Getting involved at Fanshawe

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Listen, your college experience isn’t just about repeatedly hitting the books. It’s about discovering yourself, building meaningful relationships, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and a lot more. Fanshawe offers resources and implements services to suit every student’s individual needs. Let’s explore some fun ways for you to be active and have a fantastic time on-campus.

Fanshawe Student Union (FSU) 

This student-led organization is dedicated to operating events and arranging services that support the student body. They are stationed in two separate buildings at London’s Fanshawe Campus, the Student Union Building and the FSU Student Centre.

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Within the Fanshawe Student Union Building, you will find the Biz Booth, the Out Back Shack, and the Gamesroom. On the other hand, surrounding the Fanshawe Student Centre, you will encounter Oasis, the Interrobang/FSU publications office, numerous student lounge spaces, a temporary Used Book Store and bookable club room space for students and study groups.

Aside from these amenities, the FSU also facilitates clubs, on-campus employment, and volunteering opportunities. Here, you can establish or partake in clubs which are academically, leisurely, or culturally focused. 

Lastly, the FSU significantly encourages student feedback and participation.

“Personally, my goal is to bring more exciting, engaging, and fun events,” said FSU Student Life Coordinator, Ismail Aravai. “Some of [the] FSU’s goals are mental health, diversity, and student leadership.”

“There are always some events going on in FSU, and I encourage more students to participate. Stay connected with us on all our social media, we are here to help and are students serving students,” he added.

Student Wellness Centre and Fanshawe Athletics

The COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately decreased the number of options on campus for sports and recreational activities. However, there are many things to look forward to as public health guidelines loosen in the coming months.

Fanshawe Athletics supervises both men’s and women’s varsity teams. Some of these varsity teams include badminton, baseball, basketball, cross country, curling, golf, soccer, and volleyball. Fanshawe Athletics also offers academic, counselling, financial and employment assistance.

Campus fitness and recreational programs occur in the Student Wellness Centre. In this oncampus fitness centre, a few services include fitness classes, squash, workshops, personal training, and nutrition coaching consultations.

Faith and Spirituality Centre 

The Faith and Spirituality Centre is committed to enriching the spiritual well-being of Fanshawe students. The objective of this centre is to offer an open space to any individual or groups for their spiritual and religious practice. This facility also hosts events and engages with members within London and its surrounding areas.

Peer-to-peer services

Fanshawe’s peer-to-peer program (P2P) is a program which unites new international students with one another. Through P2P, students develop new friendships, enhance their communication skills, and learn from others about cultures and religions.

Peer Tutoring, meanwhile, is a one-on-one academic support source for students undergoing challenges within courses. Tutors address troubles and provide guidance.

Peer Mentorship Connect partners upper-year students in career-focused mentoring relationships, facilitating discussions centred on personal career development goals.

Some peer support services include accessibility peer social group, autism spectrum social group, and peer-to-peer support. These peer-to-peer oriented services enable encouragement, guidance, and assistance amongst struggling students.

At last, being involved within the Fanshawe community is enormously rewarding. Connecting and employing some of your skills to enrich your participation on-campus will promote your college experience. Learn where you want to devote some of your skills towards and get started!