Welcome to the next generation of gaming

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What do you do when you’re done all of your assignments and work you have to do?

Presumably, you do one of the things you like to do, and it’s no secret that some people like to play video games. I’ve been a casual gamer at heart, playing maybe two or three times a week, but there are others out there who play video games to make a living.

There are two new consoles that have been out on the market recently that create a whole new generation of gaming. The new PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S create more opportunities for game developers to get more out of their games. But which is perfect for you?

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The PlayStation 5 has a weird design to it. When it was first revealed on a livestream this year, I felt weird about it. To me it looked like a white and black Wi-Fi router. But looks aside, the PlayStation 5 has amazing specs on the inside.

It can create better graphics seen on the PlayStation 4, and has a brand-new UI to give it a next-gen experiences. But, the big thing about this generation is fast or in some cases, no loading times in games. The amount of times I’ve just wanted to play a game on my PlayStation but closed the game after one minute because the loading times took so long, I just didn’t want to play.

When you want to play games, you shouldn’t have to wait long to play the game. The PlayStation 5 can load up Spiderman —Miles Morales, a new Spiderman video game in less than eight seconds, taking closer to a minute on the PlayStation 4. However, the console is not cheap whatsoever. The PS5 Digital Edition will cost $499, while the actual PlayStation 5 will cost $629.

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are two completely different consoles. Marketed as the most powerful console ever, the Xbox Series X is like the PlayStation 5 in a way. It can help game developers have more ideas; it can create better graphics than its younger brother Xbox One, and it has the short loading times like the PlayStation 5. However, the Xbox has the more powerful graphics processor, and has more storage to put your games on. The Xbox Series X costs $599, making it much cheaper than it’s PlayStation 5.

The Xbox Series S is the much more budget console. With the Series S, you can get all the features of Next- Gen gaming features they offer, but lower graphics and lower storage. It can play all of the Series X titles and it comes at a cost of $379, making it the cheapest next-generation console out on the market.

But I would recommend to you that you shouldn’t get one of these until next year in 2021. There are good games out for them, but none that are I feel you should want to go buy a console.

The times we’re in are also a challenge for people who are wanting to play games but don’t have the money for it. If you do, great. Enjoy your new system, but since most of the big games coming out like Cyberpunk 2077 will be out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, most gamers aren’t feeling out of this console generation so far.