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Interrobang articles on the topic of On Campus Events

Mental Health services on and around campus
Post-secondary schooling can be a difficult time for everyone, with assignments and classes that can pile up, causing stress or anxiety. On top of everything else, we're all trying to carry on as normal while the world undergoes drastic changes. Read this article

FSU adapts to COVID-19 restrictions
The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is preparing to adapt several of its key resources as students return for an unconventional school year. Read this article

An Orientation Week that will look like no other
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) to turn their events virtual, or even a hybrid of some online or some in-person. Read this article

Annual Pow Wow returns to Fanshawe
Fanshawe College;s First Nations Centre and The Institute of Indigenous Learning will host their annual Pow Wow. Read this article

Fanshawe hosts first Polar Plunge Week
Fanshawe College will have its first Polar Plunge Week to raise money for Special Olympics Ontario. Read this article

Fanshawe to host human trafficking conference
On Feb. 28, Fanshawe College will host a conference discussing human trafficking, featuring various speakers on the subject from London. Read this article

Students to compete within their own faculty for Research and Innovation Day
College members can show off their world-changing ideas at Fanshawe's Research and Innovation Day, on March 18. Read this article

Spinathon raises funds for new wheelchair bicycle
An afternoon spin class raised money towards a wheelchair tandem bike at McCormick Home. Read this article

Hungry fans listen to Antoni Porowski's culinary experiences
Plenty of applause and laughter filled Fanshawe College's J-Gym 3 during Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) presents An Evening with Antoni Porowski on Nov. 18. Read this article

The Winter Fair is coming to town
The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is presenting a Winter Fair on Nov. 26 for the Downtown Campus in London and Nov. 27 at Oxford (Main) Campus. Read this article

Psychic Fair
A few times a year, the FSU hosts a Psychic Fair where Fanshawe students can get free psychic and tarot card readings. Read this article

Sonya Cywink's love of writing and family remembered during Shades of Our Sisters
The Fanshawe College community got to know Sonya Cywink through her writing, artifacts from her life, and a short video documentary. Read this article

We all scream for sexual health (and ice cream!)
Sex Drugs and Rocky Road is an annual Fanshawe College event that promotes sexual health through a variety fun games, free goodie bags, and of course, free ice cream. The event takes place tomorrow, Tuesday Nov. 12 in The Out Back Shack from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Read this article

Remembrance Day Ceremony at Fanshawe
This year, Fanshawe College will be holding a Remembrance Day Ceremony at 10:45 AM in J Gym 3. Read this article

The importance of sustainability at Fanshawe
Did you know that according to a 2017 report from The Guardian, an average one million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute? Read this article

Believe it or not: Annual Psychic Fair comes to campus
Want to know how your semester will turn out, or if your recent decisions will bear the kind of fruit you were hoping for? Read this article

Jade Eagleson interview
Country music star Jade Eagleson performed at Fanshawe College on September 26, 2019 and spoke to Interrobang reporter Amy Scott about his relationship with the Country Music Association of Ontario, his early exposure to country music and his impending fatherhood. Read this article

Delaney Jane interview at Fanshawe
Before taking the stage at the FSU's Frosh Party during Frosh, Delaney Jane spoke to Interrobang reporter Amy Scott about performing at Paint Party, hometown shows and her new video for Hello my Loneliness. Read this article

Fanshawe Pioneer Village's Halloween Haunt promises to frighten
Fanshawe Pioneer Village hopes that Danger from the Dead will be their scariest event yet. Read this article

FSU to host Mental Health Awareness Week
Oct.10 is World Mental Health Student Union (FSU) is hosting Mental Health Awareness Week from Oct. 7 to 11. Read this article

Sex Toy Bingo raises funds for Bahamas
On Sept. 18, the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) hosted its monthly Sex Toy Bingo, but this time for a good cause. Read this article

FSU presents Clubs Day
On Oct.1 the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) will be holding this year's Clubs Day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in F Hallway. Read this article

Smash Wrestling's Welcome to the Proving Grounds
Come watch raw new wrestling talent prove themselves tonight (Sept. 20) at the Smash Wrestling's Welcome to the Proving Grounds, hosted by the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU). Read this article

FSU begins Hurricane Dorian relief efforts
The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) will host two fundraisers for those in the Bahamas affected by Hurricane Dorian. Julia Brown, the FSU interim president and finance coordinator, said that several students from the Bahamas told the student union they wanted to raise money for disaster relief. Read this article

