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Keep your home safe during the holidays
The holidays are a time of celebrating, gathering with loved ones and spreading goodwill. But it can also be a time for burglaries, an aspect that many people do not think about when leaving for the h... Read this article

Interrobang vs Zombies!!!
The staff of the Interrobang play a game of Zombies!!! Read this article

The Flatliners come to Fanshawe
Interrobang recently spoke to Chris Cresswell, lead singer of Ontario's hardest working ska-punk band, The Flatliners. Read this article

Forest City Comicon finds its stride
The line of costumed con-goers spanned two blocks at 10 o’clock on the morning of Oct. 18, and once inside the London Convention Center it was evident why. Forest City Comicon is a merger o... Read this article

Fanshawe Students versus the LTC
Fanshawe student cards serve as formal identification, entrance keys, library cards, health cards, meal plan and printer payment cards, making their functionality vital for the success of Fanshawe... Read this article

Conservative MP Susan Truppe a no show at Sept. 21 debate
Some hot topics of the London North Center federal candidates debate held on Sept. 21 at Western University were the environment, the economy, Bill C-51, Bill C-24 and Conservative MP Susan Truppe'... Read this article

Dallas Smith becomes "The Song That's in My Head"
It was a sold out show with plaid shirts, jeans shorts, and cowboy boots filling Fanshawe’s J-Gym. The crowds filed in, shuffling as close to the stage as the barrier would let them, all ey... Read this article

BAE in London
Interrobang sat down with BAE to talk about their new single “I'm Lonely”. Video of the interview will be available soon.... Read this article

Changes to bus stop area near T-building
From LED lights to cement barricades, the campus planning and capital development team is trying to guarantee the safety of Fanshawe students. “What we are trying to do is encourage pedestr... Read this article

Death near Fanshawe College
A 19-year-old man died in the hospital after being transported from Thurman Circle. According to a media release from the London Police Service (LPS), the LPS responded to a call on August 9 at 2... Read this article

Iconic building to become London's music hub
The London downtown core has been slowly transitioning from blocks of retail stores, to a wealth of unique restaurants, music venues and other cultural gems. With these developments comes the departur... Read this article

Deaf students' concerns made clear
Several deaf students met with Fanshawe College senior staff on June 8 in a long-awaited meeting to discuss their concerns and frustrations of not having college support during their studies. The... Read this article

Fanshawe Broadcast Journalism win awards
Fanshawe Broadcast Journalism students Carolyn Loconte, Ashley Denuzzo, Jennifer Cork and Brandon Piper were winners at the Radio, Television and Digital News Association annual conference in Toronto.... Read this article

Fanshawe digs plans for Canadian Centre for Product Validation
Fanshawe College broke ground at the home of the future Canadian Centre for Product Validation (CCPV) on May 29. The event took place on the corner of Bradley Avenue and Bonder Road, near Western... Read this article

Emergency responders tested in mock chemical attack
A residence room lies torn to shreds. Bloodstains, plants and assorted debris lie scattered, marking the location that Will Johnston began to formulate his plan to ‘get even' with the rest o... Read this article

Free BBQ by the FSU
The Fanshawe Student Union gave back to the students with lunch and a show. In Forwell Hall, students were treated to hotdogs, snacks, beverages, and reptiles. With clean hands, students could finish ... Read this article

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