Affordable and delicious food in London

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London is one of the best cities around when it comes to great food, yet fast food can detract from local businesses. This list will feature affordable, healthy options, as well as some unhealthy ones (but hey, who doesn’t have a cheat day?). Try one of these spots out; neither you nor your wallet will be disappointed.

King of the Pigs

Cherryhill Mall, 301 Oxford St., or 706 Hamilton Rd.

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King of the Pigs (Rei dos Leitôes) is a local Portuguese restaurant with two locations in London. The authentic Portuguese food makes you feel as though you just left the country. As the name suggests, their pulled pork is some of the best you’ll find in the city. You can also try their delicious Portuguese-style rotisserie chicken.

Cito Pizza

1103 Adelaide St. N.

Cito Pizza is a hidden gem amongst the vast sea of pizza joints in London. Where most pizza places fail, Cito triumphs. With an incredible topping selection, insane student deals and massive pizza sizes, Cito truly is the best deal for students without compromising quality. Forget about the big name pizza places, Cito’s quality and prices will beat them any day of the week.

Shawarma Pita Palace Mediterranean Cuisine

1103 Adelaide St. N.

Shawarma Pita Palace is located in the same plaza as Cito Pizza, and is aptly named because these guys are the kings of shawarma. Each dish is made from the ground up with only fresh ingredients, Canadian meats and passion for food. You can often smell the delicious aroma of shawarma meat emanating from the restaurant in the distance, a siren’s call to food lovers.

Billy’s Downtown Deli Restaurant

113 Dundas St.

Nestled right around the corner from the Covent Garden Market sits Billy’s Downton Deli Restaurant, which has been proudly serving Downtown London for over 30 years. Friendly service and the classic deli restaurant atmosphere give Billy’s Downtown Deli a charm reminiscent of classic ’50s diners. Mouth-watering sandwiches piled to the ceiling with deli cuts are just the tip of the iceberg here. All-day breakfast and delicious soups accompany this stacked lunch menu while the homemade pies, featuring local strawberries, steal the show.

Covent Garden Market

130 King St.

Established in 1845, the Covent Garden Market has been proudly serving London market goods for great prices over the last 174 years. Over 20 different restaurants of all sorts of ethnic backgrounds are ready to serve their dishes every day. The New Delhi Deli offers a tasty array of Caribbean recipes that will put the spice back into your life. The Rice Box is a delicious spot to grab pulled pork buns as well as a tasty rice box. Overall, the Market is filled to the brim with delicious, affordable and colourful food options.

Black Walnut

134 Wortley Rd., or 724 Richmond St.

Black Walnut has one of the best atmospheres of any café in London. There are two locations, one on Richmond Row, and the other in Wortley Village. Although the Richmond row location is enjoyable, the location in Wortley is unlike anything else in the city. The café offers a variety of hot and cold beverages, baked goods and other delicious foods. Wortley Village alone is hidden gem, but there is no denying that the Black Walnut adds to its uniqueness.

Campus Hi-Fi

736 Richmond St.

Yet another gem on Richmond Row, Campus Hi‑Fi is a retro diner best known for their amazing breakfasts. The food is hands down the best brunch in London with large portion sizes and reasonable prices. Established in 1957, the atmosphere feels like you’re dining in a time capsule. Arrive early on the weekends. The location is small and can get packed, especially by students.