President's Breakfast serves dose of reality
On Aug. 28, Fanshawe's fifth edition of the annual President's Breakfast saw hundreds of College faculty, staff and community members come together for coffee, eggs and a look into the future. Read this article

Avenge the Falcon: Frosh Week low-down
As the start of another school year approaches, so does another Frosh Week. This year students will get a chance to check out the exciting shows taking place Sept. 9 to 13. Read this article

KILLY headlines 2019 Frosh Week at Fanshawe
Toronto-based hip-hop artist KILLY is headlining Fanshawe's Frosh Week. Read this article

Barbie launched into space
Each year Fanshawe College hosts a STEM camp and this year, representatives from Mattel and Sent Into Space took part in a special event in which the iconic Barbie was launched into space. Read this article

FSU brings students together with summertime barbecue
On May 9, 2019 Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) hosted a free summer barbeque event for Fanshawe full-time students studying in the current summer term. Read this article

FUEL finale shows increasing interest in eSports
The Fanshawe Ultimate eSports League (FUEL) capped off the year with its second annual finale. Read this article

Model students plan LDSA fashion fundraiser
Fanshawe students are helping shine light on those with Down syndrome, through a fashion show. Read this article

Make the world a cleaner place with Textile Diversion Day
Textile Diversion Day gives students a chance to clean out their closets while helping the environment and the community. Read this article

Fanshawe aiding students with filing their taxes
Fanshawe College will be aiding students who want to file their taxes on April 10 and April 28. Read this article

Conference allows LGBTQ2S+ students to educate, "reclaim time"
On March 29, faculty, staff and students attended Reclaiming Our Time, a student-led conference to share and discuss obstacles faced by the LGBTQ2S+ community in and around campus. Read this article

Fanshawe to host first Open School chapter event
Fanshawe's first interprofessional Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) Open School meeting will be taking place on Monday April 15, 2019. Read this article

Food for a cause: Fanshawe and medical foundation bring Chef Michael Smith to London
Chef Michael Smith will be in London on April 24 and 25 for two special events, one including the Fanshawe Community. Read this article

Reclaiming Our Time Conference creates platform for unheard voices
Fanshawe's Reclaiming Our Time Conference is giving marginalized students an opportunity to reclaim their time and use their voice to discuss issues that they have faced at Fanshawe or in the London community. Read this article

Giving and receiving during the FSU clothing swap
The annual Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) clothing swap returns this month. Read this article

Everything you need to know about the Hindu Festival of Holi
Every year millions of people across the subcontinent of India, Nepal and around the globe come together to celebrate the festival of colours, Holi. Read this article

Viva Las Vegas: FSU to hold fun and flashy night
Get a chance to spin the wheel and hope for a kiss from lady luck at Fanshawe Student Union's (FSU) Las Vegas Night, on March 21. Read this article

New business pitch event taking place during Research and Innovation Week
The Pitch: 131 Seconds for $50,000 is running for the first time ever on March 20 and senior leaders from Fanshawe will have an opportunity to pitch their research project ideas. Read this article

Fanshawe spirit to shine at Fanshawe's open house
Fanshawe College and its many campuses will be having their annual spring open house on March 23. Read this article

Innovate and connect during Fanshawe's Innovation Week
From March 18 to 22, Fanshawe College will be holding it is first Innovation Week. Read this article

Psychic fair returns to Fanshawe campuses
The second of the semi-annual Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) psychic fair is coming back to Fanshawe. Read this article

Fanshawe's Passport to Wellness Program: Setting you up for success
The Passport to Wellness Program is a series offered by Fanshawe to educate and encourage a balanced lifestyle. Read this article

Feel the love at Fanshawe this Valentine's Day
Feel the love this Valentine's Day by treating yourself at the Fanshawe Student Union's (FSU) All You Need Is Love event. Read this article

FSU holds annual Valentine's Day drag show
Got plans this Valentine's Day? If not, the FSU has a night planned for dancing performances, comedy and all around night of fun. Read this article

Polar Plunge asks students to freeze for the Special Olympics
London Police Service (LPS) is hosting a Polar Plunge fundraising event outside Forwell Hall on Feb. 13. Read this article

The Out Back Shack to host Bob Marley Birthday Bash
The Out Back shack is preparing to host a Bob Marley Birthday Bash themed pub night on Tuesday February 5. Read this article

