Explore the cultural food scene in London


If you are wondering about places you could hang out for a memorable, diverse cuisine experience, look no further! In this article, I will whet your appetite and share five different restaurants with diverse cuisines that are sure to impress here in the beautiful city of London, Ont. Students should embrace food diversity in the city they study in and open themselves up to a world of flavours and cultural experiences.

1. Thaifoon – Thailand

This beautiful restaurant has variety of mouth-watering cuisines from Thailand. They have two locations, one at 120 Dundas St. and the other at 1680 Richmond St. in Masonville Mall. Their menu is brimming with delicious curries, stir-fries, and noodles dishes. You can find amazing pictures of their cuisines on their website, which will leave you instantly hungry for a taste. Aside from their extensive food menu, they also serve desserts and drinks, including signature cocktails. The interiors of both locations are heavenly, a great place to hang out on a date, or while out with friends and family. Vegetarians are not left out as vegetarian and vegan options are available, ensuring that everyone gets a taste of their vibrant and aromatic dishes.

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2. Cedar House Grill – Middle Eastern Mediterranean

This is a restaurant that serves a tasty culinary journey through Mediterranean cuisines. Located at 1215 Fanshawe Park Rd. W., Cedar House Grill offers dine in and take out options and is known for its freshly made meals, including a variety of Middle Eastern and Greek inspired options. Their menu consists of souvlaki, gyros, tabbouleh, moussaka, beef shawarma and more. They offer free delivery on orders over $50 and have various options for those with dietary preferences. If you are a lover of Middle Eastern cuisine, this is the place for you.

3. Los Lobos – Mexican

Mexican cuisine lovers and those yet to have a taste of Mexican cuisine, rejoice! Transport yourself to 580 Talbot St. and experience this fabulous spot to hang out with friends and family with awesome meals that brings out authentic Mexican flavours. Right from their sizzling tacos to their cheesy enchiladas and zesty burritos, this beautiful ambient space offers a large variety of Mexican food and signature margaritas. Los Lobos offers an amazing menu that celebrates the richness of Mexican culture along with gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options. Their food prices won’t break the bank and their friendly atmosphere makes it a good spot for students to explore Mexican culture.

4. Afro Cook and Suya Place African – Nigerian

Afro Cook and Suya Place is a restaurant exploring all things African cuisine, located at 775 Dundas St. Not only does it serve delightful African food but it also plays an important role in maintaining and sharing African culinary traditions. It creates an environment that reflects the warmth and hospitality associated with African culture, providing students with a glimpse into the diverse heritage and culinary customs of the continent.

For students who love to explore diversity in food from all around the globe, most especially lovers of African cuisine, Afro Cook and Suya Place is a must-visit spot. From their alluring suya, a grilled meat dish, to their amazing jollof rice, cooked, fries or roasted plantains, this restaurant is sure to transport you to the vibrant culinary landscapes of Africa. Embrace the opportunity to explore the tastes, traditions, and cultural significance behind Afro Cook and Suya Place while you embark on a culinary adventure that will leave you with a deeper appreciation of the diversity of African cuisines.

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5. Aroma of India – India

Aroma of India offers a vibrant, diverse world of Indian cuisines with authentic flavours, a diverse menu and an inviting cultural ambiance. It’s located at 590 Dundas St. and offers an immersive experience filled with enticing aromas. Embark on a gastronomic adventure that will transport you to the colourful streets and culinary landscapes of India. Students can savour the authenticity of classic Indian dishes like biryani and creamy butter chicken, to comforting lentil curries and tangy street-style chaats. They also have wide range of dietary options from vegetarian to vegan to and gluten-free.