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Interrobang articles by Trent Williams

Silva embarrassing in win
As the UFC entered Abu Dhabi for the first time it seemed like they were bringing with them a stellar card, stacked full of superstars who were going to give this market the show they deserved. The hype behind everyone fighting and the event i... Read this article

Jackson fighters losing edge to finish off opponents
Typically I don't like to take digs at fighters or trainers for that matter because quite frankly I'm jealous of what they do and how skilled and passionate they are about the sport. At this time though the question needs to be asked if... Read this article

MMA still not legal in Ontario
With the growth of the UFC and mixed martial arts across North America, and now the world, one key element is missing in the overall battle to get MMA recognized as a sport that is respected and not looked down upon. That is getting legalized in the ... Read this article

St. Pierre looking to bigger things
As Canada's top fighter Georges St. Pierre gets set to defend his title in a few weeks against British up-and-comer Dan Hardy, the question begs to be asked; when will it be enough for St. Pierre at the 170lb division?

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Toney spells trouble
James Toney is a name some of you may not know, but get ready to make it a household name. The 41-year-old boxing veteran signed a multi-fight deal with the UFC to compete for UFC gold and a big payday. Though the sport of boxing notoriously makes a... Read this article

Death in the Cage
It hasn't happened yet, but you have to think, there may be a chance one day that an MMA fighter could lose their life in the ring or cage during or immediately following a fight. It's just reality that in a high risk sport like MMA the chanc... Read this article

MMA at the Olympics?
While sitting back and taking in the best the world has to offer for winter Olympic athletics, the thought came to my head, could MMA ever be in the Olympics? You would think it would primarily fit more in the summer games then the current winter ga... Read this article

UFC head scratcher
UFC 109 came and went and many fans were left shaking their head at the events that unfolded. First off, who is Chael Sonnen, and how did he beat Nate Marquardt? The man that was supposed to be a stepping stone for “Nate the Great” to ge... Read this article

Too much MMA?
A big question I have been asking myself lately: Is the UFC becoming too overbearing? Just this Saturday UFC 109 put on another card, and right now you're probably thinking that I am off my rocker, why would a die-hard MMA fan complain about too... Read this article

MMA parity is a bad thing
First it was PRIDE, then the emergence of EliteXC and Affliction, with several other MMA organizations popping up and then disappearing along the way. Now, Strikeforce the biggest organization out there, is attempting to challenge the UFC's monop... Read this article

Heavy mess
The UFC heavyweight division is a delicate topic right now; just ask UFC President Dana White. Three of the division's top competitors (Brock Lesnar, Shane Carwin, and Big Nog) have all gone down in recent months to illness, injury and disease. T... Read this article

TUF dying?
The Ultimate Fighter reality show brought the UFC into the spotlight and created a buzz around ultimate fighting that has been going ever since. But there is a catch. I still love watching the fights but the whole concept of TUF is starting to get o... Read this article

The best of MMA in 2009
As 2009 came to a close we have seen many wars, many upsets and many awesome knockouts inside the MMA world. In the UFC we have the most dominant list of champions perhaps ever, and we'll see if they can continue that into 2010. For now though, I... Read this article

Penn facing toughest challenge in Sanchez
A quick scan of current UFC champions and the first words that come to mind are dominance and uniqueness. Each UFC champion has their own special advantages and they use them effectively, which is why they are champions of their divisions. Fo... Read this article

What a difference a win makes
UFC 106 was an event that didn't even have the fights it was expected too. With injuries to Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin, the card was left in shambles, and the co-main event with Tito Ortiz and Mark Coleman was scrapped when Coleman was injured... Read this article

UFC 105 proves a lot, Lesnar in trouble
On the heels of UFC 105 Randy Couture and Brandon Vera have both made clear statements as to where they are in the light heavyweight division. After a 15 minute hug fest that saw limited action, it appears that age is actually catching up to Couture... Read this article

Emelianenko stays on top
Fedor Emelianenko has staked his claim as the top fighter in the heavyweight division, and perhaps as the best fighter in the world. The rejuvinated Strikeforce promotion made its debut on CBS this past week, and headlining the card was none other t... Read this article

Injury bug bites UFC hard
Recently there has been some major changes to upcoming UFC cards, and it begs to ask the question: Are the events becoming too frequent and not allowing fighters adaquate time to recover, rest and prepare to fight? The UFC 106 event was to feature B... Read this article

Shogun robbed at UFC:104
For the rest of time the event UFC 104: Machida vs. Shogun shall be renamed “UFC 104: Controversy”. This coming after the biggest farce of a decision ever seen in the UFC in regards to judging not only a title fight, but any fight the pr... Read this article

Falcons bring home OCAA gold and bronze
It's been raining gold and bronze lately in the Fanshawe athletics department. The Fanshawe Falcons men's and women's soccer teams captured OCAA glory at the league championships with the men's team winning the bronze medal, and the ... Read this article

