Health Unit issues a heat alert for London and surrounding area

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Potentially record-breaking high temperatures have prompted a special weather statement from Environment Canada and a heat alert from the Health Unit.

The heat is descending on Middlesex County, with potentially record-breaking temperatures setting in on Tuesday.

After a warm long weekend, Environment Canada has issued a special weather statement for London and the surrounding area as temperatures are set to soar to a high of 32 degrees. While the heat is not expected to last beyond tomorrow, the incoming temperatures exceed the Middlesex-London Health Unit’s (MLHU) threshold for issuing a heat alert.

Health officials issued a warning Tuesday cautioning those making plans for outdoor activities to dress lightly and take breaks from working outside in the hot sun. A reminder was also made to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

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“This very summer-like weather naturally draws us outdoors, especially when we all feel like we’ve been stuck indoors for months,” said Public Health Inspector, Randy Walker in a statement. “Anyone who is going to be spending time outside today needs to remember that a little planning goes a long way.”

In response to the high heat, the Health Unit also recommends taking small sips of water even if you’re not thirsty, avoiding alcohol beverages and coffee while outside, avoiding spending too much time outside in general, wearing hats if out in the sun, and avoiding intense or moderate physical activity.

Things won’t cool down much in the evening, with the high overnight expected to be around 20 degrees. Wednesday is forecasted to bring showers and thunderstorms and by Thursday a significant cool off will arrive with a high of 17 degrees.

London could potentially break a record today, with the highest recorded temperature on May 25 being 31.2 degrees in 2012.

For more information on how to stay safe during a heat alert, visit the MLHU website.