Current Issue: Friday, November 27th, 2020

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Interrobang articles on the topic of Food

Growing food in space could be the answer to food sustainability
Long before mass extinction and global flooding, scientists predict that one of the key fallouts from overconsumption will be widespread food shortages. Read this article

Affordable and delicious food in London
London is one of the best cities around when it comes to great food, yet fast food can detract from local businesses. This list will feature affordable, healthy options, as well as some unhealthy ones (but hey, who doesn't have a cheat day?). Read this article

The Out Back Shack opens for summer
The Out Back Shack (OBS) has officially re-opened its patio for the remainder of the summer, and is waiting on Fanshawe's approval to open its indoor dining room. Read this article

What should you look for in a nutrition label?
Nutrition labels can be a great source of information when consumers know how to read them and what information to look for. Read this article

Red velvet recipes for your Valentine's sweetheart
Want to give your loved one something other than chocolate for the holiday of love? Give these red velvet recipes a spin to mix things up. Read this article

Local international grocery stores
There are several groceries stores here in London that stock up on products from different cultural groups around the world. Read this article

Quick and easy potato soup recipe
Anyone can make this simple and delicious potato soup recipe. Read this article

Guy friend gift guide
The struggle is real ladies, but this guide to buying gifts for guy friends can help ease the upcoming burden. Read this article

Hungry fans listen to Antoni Porowski's culinary experiences
Plenty of applause and laughter filled Fanshawe College's J-Gym 3 during Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) presents An Evening with Antoni Porowski on Nov. 18. Read this article

Delicious holiday foods from around the world
Even if you do not celebrate any holidays there are still amazing seasonal dishes to be had at international restaurants, so take a chance and try something new. Read this article

How to keep your waistline in check over the holidays
Here are some recommendations as to how you can enjoy all you eat during your holidays without bursting at the seams. Read this article

A guide to making a bomb mac and cheese
If you are a mac and cheese lover like me and love a really great mac and cheese recipe, I have just the thing. Read this article

Health and Fitness: Meal planning and prep
Would you eat healthier if you had more time? More money? More culinary skills? What if I can grant you these three wishes in the next several paragraphs? Read this article

Food options on campus
A look at some of your on campus dining choices while attending Fanshawe College. Read this article

Poutine Feast
Interrobang was on hand to speak with organizers, vendors and patrons at the recent Poutine Feast in Victoria Park. Read this article

Canada's Food Guide part 2
Many governments around the world have a set of healthy eating guidelines that put together by a group of experts in the health & wellness industry. Read this article

Five sinful foods you thought were healthy
How good are you at spotting good food versus bad food? Read this article

The new Canada's Food Guide (Part 1)
Canada's Food Guide has been around since 1942 when it was called Canada's Food Rules. It was and still is, meant to be a tool to educate consumers about healthy eating. Read this article

Four best burger joints in London
Burger joints have evolved to the point of any combination of toppings, meats, or even beyond meat burgers are possible to find locally. Chains like A&W, McDonald's and Wendy's are excluded from this list. Read this article

Five key nutrients you probably don't know you need
There are bound to be a number of nutrients, like the five above, that you probably don't know exist and that you need in your life. Read this article

Travelling the World Through Food
Ever want to experience the cultures of the world, but don't have the money to travel? We've got you covered. Read this article

A breakdown of Canada's newly implemented Food Guide
On Jan. 22, Health Canada revealed a revamped version of Canada's Food Guide, replacing the outdated 2007 food guide. Read this article

What to eliminate in a daily diet
Weight creeps up on people in the colder months of the year because of the lack of exercise and binge eating during holiday seasons. Read this article

Organic and vegan-friendly eateries in London
Making ethical decisions has never been more delicious and simple. London has a wealth of organic food, grown locally and ethically. Read this article

Healthy eating habits are not a hassle
Meal prepping is an essential way to help keep you on track for a healthy lifestyle. Read this article

Holiday cuisine around the world
No matter what country you are in, the holidays generally involve a lot of food. Each country has different holiday traditions and feature unique cuisine to celebrate. Read this article

Eating on a budget
Being a post-secondary student can definitely work up an appetite. Unfortunately, however, being a student also means living on a tight budget and cutting back on some of the luxuries in life. Read this article

Student organization lowers food waste
In January of 2017, Divyansh Ojha and his cousin, Aditya Ojha, were driving by a grocery store when they noticed the store was throwing out a massive amount of tomatoes. Read this article

Meal ideas to help you get through this school year
Struggling to decide what to make yourself for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Check out our meal prep guide. Read this article

Health and Fitness: Healthy eating on campus
Whether you carry a meal plan or you have long hours of classes, chances are you are going to order some food on campus once or twice. Read this article

Food options on campus
A look at some of your on campus dining choices while attending Fanshawe College. Read this article

TD Sunfest 2018
Interrobang stopped by TD Sunfest Canada in Victoria Park to file this report. The festival, which features music, dance, food and art from around the world runs through July 8th. Read this article

Affordable summertime snacking
Learn about some spots in London where you can get some affordable eats. Read this article

Food festivals all summer long
There is no shortage of opportunities to get stuffed this season with a variety of food festivals in the Forest City. Read this article

Canada's Food Guide finally receiving revamp in 2018
Since elementary school, we've become accustomed to the iconic pyramid that is Canada's Food Guide. Now, Canada's Food Guide is set for a revamp - its first update since 2007. Read this article

Health and Fitness: How much do we need to eat, really?
5 to 10 a day was the old saying for the amount of fruits and vegetables we should eat on a daily basis. I don't know about you but that is a big difference and it was confusing to most as it doesn't tell us how big the portion is. Read this article

Gift guide for bakers
This gift guide is an inside look on what to get the baker in your life for Christmas. If you choose any of these items you can guarantee that it will be a gift that keeps on giving. Read this article

Where to get your food in London
A guide to finding great food and produce around London. The Out Back Shack - a bar and restaurant that serves affordable roadhouse style. Students can enjoy a wide range of events that OBS holds throughout the year. Read this article

Meal ideas to help you get through this school year
Lunches can often be prepped the week before in large batches. Some ideas include salad and soups. Another thing that has become popular is Bento Box lunch boxes. Read this article

London Wine and Food Show gets a taste of what Fanshawe has to offer
The 12th Annual London Wine and Food Show's guests tried Tom Collins cocktails, ricotta gnocchi and double chocolate stout sticky toffee pudding prepared by Fanshawe's School of Tourism and Hospitality faculty and chefs. Read this article

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