Fanshawe celebrates multiculturalism
Fanshawe will be holding performances and serving food at this year's Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) Cultural Awareness Fair. Read this article

FSU seeks volunteers for human library
The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is making a human library out of Fanshawe College students. Read this article

Get ready for Fanshawe's Research and Innovation Day
Fanshawe students and staff will be able to showcase the projects they've been working on, at this year's Innovation and Research Day on March 20. Read this article

Race to the finish at Fanshawe's tiny car race
On Feb. 5, Fanshawe's Facilities Management and Community Safety supported by 106.9 The X FM, will be hosting a remote control car race where students and faculty will go head-to-head to see who will earn the Falcon Cup. Read this article

FSU to hold sumo wrestling tournament
On Monday Jan. 28, students and staff can suit up and step into the ring for the Fanshawe Student Union's (FSU) sumo wrestling showdown. Read this article

Drezo shakes up Winter Fest Week
Los Angeles-based electronic dance music (EDM) Drezo is coming to Fanshawe College. Read this article

DJ Drezo headlines Winter Fest Week
L.A.-based electronic dance music (EDM) DJ Drezo will infuse his music's high-powered beats into the new term on Jan. 24. Read this article

eSports could be Fanshawe's next varsity sport
Opportunities in competitive video game playing are spreading to the collegiate level in Canada, and the Fanshawe Ultimate eSports League (FUEL) wants in. Read this article

Fanshawe hosting Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition
Fanshawe will be hosting over 300 students, faculty, sponsors and judges from across Ontario at the 2018 Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition (OCMC) from Nov. 15 to 16. Read this article

The Ghomeshi Effect: Performing the impact of sexual violence
The Ghomeshi Effect explores how Canada's legal system treats victims of sexual violence through dance and verbatim theatre. Read this article

What's in store for your future
Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) will be hosting its bi-annual Psychic Fair at the college this coming Oct. 30. Read this article

Health and Fitness: Learn about Acro Yoga
Acro Yoga is a unique and interesting way to move your body and have fun at the same time. This kind of exercise is coming to Fanshawe on October 22. Read this article

Lucy DeCoutere talks about resilience at Fanshawe's REDTALKS lecture series
Lucy DeCoutere spoke to Fanshawe students and staff about resiliency earlier this month as part of the College's REDTALKS leader lecture series. Read this article

Trauma and Treatment weekend returns to Fanshawe this month
Trauma and Treatment weekend will be back at Fanshawe on Friday, Oct. 19 and Saturday, Oct. 20. Read this article

Sustainability Fair will teach students about living an earth-friendly lifestyle
As part of Canada's Waste Reduction Week, Fanshawe is hosting its own Sustainability Fair from Oct. 15 to 21. Read this article

Mental health services in and around campus
Post-secondary schooling can be a difficult time for everyone, with assignments and classes that can pile up, causing stress or anxiety. Read this article

Ladies that UX conference taking centre stage at Fanshawe College
London's chapter of Ladies that UX is holding its annual Centre Stage conference at Fanshawe College this year for the first time in its history. Read this article

Letters and Arts Reading Series kicks off with Duncan McCue
CBC journalist and radio host Duncan McCue visited Fanshawe earlier this week to discuss his autobiographical book, The Shoe Boy: A Trapline Memoir. Read this article

REDTALKS: In conversation with Lucy DeCoutere
Lucy DeCoutere is coming to Fanshawe College to talk about resilience. It's a subject she's become all too familiar with over the past few years. Read this article

The sex doctor is in
Justine Shuey, who is now working on her second doctorate in human sexuality, is slated to visit Fanshawe College to discuss the ins and outs of all things related to sex, love, consent, communication and healthy relationships. Read this article

Rising Canadian country pop duo to headline Fanshawe frosh concert
Canadian country music keeps on getting bigger and better and this includes none other than Jenna and Stuart (Stu) Walker, otherwise known as The Reklaws. Read this article

Find out what's free on campus
Everybody loves free stuff and being a Fanshawe student means there's plenty of free items and services around campus that you can benefit from. Read this article

How to meet new people during post-secondary education
Meeting new people and making new friends during post-secondary education can be daunting, but fear not, there are great events and ways at Fanshawe to help you find a tribe of your own. Read this article

