UFC 109 came and went and many fans were left shaking their head at the events that unfolded.

First off, who is Chael Sonnen, and how did he beat Nate Marquardt? The man that was supposed to be a stepping stone for “Nate the Great” to get a title shot, beat him in a dominating fashion to earn a title shot of his own against the winner of the Anderson Silva - Vitor Belfort fight. Is he even a real contender? Well, he did come out of obscurity but Sonnen shouldn't be overlooked. I don't think he's going to beat Silva or Belfort. Hell, I doubt that he'd beat Marquardt in a rematch if they were to fight again, but that doesn't matter. I am sure the fans will get to know the outspoken Sonnen sooner rather then later.

It's time for Mark Coleman to hang it up. I am not knocking Randy Couture's victory, but Viagra should've sponsored the fight between them. Coleman, though two years younger than Couture, looked horrible and just simply doesn't have it anymore. If the UFC knows what's good, then Coleman should hang up the gloves on his already hall-of-fame career and become a full time trainer. The “Godfather of Ground and Pound” has a lot to give to young fighters trying to make it big time in the fight game.

Joining Coleman on the retirement bus should be Frank Trigg. Losing in dominating fashion to Matt Serra is a sure sign. He's a great personality and a great person, but a great fighter he is no longer. Trigg will find a nice home in a commentating role in some organization, or perhaps as a radio host, but he's a guy I don't want to see in the octagon anymore.

Is Paulo Thiago really that good? Thiago is easily the least recognized and most underrated welterweight in the UFC. No, he's not going to challenge George St. Pierre for his title anytime soon, but this guy is a very well rounded fighter that not enough people are paying attention to. He's got bombs in his hands. Just ask Josh Koscheck and Mike Swick.

UFC 109 left a lot of other questions, like if Damien Maia still has it, or is he a little gun shy after his knockout loss to Marquardt a few months back? He couldn't finish newcomer Dan Miller, while edging out an arguable victory. Also, where does Serra's knockout win leave him? He's certainly not a top 10 welterweight, but he's got an impressive win under his belt and will be looking for an upgrade in competition, unfortunately for Serra, I think that will just spell disaster, and you'll see him follow the path of Coleman and Trigg to eventual retirement in the near future.

Though it wasn't the most stacked, or impressive card ever put on by UFC, the 109 event left many questions and stirred up some weight divisions. It makes everything much more interesting in the coming events in the next 70 days when the UFC will host an astonishing five different fight cards. It's a good time to be a fight fan.