Delicious holiday foods from around the world

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The holidays are filled with different traditions from around the world that are joyously celebrated year after year. Despite many differences in these traditions, the unity of food seems to hold some common ground. All around the world people are celebrating with their families and are enjoying delicious holiday delicacies prepared specifically for that special day. Even if you do not celebrate any holidays there are still amazing seasonal dishes to be had at international restaurants, so take a chance and try something new.

Here is a delicious list of holiday delights:


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A Canadian holiday dish that is also a New Year’s tradition in Quebec. These tasty meat pies are filled with spices and meat prepared to taste. Most pies like this are imitation mince pies from England. A common trait amongst Tourtière is decorative dough often in the shape of mistletoe leaves.


A dish that many people may find repugnant, however Nordic countries swear by. Lutefisk, or lutfisk, is usually whitefish (cod) that has been salted and seeped in lye. That’s right, lye, the chemical found in soap. The lye renders the fish a gelatinous texture. Love it or hate it, this stinky fish is here for the holidays.


A food so tasty and in such high demand that a word was invented just to describe the time required to make them, ‘tamalada’. Holiday time in Mexico means tamale time. A simple food involving corn husks rolled with a corn-based dough called ‘masa’. Inside can be any variety of meats, cheeses, veggies and fruits.


This sweet breakfast dish comes from the Philippines. These delectable dishes are baked in a terracotta pot that has been lined with banana leaves. This dish consists of coconut milk and rice flour that is topped with coconut shavings, white cheese or an egg before it is fully ready.

Devil’s Curry

Traditional western leftovers after the holidays usually consists of dry turkey, dry potatoes and dry stuffing that has been nuked in the microwave. Singapore does things very differently and for a great reason. All the leftovers from a traditional Singaporean Christmas are thrown into a pot and cooked with spicy Singaporean gravy. Devil’s Curry usually has chicken, sausage, cabbage and any other leftover dishes from the last dinner.


Not just a classic Seinfeld reference, babka is a deliciously sweet Polish cake that is a staple at any holiday meal. This sweet and spongy cake is served through every holiday season, as it is a staple at Polish dinner tables.


Yep, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Due to the genius marketing of the Christmas party bucket at KFC restaurants in Japan, a tradition was born. Year after year, orders are placed months in advance securing a delicious fried chicken dinner for Christmas Eve.

All around the world people are celebrating the holidays through food expression. Traditional foods are hitting tables everywhere and happy faces are lighting up. Happy holidays and happy eating.