FUEL returns to light the competitive spark in gamers
This coming fall, the Fanshawe Ultimate eSports League (FUEL) will be returning to Forwell Hall to light the spark of competition in gamers. Read this article

Goat yoga coming to Fanshawe
One of the newest trends in the yoga world is goat yoga. The FSU will be jumping on board this year and will be hosting a goat yoga session during orientation week. Read this article

A fun FSU Glow Run & Paint Party
On Sept. 13, the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) will be hosting its third annual charity Glow Run. Read this article

Country music takes over FSU Frosh
Fanshawe students best be getting their plaid and cowboy boots ready because the College is going country for the annual frosh concert on Sept. 11. Read this article

Frosh week is about to get "lit"
Fanshawe's family is made up of roughly 21,000 members across different disciplines and the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is here to make students feel welcome during their time at school. Read this article

Fanshawe Student Union hosts Student Impact Gala to celebrate volunteers
On April 12, the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) held its first annual Student Impact Gala in the Oasis. Volunteers of the FSU were honoured for their dedication and hard work contributed over the past school year. Read this article

FSU discusses current and future initiatives at their Annual General Meeting
On April 10, the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) held their Annual General Meeting in the Alumni Lounge. The meeting began with an address from the president of the FSU, Morganna Sampson. Read this article

FSU to host Glow Run and after party
On April 19, the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is hosting a Glow Run and after party as one of their final events to conclude another semester full of exciting events for students.  Read this article

FUEL to host first championships
The Fanshawe Ultimate eSports League (FUEL) will be concluding its first year of operation with a night of championship tournaments. FUEL is an initiative that allows students to compete in weekly video games tournaments against their peers. Read this article

Fanshawe helping student entrepreneurs reach their goals
Fanshawe held its third annual Trampoline 60 second Pitch Competition to help student entrepreneurs get one step closer to their business dreams. Read this article

FSU hosts Disney in Paris Charity Ball
The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is always on its game to help and support mental health awareness. Read this article

Sound mixing professional, Richard Chycki leaves positive notes for Fanshawe MIA students
Students of the Music Industry Arts (MIA) program were given an exciting way to further their studies into surround sound mixing when they were visited by one of Canada's most prominent industry professionals, Richard Chycki. Read this article

Student Wellness Centre hosts nutrition class
Fanshawe's very own Student Wellness Centre is hosting a nutrition class for those students and staff that want to get fit and healthy. Read this article

FSU presidential, directors and BOG election race in full swing
During the second day of campaigning on Feb. 22, various candidates took to the podium in Forewell Hall to compete for several positions within the FSU. Read this article

Third time's a charm for FSU drag show
ProjectBE Event Productions, a LGBTQ+ community based in southwestern Ontario, in collaboration with the FSU is bringing back its popular event, What a Drag, to Fanshawe College once more on Feb.14. Read this article

FSU hosts open house
On Jan. 30, the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) hosted an open house for members of the Fanshawe community to check out the renovations that have recently taken place. Read this article

FSU spreading the message of self-love
The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is switching gears when it comes to their Valentine's Day festivities, by focusing on self-love this Feb.14 Read this article

Research and Innovation Day is coming to Fanshawe
If you have any research or innovation projects that you would like to showcase, you're in luck- Research and Innovation Day at Fanshawe is fast approaching. Read this article

FSU to host two mental health initiatives
On Jan. 31, the FSU will be hosting two mental health initiatives on campus for students. The initiatives aim to get a conversation started regarding the topic of mental health and show students that they are not alone and there is support and services out there for them. Read this article

Students and staff race RC cars for charity
Fanshawe students and staff members showed off their competitive spirits last Wednesday at the third annual United Way RC Car Races event. The event gave students and staff the opportunity to race RC cars around a race track with the goal of completing a lap with the fastest time. Read this article

Fanshawe hosts a two day women based self defence course
Over the weekend of Jan. 27 and Jan. 28, Fanshawe will be running a Wen-Do Women's Self Defence course. Read this article

FSU to host Stranger Things themed winter concert
The FSU is kicking off the winter semester with a concert for students. The Upside Get Down concert will feature live performances by Kid Royal, Chad Price and headliner Texas King. Read this article

Recycling and reusing outfits during FSU's clothing swap
The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is back again helping students find new outfits while being environmentally conscious with a clothing swap on Oct. 17. Read this article