Calling out Kimbo Slice
The latest season of The Ultimate Fighter has turned into the Kimbo Slice Show more than anything else and it's becoming the exact thing that UFC president Dana White had criticized EliteXC of doing when Slice was fighting for their organization.... Read this article

Tompkins jumps ship
London Ontario native, and famed Xtreme Couture trainer Shawn Tompkins is moving from his post in Las Vegas. Tompkins, the originator of the Hardknocks gym in London has been the head trainer in Sin City for the past couple of years. Since making th... Read this article

UFC champions a unique bunch
As UFC 104 approaches and Lyoto Machida gets set to take on Maurico ‘Shogun' Rua for the light heavyweight title, it dawned on me, that for the first time in a long time we have champions in each UFC division that all have a very special se... Read this article

Lady Falcon's soccer team looks to continue strong season
The Ontario Colleges Athletic Association regular season is already winding down in women's soccer, and sitting at the top of the pile is none other then the Fanshawe Falcons.

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Time for aging fighters to hang it up
There comes a time in every athlete's career where they lose that step they once had, that same step that existed when they first broke into the sport and that existed when championships were won and records were broken. This holds true for every... Read this article

Chuck's a dancing man
One thing I thought I would never say — I watched the TV show Dancing with the Stars this week. You're probably wondering what Dancing with the Stars has to do with MMA at all, and truth be told, it really doesn't have anything to do wi... Read this article

Quality should be UFC aim
Something I have been wondering about lately is the UFC becoming too overexposed. Recently for example, there's the Ultimate Fight Night on September 16, then UFC 103 on September 19, just three days later. The UFC is expected to run up to event... Read this article

UFC 100 and everything else that packed this summer with a punch
Excitement is abounding in the world of mixed martial arts, and I'm thrilled to be back again for the year, as your ranting, raving, and go-to source for what's important in MMA across the globe, NOT just in the world of the UFC. July 25 mar... Read this article

Fight night for the Hands of Stone
The UFC is making it's second landing in Canada on April 18 and one of the combatants on the card is none other then London's own Sam ‘Hands of Stone' Stout. I had the opportunity to catch up to the 155lber before he headed off to t... Read this article

The rise of the cagefight
We all know that the UFC is the premiere organization in MMA. It has all the biggest promoted fights and the most recognizable faces in the sport. However, there is one organization that seems to fall under the radar despite having the same ownership... Read this article

Can Silva take the title against Leites?
UFC 97 will be highlighted by the pound for pound best fighter in the world, Anderson Silva as he takes on Thales Leites. The battle for the middleweight crown will hopefully have a better finish then the unfortunate events that unfolded when Silva t... Read this article

Is nine seasons enough?
I still love watching the fights but the whole concept of The Ultimate Fighter or TUF is starting to get old. It seems as though it hit its peak in Season three and just has gone downhill from there. I also think the lack of fighters making a big spl... Read this article

A lot on the line in Liddell vs Rua
As the UFC gets set to crash land in the Canadian hot bed of MMA it brings with it some top tier talent and a perfect showcase of what the best the UFC has to offer when it comes to putting together top notch cards. The co and main events certainly ... Read this article

Trash talking stare down makes UFC look more like WWE
If you caught the very end of the UFC 96 event you probably saw the stare down and trash talk between Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson, two big scary men, who both are at the top of their games, and both big trash talkers with dialogue that went down... Read this article

It's literally getting slippery in the cage
The greacegate saga between Georges St. Pierre and B.J. Penn has entered another realm. I was going to stay away from this topic because I was sure it was going to come and go as an essential non-issue in the sport, but it continues to show its ugly... Read this article

Rule changes could keep fans from Montreal
Last week many talks took place by the Quebec Athletic Commission (QAC) to try and stop the UFC 97 event from coming to Montreal in mid-April. If the event is indeed cancelled or moved elsewhere this could be the biggest mistake ever made by the QAC ... Read this article

When to bow out for good?
When do you hit the wall? When do you know you have had enough? Do you ever get to a point where your mind thinks you can keep going but your body physically can't? It's a question that athletes in every sport have to consider and the same b... Read this article

Going pound-for-pound
After the thrashing we seen Georges St. Pierre put on B.J. Penn last Saturday (with all Vaseline issues aside) where does he rank in terms of pound for pound fighters in the world? Many have him at number one, while many still believe Fedor and Ande... Read this article

And the edge goes to...
What do you get when you take one of the most naturally talented fighters in the world, who is a world champion, and considered in the top five of any pound for pound list and put him up against the sports most athletic fighter, who has no holes in h... Read this article

Affliction's second card a make or break prospect for MMA upstart
Affliction MMA is finally ready to host a second show this weekend, “Day of Reckoning”. But beware if they want to survive to a third show, they better hope they made some big changes. After trying on several other occasions to host a se... Read this article

Montreal MMA gym produces the best
For Canadian fighters it's been called the ‘Disney Land' of MMA. The Tristar gym in Montreal boasts some impressive specs, and the real-life production to put the gym on the map as arguably, the best in Canada. A 13,500 square foot fac... Read this article

