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Interrobang articles by Annette Padyk

Victoria's Secret empire
Victoria's Secret is more than bronzed goddesses, glamorous catalogues and fashion shows. Under their amazing marketing techniques to get attention from both sexes, Victoria's Secret is an outstanding brand, empire and company. They have the ... Read this article

Reuse and reward yourself
Old outdated jewelry becomes new again thanks to an up-to-date jeweller After reading an article by Janis Wallace in The London Free Press a few weeks ago (February 9, 2009) about taking your old jewellery and making it into a new piece, I became... Read this article

Hats off to Jones
Hatmaker Stephen Jones is the go to guy in the world of high fashion, music and film. Jones' career in hatmaking extends to nearly three decades. He has designed hats for everyone from John Galliano, Marc Jacobs to Comme des Garcons. In 2008 alo... Read this article

Makeup not just for clowns
“Makeup is a reflection of the character's soul. It's also a magic wand that sweeps away inhibitions.” —Nathalie Gagné Makeup director Nathalie Gagne sure has her hands full. As global makeup director, Gagne is responsib... Read this article

Bend it like this
I have personally been a fan of David Beckham since Posh Spice, also known as Victoria Beckham who I adore, started dating him back in 1996. The famous couple married in 1999 in a vintage castle in Ireland. Guys love and look up to Beckham and so do... Read this article

Role model
You may recognize Alessandra Ambrosio as one of the eye-catching Victoria's Secret angels or as a spokes-‘model' for the brand's link, Pink. Born April 11, 1981 in Brazil, Ambrosio began modeling when she was 15-years-old, but her ... Read this article

T'is the Macy's season
I could not think of a more perfect store to write about around Christmas time than the mega successful Macy's. Macy's, an American institute of shopping, is not only busseling with shoppers this time of year, it also gives back to the commu... Read this article

Desigual redefines shopping with an artistic flair
Spanish designer takes creativity from the clothes to the boutique Designer Desigual lives up to its slogan ‘Desigual is not the same.' Founded in 1984 by a young Thomas Meyer in his early 20's, the ever-popular European brand Des... Read this article

Making make-up easier
Over the years of religiously reading tips from various fashion magazines and talking to other women at work and School, I have retained a lot of useful information. The following are unanswered questions and tips I find to be unique, quick and easy ... Read this article

Finally, a positive female role model
Known best for her acting and her famous husband Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson has quickly become one of my favourite fashion columnists since she started writing for the American magazine Harpers Bazaar. Although Wilson has only written eight articles for... Read this article

Mascara makes its mark
I think I'm safe to say that all women own a tube or two. The main purpose of mascara is to emphasize the eyelashes. Whether you purchased it at Shoppers Drug Mart or from a designer's station at The Bay, it has the same effect. Maybe you... Read this article

Madonna gets Sweet and Sticky on tour
Although I will be broke for the next two years, I recently had the pleasure of seeing Madonna and her Sweet and Sticky Tour in Toronto. But I guess that's the price you pay for seeing an icon. The Air Canada Centre was a full house, with an a... Read this article

Simon says, be yourself
Everyone loves a good makeover. Right? Rarely do you hear or read someone who hates to see or give makeovers to women. Simon Doonan, author of five books, columnist for the New York Observer since 1999 and the creative director at New York's Bar... Read this article

Louboutin's a sole man
Whether you know it or not, you probably have seen a Christian Louboutin shoe in a fashion magazine, gossip tabloid or on a Hollywood starlet. It is easy to distinguish Louboutin's shoes in the throngs of designers' shoes on the market, in ... Read this article

More to Field than Sex
Ok, I'll admit it; I was a “Sex and the City” virgin until I saw the box office hit this summer. But now that I have caught up on all six seasons, I have to agree that there is no reason for anyone not to see it.

Read this article

McGrath blends make-up with couture
If the name Pat McGrath does nothing for you, than maybe her face or the beautiful faces she creates will. McGrath is one of the best make-up artists in the world. An exact sentence you will find in any article written about her from any fash... Read this article

The English are outdoing us in the fashion dept.
This past May, 12-fellow Fanshawe merchandising travelers and myself, crossed the Atlantic to a city with a familiar name, but a fashion sense that sets it apart. I just love London, England. It's undeniable that Paris is gorgeous, but Lon... Read this article

Fashion c'est magnifique in Paris
I recently traveled to both Paris and England, and I couldn't wait to write about my fashionable experience. This week it's all about Paris. Myself, and 12-fellow fashion merchandising students, traveled across the Atlantic to the “Ci... Read this article

New designer tries to fill the Gap
If you haven't noticed already, that the Gap is looking a little better than it normally does, dare we say the Gap has gone beyond beige!? The company that has been designing duds for yuppies for years has new designer Patrick Robinson to thank.... Read this article

Finding and sharing my style
Hello again long-time readers, friends and enemies. I am back again for my second year writing mostly fashion for the entertainment section of the Interrobang. I am also in my second year at Fanshawe for the Fashion Merchandising program. I have wai... Read this article

Flip-flopping through summer
What type of footwear do we all have, feel comfortable wearing, and can be bought for under $20? Flip-flops of course! The name “flip-flop” comes from the sound that the sandal makes, simple as that. Even though many designers have voi... Read this article

Stripping her way to high fashion
In the recent Us Weekly magazine, I came across an article on the, famous for her curve and porcelain skin, Dita Von Teese, and I couldn't help but be intrigued by the article. Von Teese's real name is Heather Sweet, and she has picked the n... Read this article

