Student wrestler to compete at Fanshawe

Colton Churchill poses with bricks and chains. CREDIT: HAMMERLOCK PURE WRESTLING
Colton Churchill (Mick “Brickhouse” McGuire) is excited to be wrestling at Fanshawe on Jan. 11, 2023.

Calling all wrestling fans! Smash Wrestling is coming live to Oasis on Jan. 11, 2023 for all to enjoy. Fanshawe’s own Colton Churchill, known as Mick “Brickhouse” McGuire in the wrestling world, will be competing.

When Churchill was little, he grew up watching wrestling with his dad.

“I have always loved the over the top nature of wrestling,” said Churchill. “But it’s not just all the show. It’s show and athletics mixed together.”

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He said he was always an athlete in his childhood, playing baseball, soccer, football, and everything in between. But those sports came and went. It was wrestling that stuck and became his true passion.

“It’s the best of both worlds, where I can punch somebody in the face, and I can also be yelling, screaming at the fans. I really feed on the crowd interaction and it’s a whole different feeling when you’re out there.”

The crowd is really the reason for the sport. Without the fans in the audience, there would be no event.

“It was the crowd interaction, the athleticism, and the larger than life personalities that really drew me in.”

Churchill is currently enrolled in Fanshawe’s Fitness and Health Promotion program. This is something he chose because it goes along with his wrestling career.

“I figure if you can work into a field similar to what you want to do, you can be successful in that venture and maybe it’ll help with your other one.”

The short-term goal for Churchill is to win a championship within the next two years.

“I’d like to be able to hold a gold belt around my waist. That’s a childhood dream of mine.”

The long term is to someday compete in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). In the present though, Churchill is looking forward to the upcoming match where he has the hometown advantage.

“It’s been three years since I wrestled at Fanshawe. It was my first year of doing wrestling shows and I lost a match in humiliating fashion.”

He lost that match in two minutes and 45 seconds, something he said is not the greatest record.

“I think it might be time for redemption. I think it’s time to get the people behind me. I tend to step up my game a little bit in front of the people that I know.”

Although every match is different, Churchill’s longest match lasted 40 minutes, while the average match typically ranges eight to 12 minutes.

Churchill looks forward to stepping into the ring once again and wrestling for his stomping ground, Fanshawe College.