New generation of fighters ready to rule
With two titles changing hands at the UFC's year-end show it sets up many interesting match ups for 2009 and it really signifies the changing of the guard in the UFC. Looking back at the beginning of 2008 at the title holders and who they are no... Read this article

UFC strong arming competitors
It has finally reached the boiling point for some UFC fighters as they have drawn the line with the UFC when it comes to what they control. Already, the UFC does not allow non-exclusive contracts, meaning that when you sign a contract with the UFC, ... Read this article

Lesnar stuns Couture to conquer UFC
The next generation of heavyweight UFC fighter has arrived. Despite counting out Brock Lesnar in his fight against Randy Couture, he proved me, and a lot of other MMA fans wrong by disposing of the old champ in the second round. It was obvious from ... Read this article

D'Hollander a role model for all coaches
Paul D'Hollander goes well beyond the call of duty when it comes to being a coach. Known as a man who goes above and beyond what is actually expected of him, D'Hollander coaches with the purpose of helping student athletes achieve all of the... Read this article

Couture to school Lesnar?
It's your classic David vs. Goliath, Randy Couture vs. Brock Lesnar. Randy Couture, the 43 year old veteran standing at 6'1” and weighing in around 225lbs is taking on the much bigger, much stronger, and much younger Brock Lesnar. Les... Read this article

Cross-country team bring home medals
There was no shortage of fuel in the tank for the Fanshawe Falcons cross-country team at the CCAA National Championships. Running along the scenic route of the fields of Fort Henry, the team came away with gold and bronze medals at the event held in... Read this article

Silva's antics overshadow dominance
After digesting what was the controversial and confusing event that was UFC 90, there has been much backlash and opinion changes to the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world; Anderson Silva. If you weren't able to watch the fight or hear wha... Read this article

Top-notch MMA fighters invade London
Adrenaline Opens doors to London Former UFC Middleweight contender David “The Crow” Loiseau, UFC lightweight Tyson Griffin and fresh off a dominating performance at UFC 90, Gray Maynard joined Sam Stout, Mark Hominick and Chris Horodec... Read this article

Impressive soccer seasons come to an unjust end
With much of the athletic attention now being focused on basketball here at Fanshawe, the men's and women's soccer teams were quietly getting their job done, despite not being in the spotlight. The men's team burst into the playoffs this... Read this article

Taking steps to legalize MMA in Ontario
With a ban on Mixed Martial Arts professional competition in Ontario it really puts a strain on fighters trying to break into the big promotions such as the UFC. There is hope on the horizon though; The Fighting Spirit Championship is an up-start or... Read this article

Will Brits have the advantage at English fight?
UFC Middleweight superstar, Michael Bisping is making his climb to the top of the middleweight ranks and is hoping to one day challenge for the world title. But for now the British brute will battle it out with Chris Leben in a bout that would propel... Read this article

14 seconds to defeat the ‘Legend of Kimbo'
Usually I don't like to write about the same topic or same fighter in consecutive weeks, but this is too big of news to pass up, and it needs to be said. EliteXC is a complete farce of an MMA promotion. The evening of October 4th a chain of even... Read this article

Figuring out the man who is Kimbo Slice
Street fighting, homelessness and a big beard. Those are the three main things that describe the life of Kimbo Slice, the EliteXC poster boy.

Read this article

Adrenaline's pumping in London
The rise to the top of the MMA world starts in the small gyms around town, and that couldn't be truer then what's been happening right in our own backyard over the past couple of years. Team Tompkins, a London gym started by now Xtreme... Read this article

Men's basketball looking to rise to the top
The Fanshawe Men's basketball team has finally wrapped up their tryouts and has their team together that they will use in hopes of dominating through the regular season and playoffs and take them back to an OCAA championship. Just two sho... Read this article

Does the UFC have a MMAonopoly?
Since the UFC has hit it big time in the MMA world, other organizations have been popping up on every corner to try and promote the sport and their product. No organization has been as successful as the UFC, except maybe PRIDE FC, which the UF... Read this article

Title shots: unworthy and worthy
After praising the future and capability of UFC up-and-comer Brock Lesnar, it appears that I may have spoken too soon. It appears as though my views that Lesnar was in fact an up-and-comer were way off key. A huge announcement from the UFC this past... Read this article

Fanshawe men dominate summer courts
School wasn't in session, but some members of Fanshawe were out on the basketball court teaching a lesson. Fanshawe took centre stage at the Toronto venue of the NBA 3-on-3 Baller's Unite Basketball Tournament in late July this past summer. ... Read this article

Defending Ultimate Fighting
There is a big misconception out there about the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Many believe it to be a brutal sport, where two men are locked in a cage and the one who survives the longest is the winner. I guarantee if you give this sport a chance and... Read this article

Lesnar looking for comeback
Brock Lesnar (2-1) entered the Octagon for the first time in his life on February 2, 2008, taking on former UFC Champion Frank Mir. The hype surrounding Lesnar was incredible. He was going to be the next top guy in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and wreak ... Read this article

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