Fiftieth Anniversary Tour comes to Fanshawe
A 42-foot interactive trailer is touring across all 24 Ontario colleges to celebrate the history and success of the college education system in the province. Read this article

Fanshawe to host World Mental Health Day activities on campus
On Oct. 10, Fanshawe and the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) will host various activities on World Mental Health Day to give students a chance to relax from their studies and learn more about the services available to them regarding their mental health on campus. Read this article

Students beat the heat during the FSU's residence games
On Sept. 23, the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) hosted its annual residence games. At the event, students from all four residences houses competed in fun-filled games to accumulate points to win the Lethbridge Cup. Read this article

FUEL's Overwatch Showdown
On Sept. 25, the Fanshawe Ultimate eSports League (FUEL) hosted its third gathering. The night was dedicated to Blizzard's award winning first person shooter Overwatch, in which, 36 students gathered together in Forwell Hall to compete in a single elimination tournament. The energy level was high as participants cheered, clapped and shouted while watching their peers shoot their way to victory. Read this article

In only a matter of weeks, FUEL is already catching the attention of many Fanshawe students on campus
The Fanshawe Ultimate eSports League (FUEL) hosted its second meeting on Sept. 18. FUEL is a new initiative this school year that allows students of all skill levels to compete in video game tournaments or watch others compete. Read this article

Frosh week heading in a new direction
Before hitting the books, incoming Fanshawe students will have the opportunity to participate in the newly developed orientation day on Sept. 5. Read this article

Cash prize up for grabs with Deal or No Deal
Fanshawe students came out to test their luck to try to win $1,000 cash prize at the Fanshawe Student Union's (FSU) Deal or No Deal event in Forwell Hall on May 30. Read this article

FSU barbecue met with animal rights protesters
The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) put on their annual free summer barbecue in the SUB courtyard on May 11. Students were not only attracted by the free food, but also a petting zoo that showcased alpacas, bunnies, and goats. People's attention shifted to a protest led by Fanshawe student Ilana Walker, a member of the group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) London chapter. Read this article

FSU helps make students stress fur-ee
As exam time rolls around the corner, stress starts to increase at a pace many students are not prepared for. But Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is trying their best to help with many initiatives. Read this article

Fanshawe's Research and Innovation Day a success
Fanshawe students, faculty, staff and some community members celebrated the work of a variety of different groups who presented their findings at the Research and Innovation Day on March 21. Read this article

Save money while saving the environment
Fanshawe's student council has made some big waves this year and among them is a renewed focus on sustainability. As a result Fanshawe will be holding an Environmental Week spearheaded by the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) VP Internal Affairs, Kevin Kaisar. Read this article

Sustainable Joes: Rethinking sustainability
On Tuesday, March 28 in Forwell Hall, Stephen Szucs will be answering questions and talking about his documentary Sustainable Joes - The Time is Now. This will be a free event for all students. Read this article

Fanshawe Student Union helps celebrate Holi
A large crowd of students came out to Forwell Hall on March 13, where the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) was putting on their own celebrations for Holi. Read this article

NDP MPPs held town hall meeting with Fanshawe students
NDP MPPs Peggy Sattler, for London West and Teresa Armstrong for London-Fanshawe region came to Fanshawe on March 14 to speak with students in a town hall meeting-style, about a variety of student-based issues. Read this article

Financial awareness week back on campus
Ever needed some financial advice or some extra cash? Fanshawe is hosting a Mo Money Financial Awareness Week from March 6 to 9. Read this article

Big acts to play Fanshawe's 50th anniversary celebration concert
According to a Feb. 23 Fanshawe Corporate Communications press release, the concert titled Fanshawe at 50: Live in Concert will see a trio of Canadian bands headline the event and is presented by Johnson Insurance. Read this article

REDTALKS: Fanshawe presents futurist Richard Worzel
Fanshawe's second REDTALKS is coming up on March 2, with a theme of looking to the future. Richard Worzel, Canada's leading futurist is this semester's speaker. Read this article

Faceless Dolls Project fills Siskinds Gallery
As 2 p.m. struck all but a few of the chairs set for the event were filled with students and faculty eager for it to begin. Elder and Healer Liz Akiwenzie took the podium and set the mood for the event, one of hope rather than one of sadness.  Read this article

Second drag show back at Fanshawe
What a Drag, A Night of Illusions, is a collaboration project between the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) and ProjectBE Event Productions, a London based LGBTQ+ community. DJMLive/ Studio 32 production company will also be back to provide music for the event. Read this article

