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Interrobang issue for Monday, November 21st, 2016

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Faceless but not forgotten
Students and staff at Fanshawe will have the chance to create meaningful art with deep historical connection to the indigenous community through the Faceless Dolls Project. Read this article

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First ever proposed FSU governance changes
The Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) is proposing a complete change to their governance to allow them to be more accountable, more efficient and more transparent. Read this article

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Fanshawe leaps up in ranking on Canada's Top 50 Research Colleges
Fanshawe moved up from 49th to 32nd on the Re$earch Infosource Inc.'s Canada's Top 50 Research Colleges 2016 list. Read this article

London research team drastically reduces x-ray radiation doses
A collaboration between Fanshawe and Western has provided research that shows x-ray radiation can be reduced by 50 to 70 per cent. Read this article

Ontario NDP launched website highlighting student debt
Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath launched a website for students both past and present in an effort to raise awareness of the increase in student debt, according to a press release. Read this article

With Trump in charge, what does this mean for the rest of us?
The U.S. presidential election may have come and gone, but many are still questioning the Nov. 8 results and the fact that Donald Trump will soon be referred to as commander-in-chief. Read this article

Quebec survey shows ways in which students are prone to radicalization
A survey that went across eight Quebec CEGEPs suggests that students who have a strong family and friends connection and are either religious or have a spiritual connection, are less likely to become vulnerable and turn to radicalization. Read this article

FSU participates in Adopt-A-Family
For the past 10 years, Adopt-A-Family has been a large part of the Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) at Christmas time. Adopt-A-Family is a cause that supports families in need at Christmas that are struggling financially. Read this article


Beware of career choices
The fact that many of us never know what we're getting into when we choose a career path is a fact. We never do the research; we don't talk to field professionals; we don't ask questions about what matters to us; we don't know what we're actually going to do once we get into the job. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay?: One step forward, who knows how many steps back
By the time you're reading this, this will be old news. But as I am writing this, the feelings I have over Donald Trump's presidential nomination are real, painful and cut deeply. But most of all, I am afraid. Read this article

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Reyno Rants - Modern gaming: Dropping standards and rising costs
Video games can be an exceptionally frustrating pastime. But something happened to video games along the way. They started getting easier, tutorials became more mundane and often players felt like there was quite a bit of hand holding going on. Read this article

Rumours of Grace: It's restorative justice week
The inside of the building is lined with hard materials so that the noises of doors opening and slamming shut are magnified. The hundreds of people housed in it are kept in locked cells and permitted out only at required times such as for meals and outdoor recreation. Read this article


Local vintage boutique pairs fashion with activism
Filthy Rebena Vintage, a boutique thrift store located in the heart of downtown London, is hosting a Voguabond clothing swap on Nov. 26 between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Read this article

Beauty Boy: Glitter and gold
With the colder season just around the corner and the holidays quickly approaching, it's time to break out all of your glamourous and fun makeup. Read this article

Head start on your new year's resolution
Start your new year's resolutions now. The number one reason new year's resolutions fail is because people make the plan to start in January, but they don't make a plan for what comes next. Read this article

A book for everyone and no one
Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None is a book that you will either really like, or will not want to read another word. There is no in between. Read this article

Mind-blowing special effects and missed opportunities
With the desperate-seeming, though well received appearance of Antman, abandoned Superman reboots and stubborn failed attempts at making a cool Hulk movie, the state and significance of super hero films in recent years has begun to appear questionable at best, desperate at worst. Read this article

The anti-X-Men effect: How everyday chemicals are turning us into monsters
If I told you that you could place a chemical on your skin and it would give you super powers, make you feel attractive and smell like a god or goddess, would you do it? Read this article

What's your Fanshawe Story? Elliot Roger: First-year computer programming
Now that daylight savings time has kicked in, it is getting darker much earlier and this is making some people uneasy. Roger That is a smartphone app that is currently being developed by computer programming student Elliot Roger and he hopes to put frightened individuals at ease. Read this article

Crime prevention tip of the week
So you received an offer to be a secret shopper. All you have to do is cash a cheque and buy gift cards and pre-paid credit cards and send them to an address and keep the rest of the money. It's easy and a great way to make a little holiday money. Wrong. Read this article

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Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Stand firm in your beliefs. Satisfy your appetites. Your charisma may be blinding, but the people who enable you are out for their own personal gain, too. Read this article


Motoring: Farewell to the BMW Z4
The arrival of cold weather is just around the corner so allow me to brighten up your forecast by reviewing a two-seat roadster from BMW. Read this article

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Knights' Night: Winning atmosphere taking over in London
When the news broke that Mitch Marner, Christian Dvorak and Matthew Tkachuk had left junior hockey for good, there was reasonable concern in London. But based on the play we've been seeing lately, the boys are just fine. Read this article

A true Fanshawe hero
You can sum up how you describe Seth Marcaccio in one word: champion. This title is easily given to him after Marcaccio won Fanshawe's first-ever CCAA individual gold medal for men's cross country. Read this article

A first time for everything
Fanshawe has many accomplishments; they produce great minds and athletes alike. And the men's volleyball team is no exception. They've rocketed up to the number one spot in the national rankings of CCAA. Read this article

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