Laci Green talks safe sex and consent

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: ALLIE HIMANN
Part of Laci Green's "Best Sex Ever!" included a demonstration on how to properly put on a condom.

YouTube sexpert Laci Green came to Fanshawe on Feb. 1 to present her college tour talk called ‘Best Sex Ever!' Green sat down for a quick interview with Interrobang before the presentation to give a rundown of what to expect for those who missed it.

Green was brought to Fanshawe thanks to a collaboration with the Sexual Violence Prevention Committee, Campus Security Services and the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU).

Green's talk focused on anatomy, sexually transmitted infections and consent. She pulled no punches and got right into things, displaying an up-close photo of a vulva in her third slide. She said the main purpose of the talk is to, “talk about ways to safely and healthily explore your sexuality”.

Green said it was due in part to her strict Mormon upbringing that inspired her to create a community where young people, particularly Americans like herself who grew up with abstinence-only sex education, can feel comfortable discussing topics surrounding their sexuality and gender expression.

“A big driver for me was making sure that people have access to accurate information about sexuality,” Green said. And with recent drama surrounding funding for Planned Parenthood in the U.S., her information could not come at a better time.

Leah Marshall, the sexual violence prevention advisor at Fanshawe, was one of the people responsible for bringing Green to the college. She said the event was a huge success and that the event left her feeling extremely ecstatic.

“When I looked out in the crowd and I saw the variance in the people that attended the presentation I was really pleased,” Marshall said. “This was a real coming together of all of these people that are hoping that change is possible on campus it left me feeling very hopeful.”

Green spoke openly about her experiences with masturbation, self-discovery, herpes scares and more, something she is known for doing in her YouTube videos. This is one way Green tries to demolish stigmas around talking about sex.

“We are still coming to a place where people see sexuality as a normal part of most people's lives, which is really bizarre,” she said. “I think we need places to talk about it realistically and to deconstruct some of the negative messages that we get and to feel empowered, safe, healthy and comfortable in our own bodies.”

Green had one thing she wanted Fanshawe students to take away from her visit.

“Your body and your sexuality is your own. It doesn't belong to anybody but yourself, and so anytime you feel doubts or insecurities or have questions you are entitled to take ownership of your body in all forms, and that's okay.”

Laci Green can be found on her YouTube channel ‘Sex+' at lacigreen as well as on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. She also has another YouTube series produced by MTV called ‘Braless' which can be found at mtv braless.