Fanshawe's Sharing Shop kicks off Share-O-Gram

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: ALLEN GAYNOR
By donating just $1 at Oasis or Kettles and Curry Bowls until Feb.15 for the Sharing Shop's Share-O-Gram, you can help students in financial need.

Amy Romao, the Fanshawe Student Union’s (FSU) administrative support services and the co-ordinator of the Sharing Shop, has begun the Sharing Shop’s 5th annual Share-O-Gram.

The campaign takes place each year during the winter semester.

According to Romao, this year the Share-O-Gram will be from Feb. 1 to 15 at Oasis and Kettles and Curry Bowls located on the first floor of the Student Centre.

Students and staff can donate $1 at either location and receive a card, which they can put their name on to post on the wall and show-off their contribution. Two Hershey’s Kisses will also be available with the $1 purchase of a gram.

The Sharing Shop is Fanshawe’s student run campus food bank. Hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is located in SUB1015.

According to Romao, The Sharing Shop relies heavily on the generosity of donations and student volunteers.

Each month showcases a featured, but not limited to, requested item – The Sharing shop is asking for donations of pastas and rice for the month of February.

All requests can be viewed in the portal request for the Sharing Shop on

The Share-O-Gram is a campaign functioning as an extension of the Sharing Shop, where they are able to provide additional support to students in financial need.

In addition to the small financial donation, students and staff can donate a variety of items including non-perishables and toiletries.

“They can even donate perishable items, because we have two fridges in there [Sharing Shop],” Romao said.

According to Romao, top items in high demand include pastas and sauces, proteins such as tuna, nuts or nut butters, cereals, oatmeal, toiletries, cleaning supplies, cooking oils, Saran plastic wrap, Ziplock bags, tin foil, wax paper, and frozen foods – among others.

Waad Abbas, a Fanshawe general business student said she believes the Sharing Shop is working toward a good cause.

“I would contribute – I didn’t know about it until now, but it is beneficial to students who need the help,” Abbas said.

Jad Chablis, a general arts and science student also had positive insight to share.

“The donations will benefit students because if they don’t have to spend much or spend anything on food, they can use that money they saved to pay bills or take care of other important needs in their everyday lives,” Chablis said.

The Sharing Shop drop-offs are located at The Sharing Shop (SUB1015), Student Centre (SC2001), Campus Store (F1002), Counselling and Accessibility Services (F2010) and the Library and Media Services (L1003).

Students looking for volunteer opportunities can sign up on the volunteer portal under The Sharing Shop’s page on

For more information on The Sharing Shop or The Sharing Shop’s Share-O-Gram, please visit or contact Amy Romao at the FSU office, SC1000. Tel 519.452.4109 ext. 6302 or