Our favourite TikToks of the week - 21/05/2021

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We're rounding up our favourite TikToks of the week to get you through the weekend.

It’s the end of the week which means it’s time for another TikTok round-up. Here are a few of our favourite TikToks that got us through the week.

Panic Ordering

Anyone who struggles with social anxiety can relate to not knowing what to order and not wanting to hold up the line, so you just end up ordering the same thing.

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@fionaleah safety net drink

♬ Everywhere You Look (Full House) - The Hit Crew
Dance Battle

When a baseball game was delayed due to lightning, the two teams decided to have a dance battle. Serving High School Musical 2 realness.

@carli_baldwin @cbulancers this you? #collegeathlete #baseballgirls #d1athlete #baseballboys #athletelife #baseballseason #baseballfans

♬ It's Tricky - RUN DMC
Get well soon

When this teacher’s roommate was getting surgery, she asked her class to make them cards and they did not disappoint.

@jessicalynn436 i really love these children #braintumor @maddyy_perry

♬ original sound - Jessica Lynn
Golden retriever meetup

What can we say? It’s a bunch of dogs meeting together.

@jbranthover12 Ill die happy now #fyp

♬ original sound - Steven & Archie
The Marissa Chronicle

 Once in a while, a great series of events come to our attention and this has got to be one of them. When Drew heard about Marissa’s friends throwing a party while she was away, he decided to take it upon himself to let her know, and now these two are best friends.

@drewbdoobdoo Reply to @missangiej Bestie, you’re gonna LOVE what I have to tell you! @marissameizz #MARISSATOK #marissa #nyc #nycfriends

♬ original sound - Drewbdoobdoo

Every so often TikTok unlocks memories from our childhoods and this one does not disappoint. With a song from the show The Backyardigans, we’ve been singing it all week.

@charlotte.samuels Welcome parents!

♬ Castaways - The Backyardigans
Borrowing clothes from your siblings

This video accurately describes what it is like being a sibling.

@brookesspamm77 hehe @summerbernardd

♬ оригинальный звук - Makeup Queen 👑
Dog adoption

When this little dog learns that it's getting adopted, the tears just keep coming. So priceless.  The happiest boy ever.

@diply The HAPPIEST doggo! 😍 Enjoy your new home, Bowman! 🐾 Credit: @adoptingdogs #dogadoption #heartwarmingmoments #doggosoftiktok #adoptdogs #fyp

♬ original sound - Diply
Phone hack

A FYP find that we thought was so cool. We had no idea that you could do this.

@ambre_skye Have you ever tried this on your iPhone? 📱#iphonetricks #lifehacks #foryou

♬ Super Freak - Rick James
Let’s see what’s going on behind the door

Let’s face it, we all have been here.

@christines_snaps The to-do lists never end lmao #behindthisdoor #christinessnaps #todolist #ROMWEGetGraphic

♬ braedenblanks tocatta and fugue - Nebraska Humane
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