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Interrobang issue for Monday, February 8th, 2016

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Fanshawe student saves life of a stranger
Shawn Hope and Stacia Pepper received London Police Services Board Citizen Citations last week for their life saving efforts during Western University’s homecoming 2015. Hope is a Construction Carpentry Techniques student at Fanshawe... Read this article

Spiked drink raises serious concerns at Fanshawe
When Dan Stranges saw his close female friend acting bizarre at a house party they attended at the end of January, he immediately knew something was wrong. The woman, a student at Fanshawe who prefers to remain anonymous, was unable to mov... Read this article

Fanshawe student leaped his way to $1,000
Fanshawe’s Amol Pai won $1,000 at Trampoline: Launch Your Leap, a 60-second business pitch competition conducted by Leap Junction. Leap Junction is a start-up business consulting office located at Fanshawe College. They organized a p... Read this article

Secure your valuables with Campus Security Services
Campus Security Services has a launched a property registration database for valuable items intended to assist in the recovery of stolen property. “It’s open to staff, students and faculty; anybody with access to MyFanshawe can... Read this article

Finding your spot of delight
Alone for Valentine’s Day? No problem. Spot of Delight may be just the place for you. The new sex shop, located at 426 Richmond St., features a showroom style layout with a tester for every product available for purchase on display. ... Read this article

Laci Green talks safe sex and consent
YouTube sexpert Laci Green sat down for a quick interview with Interrobang before her Feb. 1st presentation at Fanshawe to give a rundown of what to expect for those who missed it. Read this article

Dragons' Den is coming to London
Dragons’ Den is touring across Canada to find any hidden business ideas and allow that business the opportunity to find investments. On Feb. 13, they are making a stop here in London at the Windermere Manor, 200 Collip Circle from 11... Read this article

Fanshawe Career Fair is just around the corner
Fanshawe’s annual Career Fair and Summer Job Fair is approaching fast. Employers will be attending the career fair to meet students face to face. This event will give students an opportunity to network with and give resumes to prospective... Read this article

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Tampon Tuesday addresses an unacknowledged need
Menstruation is a fact of life for about half of the world’s population, but due to cultural taboos and stigma surrounding this perfectly normal bodily function, many disadvantaged women find themselves lacking the products they need. ... Read this article

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Ninth is better than nothing
According to BMO’s latest regional labour market report, Guelph is the number one city in Canada for finding a job, with London coming in ninth out of the top 10. The study looked at annual population growth, annual employment growth... Read this article

London approves red light camera program
London is cracking down on dangerous driving with the introduction of a red light cameras program. The program was approved with a 14-1 vote at a council meeting on Tuesday. According to Ward 12 city councillor Harold Usher, this $3.8-mill... Read this article

High times are coming to Canada
The legalization of marijuana was one of the Liberal Party’s campaign promises that helped propel them to a majority government, and work is now under way to make it easier to access the recreational drug. Prime Minister Justin Trudea... Read this article

Igniting London's spark
Ignite London, a Ted-Talk style presentation, will be held at the Aeolian on Feb. 10. Jeremy Masurkevitch, the administrative coordinator for the Aeolian, said the intention of the free event is to bring together creative Londoners and to ... Read this article


Rumours of Grace: What Donald Trump teaches us about American religion
The United States of America is a big country and like Canada its population is diverse. Also like Canada, throughout its history it has rejected strong ties between the government and the church. The government of the U. S. from the moment the ... Read this article

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Those were the dates: Six reasons why you need to change your outlook of dating
NEW WESTMINISTER (CUP) – It’s been years since I’ve dated. If you dropped me back into the dating scene, I wouldn’t turn cool, confident, and desirable; I would become feral, become the creepy guy at the club, or become a... Read this article


The healing power of music
Have you downloaded any music lately? Played guitar? Attended a Zumba class? Music may provide more benefits than we realize and impact our lives more than we know. Though it keeps us connected to pop culture and is easily accessible ... Read this article

G33K LYFE: It's dangerous to go alone. Take us!
Ever since Nintendo’s iconic Legend of Zelda franchise made the move to three dimensions with Ocarina of Time in 1998, Link, and by extension the player, has never been left to undertake their adventure on their own. That title, and the ... Read this article