The first signs of Spring
Nothing's better than feeling the first signs of spring. The Spring season can hold many different meanings to people. Spring could mean a new wardrobe, new beginnings, a feeling of freedom or a fresh start. In Canada there are only really four... Read this article

Gotta wear shades
Gone are the days of wearing sunglasses merely for protecting your eyes from the sun's bright rays. In today's beaming climate, eyewear is one of the best accessories to complete an outfit. The choices we have today for eyewear is immense a... Read this article

Fawcett can still flaunt it at 60
We all have seen the Charlie's Angels movies starring Cameron Diaz, Lucy Lui and Drew Barrymore. But before the hit movies there was the original “Charlie's Angels,” a 1970s hit TV show, broke many barriers for women, both in soci... Read this article

Meeting Posh was ‘major'
The brand “dVb” - which stands for David Victoria Beckham - is the official trademark of Victoria Beckham's designs. Posh is also one of my favourite celebrities. I have been a fan of Mrs. Beckham since her Posh Spice days, 11 years... Read this article

Take your dollars downtown
Richmond Row is a shopping haven, but at a price If you are new to the whole London scene, you may have not herd of all the hidden shopping gems along Richmond Street. “Richmond Row,” as it's been dubbed, is a the heart of London&... Read this article

As Spicy as ever in the fashion dept
I am one of the lucky people who witnessed history in the making. After a six-year hiatus, the Spice Girls reunited and I was there. It was amazing to see my childhood icons, twice actually, at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto (February 3, 4), that... Read this article

Bangs are the new black
Bangs are making their way on to women's foreheads at an alarming pace. I, for one, really want to try this trend but like most, I'm nervous and doubtful. So I have kindly researched the vital tips and have gathered as much information when ... Read this article

To shop or not?
How does going without clothes shopping for one whole year sound? Crazy right? A recent article I read in Elle Canada magazine, writer Anne Shepard hung up her credit card and embraced her existing closet-full of clothes for one full year. I am sure... Read this article

Hepburn's timeless beauty
“I never thought I'd land in pictures with a face like mine.” - Audrey Hepburn Most people have heard of the legendary Audrey Hepburn, or at the very least they've seen her familiar face in films, kitsch handbags and other market... Read this article

Pregnant stars make stylish baby bumps
Fashion finds a way into every part of a women's life To keep everyone up to date, the following stars are pregnant and/or have just given birth; Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Lilly Allen, Jamie ... Read this article

Putting on comfy pajamas
Whether you're going to bed for the night or looking for the right attire for a day on the couch, good looking pajamas never go out of style Pajamas of every kind will never go out of style! They will always be present in fashion. With the oh&... Read this article

Take your style to the slopes
It's that time of the year again. The snow is falling and it's cold outside, but that doesn't mean you have to stay cooped up inside until the grass is green again. I have tried both snowboarding and skiing and I am not good at either an... Read this article

Are you a bag lady?
Traditionally, men and women used purses to carry their perfume. Do the terms “hobo,” “tote,” “clutch” or “satchel” ring a bell? Almost every woman loves a stylish looking purse, and the choices on ... Read this article

Predicting the future of fashion
What trends will Popcorn predict for next year? Although she is not a psychic, it's Faith Popcorn's job to predict the future. With no supernatural abilities, Popcorn has successfully forecast upcoming trends year after year in the busi... Read this article

Getting into the Burberry spirit
What brand comes to mind when you think tartan or plaid? A brand knows they have really made it into the fashion mainstream when people will pay over $200 for a scarf with their signature plaid. Thomas Burberry created the Burberry brand in 1856, op... Read this article

Real or fake?
Acrylic nails are called many different names, ‘fake'or “artificial.” Either way you say it they are all basically the same thing; a plastic like cover put over top of your existing nail. They are there to enhance the appearance... Read this article

Guys are ‘best dressed' on Halloween
That's right ladies; there is no mistake in this headline. Guys are the best dressed on Halloween. I am sure girls have put together well thought-out Halloween costumes in the past, but probably only when they were under the age of 16. It is obvi... Read this article

The trend that will never die
Despite being around for years, and what many thought would be a soon-to-be-dead trend, Uggs still are, and should be, a girl's best friend. There two types of people in this world; those who think Uggs look good on everyone and those who think ... Read this article

Taking fashion to the streets and online
Creator of the famous blog site The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman, has devoted his popular website to photographs of everyday people on the street who have a good fashion sense, a.k.a. ‘street style.' Schuman went to college (in his hometown... Read this article

Finding fashion in magazines
From Glamour to Flare, fashion magazines can give you stylish tips. Have you ever found yourself standing in Shoppers Drug Mart or Chapters, looking at the massive long aisle dedicated to magazines? At Chapters (located at the plaza across from ... Read this article

Back to the fashion future
Some things never change when it comes to money and fashion The Byzantine period, which dates back between the fifth and mid-fifteenth centuries, or between Ancient Rome and The Middle Ages, was better know for its rulers and wars than its fashion... Read this article

Moss goes from runway to the rack
When writing to you about fashion, I have to let everyone know about my one-out-of two favourite people in the world, both of who coincidently are on the top of the fashion industry. Kate Moss is one of those two people. Although she started modeli... Read this article

The local scene for buying the perfect pair of jeans
Bootcut, flare, skinny or low-rise, finding the perfect pair of jeans is a tough task unless you know where to shop. So to help you out, I investigated the best places to buy jeans for both guys and girls. Jeans, or some say denim, were invented yea... Read this article

First day fashion
Welcome to Fanshawe College. I have lived in London all my existence and I guarantee you will love it here. As your fashion “go—to-girl” I will help you, Fanshawe students, spend your money wisely. For proof that I am worthy of gui... Read this article

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