Current Issue: Monday, April 5th, 2021

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Interrobang issue for Monday, April 5th, 2021

Cover of the 04/05/21 issue of Interrobang
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A farewell from Fanshawe's second-year collaborative nursing students
Fanshawe's nursing collaborative program has nurtured wonderful nursing students who are passionate and caring as they move on to the next part of their nursing career. Read this article

New state-of-the-art Oral Health Clinic a win
Fanshawe College has a newly renovated, state of the art, Oral Health Clinic for dental students to help out their studies. Read this article

Quaran-tunes celebrates Fanshawe students and alums
On the one year anniversary of the lockdown that ended in-person learning, Fanshawe College released Quaran-tunes. Read this article

Huron students' council condemns college's proposed split from Western
Huron's students' council spoke out against their colleges' plan to end its formal affiliation with Western University. Read this article
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Western mandates three-layer masks on-campus, says cloth masks insufficient
Western will no longer accept cloth face masks as suitable protection from COVID-19 while on campus. Read this article
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Western students say perseverance, community got them through a difficult school year.
The transition to online classes, social isolation and increased mental health struggles over the past year has been a challenge for university students across the country. Read this article
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Help a good cause while having fun
The Forest City Cycling Challenge is your chance to get fit while supporting the community. Read this article

Off the Radar: What's going on in the world
The last Off the Radar edition of this school year is not optimistic - neither is it romantic in its pessimism. Read this article


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From the Editor
Welcome to Interrobang's final issue of the 2020/2021 year, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for picking up your copy. Read this article

The end of the world?
This Easter, remember the impact of Jesus' death on humanity, which brings God's forgiveness, healing and peace to the world. Read this article

What the hell, Ontario?
The third wave is here, and Ontario is drowning. Read this article


A heartfelt goodbye
This might be the last article that I am writing for the Interrobang, it certainly will not be the end of the journey. Read this article

Why we need to cancel cancel culture
During this pandemic the term of cancel culture has come to the forefront - but what exactly is cancel culture? Read this article

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Be honest with yourself and those around you to avoid making a mistake. Put your focus on self-improvement, not trying to change others. Read this article

Matthew Dawkins on his upcoming book and passion for creating
Matthew Dawkins is a second-year student who is already on his way to becoming the next great Canadian author. Read this article
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The Deadly Disguise first novel written by Fanshawe grad and healthcare hero
The Deadly Disguise is a murder mystery novel dripping with suspense that promises to take readers on an emotional journey highlighted by a variety of twists and turns. Read this article

Hannah Theodore - Finding certainty in uncertain times: a reflection of the past year
What has always kept me afloat through my studies has been my time here, with Interrobang. I knew, being a mature student, that I was going to have to pay my way through school, even with help from OSAP and financial aid. Read this article

Salma Hussein - An unforgettable experience
The COVID-19 outbreak has thrown us all off and changed our lives forever, and as a future healthcare worker this has been a life-altering experience. Sharing my thoughts and perceptions of news and events around our community through this paper was the most amazing and humbling opportunity of my time at Fanshawe. Read this article

Lance Dagenais - There is an end in sight
What do I say about the past year? It seems like so much has happened and nothing has happened all at the same time. Read this article

Skylar McCarthy - What I learned through this COVID-filled year
I'll be graduating after April, but it totally doesn't even feel like a celebration, to be honest. This year for me has been a lot of ups and downs not only physically, but also mentally and socially. Read this article

Cheyenne Dockstader - Taking the opportunity to challenge myself
Working for Interrobang has been fun. This year was hard, I haven't been motivated to do much of anything, but being able to see my work in the newspapers all across Fanshawe, and even at Western University, has been an uplifting experience for me. Read this article

Ilhan Aden - A year of truth
Someone off-handily mentioned to me that this year, they felt like an octopus with their tentacles being pulled in every direction-a shared feeling deep within my spirit. Read this article

Ian Indiano - The ghost of a falcon
For the past few years, the world has been giving me systematic classes on not expecting things to go as planned. These lessons started before the pandemic, but after last year, I think I'm ready to graduate. Read this article

Angela McInnes - Everything happens for a reason
In 2020, I found myself leading a team of resilient Fanshawe students while we adjusted to the new normal of the coronavirus pandemic. I was terrified of all the unknowns. But I wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world. Read this article


Is football safe?
Despite its track record as one of the most dangerous youth sports, football still boasts multiple rewards on the other end of the scale. Read this article
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What separates a sport from an activity or game?
Let's face it: the ideals of what defines a sport are beginning to change. Read this article
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Does anyone remember The Mighty Ducks?
When I look back into good sports movies out there, one of my favourites growing up was The Mighty DucksRead this article

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