As the UFC entered Abu Dhabi for the first time it seemed like they were bringing with them a stellar card, stacked full of superstars who were going to give this market the show they deserved. The hype behind everyone fighting and the event itself was astronomical. The UFC brought with them two belts to be defended, BJ Penn would fight Frankie Edgar for the lightweight title and Anderson Silva, regarded as the world's best fighter would take on Demian Maia for the UFC's middleweight crown.

But the events that occurred during the main event of UFC 112 left UFC top boss Dana White saying he “was embarrassed” and that this was the “lowest point in the UFC's history.”

After what seemed to be a lackluster effort by Penn, losing his title via unanimous decision to Edgar, the main event was about to take place. Silva needs no introduction; everyone knows his capabilities and what he can do to his opponents. Maia is a world class jiu-jitsu practitioner, whose stand-up has improved dramatically over the past few years.

Realistically, no one expected Maia to win, he was good, but not good enough to dethrone the champion, but this is a fight and anything can happen. What Silva did during the course of the fight, constantly disrespecting Maia and intentionally fighting like a clown was completely disgraceful and set the sport back in every possible way.

For a sport that fights, literally and figuratively, for recognition and positive notoriety in the public's eye, its most talented fighter is certainly not helping the way he should be.

White hit the nail on the head when he said that he was embarrassed by the antics of Silva and the fact that White walked out of the fight in the fourth round speaks volumes as to how embarrassed he really felt. Though White promised to make this up to the fans (he admitted to not knowing how yet), the damage is already done.

Silva's dancing, taunting and total lack of respect for Maia leaves the UFC in a very sticky situation. The middleweight champ is too good for most opponents at 185lbs, so what's he to do? Take a shot at the light heavyweight title, or even drop to 170lbs like Silva stated he'd like to do?

It is believed that Silva has but two fights left on his current contract, and his initial plans are to retire after that contract is up. While that remains to be seen, what two opponents can Silva fight that won't be a total disgrace to watch, and a fight that he'll take seriously?

There are a few names that come to mind, one is Georges St. Pierre, the Canadian welterweight champion poses the ultimate super-fight if he and Silva could find equal ground for a fight to happen at. Another I look for in the 205lb division is Rampage Jackson, the brawler would have a large size advantage on Silva, though I would question if Rampage could stay out of the clinch. We look up to heavyweight, and it may seem irrational and crazy but a fight with Frank Mir, Brock Lesnar or Shane Carwin would force Silva to new heights, literally.