Fanshawe succeeds in creating 600 faceless dolls
Over the past six months, Leah Marshall, the sexual violence prevention advisor, and Chris Hannah, the student success advisor in the First Nations Centre, have been bringing the Faceless Dolls Project to each Fanshawe campus in hopes of making 600 dolls. Read this article

Find your inner leader
In collaboration between the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) and Fanshawe, students are presented the opportunity to attend Launching Leader, a one-day student leadership conference. Read this article

XXX-rated hypnotist returns to Fanshawe for 40th time
XXX-rated hypnotist Tony Lee, is set to return to the Fanshawe stage in what will be his 40th time performing at the college. Though he wasn't born here, Lee said London is like a hometown to him, since he has a number of friends in town and grew up a bit in the area. Read this article

Scott Helman and The Kents perform at Fanshawe
What usually is a quiet night at Fanshawe was transformed into a lively one when The Kents and Scott Helman entered the building Thursday, Jan 12 for an 8 p.m. performance Read this article

Brushstrokes at the bar: Why more people are trying out paint nights
Paint night events are becoming more popular; artists provide guests the opportunity to recreate a painting. Some people even sip some drinks and eat some snacks while participating in these events. Read this article

Randy and Mr. Lahey coming to Fanshawe
Randy and Mr. Lahey began their careers together when they were featured in the Canadian-made television show called Trailer Park Boys. The dynamic duo will be making their appearance at Fanshawe on Jan. 18, and this act is not one to miss. Read this article

Budgeting doesn't mean you have to be anti-social
No money, no problem; the Forest City has plenty of fun opportunities and activities available to the public for either extremely affordable pricing or better yet, absolutely free. Read this article

Local healer coming to Fanshawe
Sheilha Jackson, 75, has a gift, a gift that enables her to heal those around her, using special tools to put at ease the minds of people both young and old. Read this article

Brryan Jackson: "Who do you dare to become?"
Motivational speaker Brryan Jackson is coming to Fanshawe on Oct. 18 to engage with students and give a talk about the insights of life, HIV/AIDS, mental health and the struggle of everyday problems. Read this article

REDTALKS come to Fanshawe for the first time
In anticipation for its 50th anniversary, Fanshawe will host its first ever REDTALKS on Oct.19 featuring furturist Brian David Johnson. Read this article

First ever craft beer festival
You've heard it right, the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is bringing a craft beer festival to the school for the first time ever. Read this article

Laci Green wants students to know they can help end sexual violence
YouTube sexpert Laci Green made her way back to Fanshawe as part of her Taking Down Rape Culture tour on Sept. 15. This stop was one of many across a number of North American colleges and universities. Read this article

Fanshawe promotes drinking smart education on campus
With the help of an anonymous online survey called Check Your Drinking, Fanshawe is helping students understand not only their drinking habits, but also the impact their drinking has on them. Read this article

Drag show: A first in Fanshawe's history
On, Sept. 13, Fanshawe will have its first ever drag show featured on campus. Life's a Drag will be put on by the Fanshawe Student Union in partnership with DJMLive/Studio. Read this article

Chad Brownlee and Jess Moskaluke hit the frosh stage before the CCMA Awards
Canadian country music artists Chad Brownlee and Jess Moskaluke take the centre stage at Fanshawe on Sept. 8 for the annual frosh concert. Read this article

Fanshawe's frosh week 2016
Listen up freshmen, first thing's first: frosh week. Frosh is a welcoming orientation week for freshmen, and it's not just about academics. Read this article

Enhancing your college experience with FSU clubs
Clubs are an essential part of Fanshawe that bring people from different backgrounds, ethnicities and with different interests together. Read this article

Frosh concert brings country acts to the stage
A trio of Canadian country acts are set to impress Fanshawe students during this year's frosh concert. Read this article

Just because I'm Irish doesn't mean you can kiss me
Consent still applies on St. Patrick’s Day St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that was intended to celebrate Irish culture and somehow evolved into celebrating the stereotype of the drunken Irishman. For many students, St. Patrick... Read this article

Laci Green talks safe sex and consent
YouTube sexpert Laci Green sat down for a quick interview with Interrobang before her Feb. 1st presentation at Fanshawe to give a rundown of what to expect for those who missed it. Read this article

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