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Interrobang issue for Friday, October 2nd, 2020

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Fanshawe students can now get tested for COVID-19 at two campus locations
Students enrolled at Fanshawe College can get tested for COVID-19 without leaving campus. Read this article

Students in residence fined on Fake HOCO; dozens sanctioned
Around 100 Western University students could face sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct for partying in residence the night of Fake Homecoming. Read this article

Fanshawe professor refuses to wear a mask
Deven Taylor, A Fanshawe College welding instructor, has openly expressed his refusal to wear a mask while on campus. Read this article

The Career Launcher program is helping youth find jobs
Fanshawe College received some major funding recently from the federal government. The $3.7 million dollar boost from the federal government is being used to help youth that are facing barriers trying to get in or return to the workforce. Read this article


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From the Editor
There's no better time than a pandemic to be discussing our mental health. Read this article

Turn down for what? COVID, that's what
With Broughdale one tumbleweed away from looking like a ghost town, one would never know FOCO had taken place this past weekend. Read this article

The Anglican Liturgy, and other things that can improve your mental health
Here are five things that I have found are good for my mental health. Maybe they will be a help to you. Read this article

How to politely ask someone to step the f*** back
As someone whose personal bubble is a bit larger than the average, I have to say I got my hopes up when it came to this new concept of physical distancing in the era of COVID-19. Read this article

The onset of the COVID-19 second wave: why numbers are rising and how we're fighting the surge
Last week, 28 students at Western University tested positive for the virus. Their interactions were traced to gatherings at local restaurants and nightclubs while they shared drinks and e-cigarettes; another seven cases were linked to a single house party. Read this article

The reality of mental health: an uncensored glimpse into our support services
Between the Bell Let’s Talk campaign and Suicide Prevention Month, the discourse about mental health and illnesses only surfaces twice a year. Read this article


Healthcare heroes coping with mental health amidst pandemic
Healthcare workers all over the world are doing their best to keep populations safe and healthy in this virus-ridden time. Read this article

Fanshawe counselling services go virtual amidst COVID-19 pandemic
Fanshawe College has always offered a myriad of mental health services, whether it be private counselling sessions or group workshops. But how have counselling and accessibility services adapted amidst new social distancing guidelines? Read this article

Emotional burnout: resistance is futile
I've never watched a presidential debate live, before now. Admittedly, I did not pay close attention to U.S. politics until 2016, when shit got real - and continued to get more and more real over the past four years. Read this article

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Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Keep moving forward. A steady pace will help you reach your destination with the least amount of interference. Read this article

Mental Health services on and around campus
Post-secondary schooling can be a difficult time for everyone, with assignments and classes that can pile up, causing stress or anxiety. On top of everything else, we're all trying to carry on as normal while the world undergoes drastic changes. Read this article

Stress and sleep make for strange bedfellows
It is a bit of a universal struggle in dealing with stress: that push for deadlines, the constant distractions of working from home, and more importantly in today's world of the new normal, making that distinction between work and home. Read this article

What does it mean to have an Addiction?
An addiction is defined as an uncontrollable craving for a substance or action that results in the brain receiving immediate satisfaction, even it is harmful to the individual. Read this article

Adding COVID-19 to our already complicated lives
We all have moments of anxiety in our lives, but some of us live with mental health issues constantly. So, how are we doing mentally during this crazy time, and more importantly, if we already deal with mental health issues, how are we managing now? Read this article

Scrolling endlessly through TikTok won't make you less stressed, but exercise will
It's no surprise that exercise is essential for good health, yet many people struggle with making it a habit. Read this article

Spirituality's Helping Hand
A list of spiritual activities, both religious and secular, that can possibly help towards living with or battling mental illness. Read this article

A History of Mental Health Therapies
here is no better way to illustrate the misconceptions of the unknown than taking a look at the history of mental illness - from how it was received by society, diagnosed by physicians and treated by individuals who really did not know what they were doing. Read this article


Professional athletes are humans, too
All the major sport icons like Lebron James, Tom Brady, Serena Williams and others have thousands to millions of people looking up to them. But it can be very hard for some athletes to be a role model and like humans, athletes as well do carry a lot of mental demons with them. Read this article

How can gaming improve your mental health?
One of my ways of relieving stress after a long workload of a day, is to play a few hours of video games. Some of the fun video games I play are competitive, like Rocket League. But there are also times where I just want to play a game because of a good story, like Batman: Arkham CityRead this article

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