The cold never bothered them anyway: How farmers markets' adapt to the winter
Summer and fall are the seasons we think of when we think about fresh fruits and vegetables. Whether we want a sweet strawberry, juicy tomato or crunchy asparagus, we'll grab it during the time of year we know that produce is in season. Ho... Read this article

Wreckord Reviews: Bye bye Bloc Party
The prominence of EDM (electronic dance music) has had an interesting influence on the music industry. Whether we look at country, rock, blues or metal, everyone seems to be hopping on the bandwagon and adding electronic elements to their repe... Read this article

When the storm rages, who will answer the call?
The storm blows in. Quiet at first. Small snowflakes you can catch on your tongue. But the quiet doesn’t last. The winds pick up, the blizzard takes hold and you can hear the crashing seas from miles away. It is then, as you desperately a... Read this article

Bobbyisms: Unraveling Pacific Myth with Protest The Hero
I write about random things a lot. I write a lot about random things. For our Nov. 16 issue of Interrobang, we offered a look at Pacific Myth, the new subscription–based EP from Canadian metal group Protest The Hero. Like a kind of d... Read this article

Calculus origins 1500 years older than originally believed
The world is shaken up by Britain's new “okay” on human embryo testing, while the roots of calculus are revealed to be much older than earlier thought in this week's romp through the scientific world. Ancient civilizati... Read this article

Damsels without distress
Valentine’s Day is finally here. That day when we celebrate how awesome women are and shower appreciation on all our female friends. In honour of this most made-up of holidays taking place on Feb. 14 we remember some of our favourite fem... Read this article

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Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Aries (March 21 - April 19) You’re at your most generous when there’s nothing to lose. These next few days has Fire Signs walking on air. You’ve never been this ready for a new beginning. Taurus (April 20 - May 20) ... Read this article

Beauty Boy: Sealed with a kiss
As Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, it’s time to make sure your lip game is strong. The last thing you want is your precious lipsticks, lip liners and lip glosses to transfer onto others. This year make sure your lips... Read this article

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How to handle a breakup in five easy steps
Ah, February, the most depressing month of the year. Some would argue that post-holiday malaise renders January more deserving of the title, but according to statistics released by world dating site, February is in fact the ca... Read this article

Gifting yourself a breakup on Valentine's
If you find yourself in the unenviable position of having a significant other that you're not so fond of anymore, and Valentine's Day is looming, there is a simple method to both tell your significant other (SO) how you feel and not be ... Read this article

Deciphering lies in a digital world
As communication relies more and more on technology and the written word, it has become difficult to interpret fact from fiction. Between satirical news sites like The Onion, the lack of emotional clarity in text messages and the brevity of tw... Read this article

Breaking up the break-up
Everyone has experienced the tough realization that all good things must come to an end. One way people commonly learn this is during a break-up with their significant other. Sexologist Dr. Lindsey Doe explains in her YouTube video “... Read this article

Palentine's Day
So it's Valentine's Day, and you find yourself without one of those girlfriends you've heard so much about. It's not a big deal though, because there is a new holiday on Feb. 14, one devoted to hanging with your buddies and having a ... Read this article

Power Couples: Ruling Modern Comics
Throughout the ages there have always been power couples, Lois Lane and Clark Kent (Superman), Susan Storm and Reed Richards (Fantastic 4), not to mention the infamy of Jean Grey and Scott Summers' (X-Men) multiple relationships; super powered... Read this article

When I break up it's only to make up
Even the best relationships can be complicated, messy and frustrating. Breaking up and making up is part of the natural insane flow of our romantic lives, and often music is the only thing that helps. Breaking Up (by Nick Reyno) Va... Read this article


Motoring: Finally, a pick-up that is fun to drive
The Ford F-150 has been the best selling vehicle in North America since well before I was born, and I’m quite old now. The reason for its selling power has been one of constant evolution. Ford hasn’t just been standing around a... Read this article

Premier League Ponderings: Most sought after manager heads to Manchester City
We all saw this coming. In what has got to be one of the worst kept secrets in a sport widely known for not keeping secrets well, Bayern Munich manager Josep ‘Pep’ Guardiola will be taking over the reins at Manchester City at the co... Read this article

Lighting strikes the Island Storm
On Jan. 31, the London Lightning took on the Island Storm of PEI in their third game in three days, and came out with a 114-105 victory that brought them up to a nine-game winning streak. The Friday and Saturday nights before involved a close ... Read this article

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