarthy and Hannah Theodore, who before the time of COVID wrote for the paper while studying broadcast journalism at Fanshawe.

Episode 11: Sierra Jamieson

Sierra Jamieson is an optimistic young Indigenous woman about to enter her second year of police foundations at Fanshawe. Interrobang editor Angela McInnes spoke to Jamieson about her career ambition, and why she wants to overcome the obstacles surrounding it.

Episode 10: Nikki Ross

How can we safely enjoy ourselves in the Summer of Covid-19? This week’s podcast episode features an interview with Nikki Ross, Fanshawe’s Acting Manager of Personal Counselling, to find out how.

Episode 9: Joel Abram

Grand Chief Joel Abram spoke with Interrobang about why now is the time for Canadians to acknowledge their country’s own history of racism. Abram is from the Oneida Nation of the Thames Settlement. He is currently Grand Chief of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians.

Episode 8: Leroy Hibbert

Interrobang reporter Angela McInnes interviews educational speaker Leroy Hibbert to discuss racism in Canada.