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Physician-assisted prayer
Some years ago a family member asked me to look in on a neighbour — an elderly woman — who was in a London hospital. I thought of her when I heard of Canada's Supreme Court ruling on p... Read this article

Falcon spotlight: Shortstop Paul Lytwynec
On October 16 the OCAA announced Fanshawe Falcon’s shortstop Paul Lytwynec would receive a League All-Star award for his efforts during the 2014 Men’s Baseball season. Lytwynec lead t... Read this article

Voting made easy on campus
Residents across London are casting their votes on October 27 in the municipal election. The area in front of Oasis will turn into a polling station on that day, but according to City Clerk Cathy... Read this article

Flash questions with Justin Trudeau
The Interrobang caught up with Justin Trudeau during his visit to Fanshawe College on September 11th, 2014, and asked him about some of his favourite Canadian people and things. Who does he prefer - B... Read this article

Volunteering at Home County
The 41st annual Home County Music and Art Festival took place July 18 to 20 in Victoria Park. Home County is a fun-filled all ages festival that focuses on catchy folk tunes, arts and crafts, deliciou... Read this article

Cinema Connoisseur: Sharknado 2 is fin-tastic
Sharknado 2: The Second One (2014) Unless you have been in solitary confinement over the past year (which studies show only 28 per cent of the readers of this column have been), you have... Read this article

Motion to grant college $10 million denied
City council's vote on whether to give Fanshawe College $10 million to help buy and revamp the Kingsmill building on July 29 resulted in a tie, meaning the motion was not endorsed. With Ward ... Read this article

A royal legacy comes to an end
In a lot of ways, a city is akin to a living creature; growing and changing, moving toward a new version of itself at all times. London is no different. Over the last couple centuries, London has... Read this article

Break-ins in student housing
A recent bout of break and enters has the London Police Service (LPS) advising the community to lock up and keep valuables out of sight. Within the weeks of March 24 and April 14, police reported eig... Read this article

Take one, and action!
The Advanced Filmmaking program at Fanshawe College is about to put on its annual First Take Film Festival on April 26, where students hope to share their hard work with you — their peers. &ldq... Read this article

One Messy release party
Fanshawe's resident grunge-rockers Handsome Harlot are getting ready to release their biggest project to date: a debut EP. To celebrate the completion of the record, they're throwing a free E... Read this article

A fun and safe St. Pat's for all
Students far and wide are well aware of the London Police Service's (LPS) commitment to its initiative Project L.E.A.R.N. (Liquor Enforcement and Reduction of Noise), and with the infamous 2012 Fl... Read this article

Presidential hopefuls discuss the big issues
The three Student Union presidential candidates had one last shot to impress students at a debate in Forwell Hall on March 6. Meaghan Bennett, a representative from the LGBTQ community in the healthc... Read this article

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