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 Vol. 56 Issue No. 8 December 1, 2023 
 Vol. 56 Issue 8 



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Interviews brought to you by the Interrobang staff

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The Interrobang Podcast brings you interviews with members of the Fanshawe College community and beyond. Topics range from the latest news on the Fanshawe Student Union, to municipal politics and current events around the world. The podcast is hosted by reporters on the Interrobang news staff.

Episode 132: Mauricio Prado

This week on The Red Couch Podcast, host Justin Koehler is joined by Interrobang reporter Mauricio Prado to recap his summer, discuss his new skills and talk about his upcoming articles.

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Episode 131: Christine-Siroyt Vandelaar

What better way to start the semester at Fanshawe College than by attending some exciting events. If you'd like to know more, check out this episode with Fanshawe’s Orientation, Transition, and First Experience Manager, Christine-Siroyt Vandelaar.

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Episode 130: Gracia Espinosa

Gracia Espinosa gets ready to take over hosting The Red Couch Podcast. She sits down with current hosts Alex Allan and Mauricio Prado in this special host hand-off episode.

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Episode 129: Hannah Theodore

This week on the Red Couch Podcast, hosts Alex Allan and Mauricio Prado are joined by our Interrobang Editor Hannah Theodore to talk about Bill C-18, Interrobang news not showing up on Meta’s social platforms, and what this means for students and Canadian journalists.

Episode 128: Cole Tyler

Fanshawe Music Industry Arts student Cole Tyler joins hosts Konstantinos Drossos and Alex Allan on this week's episode of the Red Couch Podcast. The three discuss Cole's decision to enroll in the MIA program, the experience of being taught by music industry professionals and how AI will impact the future of music production.

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Episode 127: Briana Brisset

This week on the Red Couch Podcast, hosts Konstaninos Drossos and Alex Allan are joined by Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) graphic designer, Briana Brissett. The three discuss Briana’s aspirations as an animator and the threat of AI on the world of graphic design.

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