Setting the mood to do the deed

Ever wonder why you’re not getting laid? Everything was going great at the bar, they laughed at your jokes and even suggested a quaint little ice cream place for dessert but when they got back to your place everything fell apart.

Was it the pile of dirty laundry stinking up the room? Was it the weeks worth of pizza boxes stacked up against the living room wall? Was it that juice stain covering nearly half of the bed? Lots of people think that the surroundings aren’t important, but setting the right mood can ramp things up from just okay to an insatiable Olympic performance.

Now don’t get intimidated, setting the mood doesn’t have to be a dozen rose petals leading up the stairs to a room lit by twenty candles while Frank Sinatra plays on a limited edition vinyl. Little things can make a huge difference. Things like plugging in an air freshener, cleaning up a bit or sexiling your roommate can really heat things up.

What makes the most difference when it comes to setting the mood is lighting. Lots of people debate on whether to get busy with the lights on or lights off but there’s an incredible middle ground that people often overlook. Candlelight provides a soft and warm glow that makes anyone look sexy as it dances across their skin. Candles also provide an excellent chance to cover up the smell of last night’s ramen noodles sitting on the bedside table, just don’t get an obnoxious scent like pumpkin spice latte. For those weary of open flames, lava lamps, salt lamps, electronic candles and Christmas lights can provide an equally sexy atmosphere for your evening.

The next thing to take care of is odour and I’m not talking about the room anymore. I’m talking about you. Seriously you stink, go freshen up. It may not be too horrible now but after things heat up, that deodorant you put on this morning isn’t going to do much good. If your partner is the stinky one then taking a sexy shower together is a great way to get them in the mood while also getting them to clean up. Serious bonus points are awarded to showering because wet hair is a good look on anyone.

If you’re not going to follow any of the above tips then at least clean up your space. If someone has to climb over a pile of your dirty socks and dishes to get in bed, it’s going to be hard to keep in that sexy headspace.

Speaking of the bed, many people overlook the appeal of having a made bed. Spending twenty seconds tucking your sheets in can make a room like incredibly neat and put together. It also gives you the cliché-yet-sexy opportunity to rip off your bed sheets.

While you’re cleaning up, you might as well clean out your roommate too. There’s nothing worse than having them bang on the wall because you’re being too loud, or seeing them walk into the room with a bag of popcorn and a can of crazy string. Your roommate might seem like a respectful person, but it might make whomever you bring home feel nervous about getting too frisky.

These are the basics of setting the mood but before you head off to look for candles and an air freshener, consider this final vital aspect.

Ask for consent.

Asking for consent lets your partner know that you have some risky plans for the evening while giving them the opportunity to return your enthusiasm. Depending on how you ask this it can be sexy because it puts desires into words and acts as an easy segue into pillow talk. None of the tips here are going to help your charisma when chatting with a crush but they will definitely keep things from getting derailed down the road.