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Fanshawe introduces five new programs

Fanshawe introduces five new programs


Fanshawe is offering five new programs to educate and prepare students for ever-changing industries.

Lauren Dietrich | Interrobang | News | September 21st, 2018

As Fanshawe continues to expand and new jobs are constantly being created, five new programs are now being offered at the college to accommodate growth. The new programs are offered through Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology, Donald J. Smith School of Building Technology, School of Language and Liberal Studies and School of Digital and Performing Arts.

Research and Evaluation (RES1) (International Only)

The research and evaluation program is an Ontario College Graduate Certificate. According to the Fanshawe website, this program is offered exclusively to international students who are interested in learning social science research methods. There is the option to complete a co-operative work term and includes courses such as reading, writing and audience analysis, survey methods and quantitative research methods.

Building Renovation Technology (BRY1)

According to the Fanshawe website, the building renovation technology course is a three year advanced diploma program. It will provide students with the skills to plan, implement and lead building and renovation projects. The program will include the new Ontario Building Code that was introduced in January 2017.

Applied Aerospace Manufacturing (AMF1)

According to the Fanshawe website, the AMF1 program is a one year Ontario College Graduate Certificate program that is only available to international students. The program will teach students the skills required for a career in aircraft maintenance and repair.

Interactive Media Development - 3D Visualization (VIS1)

The coordinator of the VIS1 program, Justin Brunner said that the program is an intensive three year advanced diploma with a focus on the techniques required in the fields of visualization and emerging interactive technologies. “Students will develop two and three-dimensional design skills by studying a curriculum focused initially on the core principles of visualization technologies and interactive media,” Brunner said. “Foundation courses including image and motion design, interactive production, project management, and visual communication will provide the basis for understanding sophisticated technologies such as virtual and augmented reality.” Brunner said a key part of this program is the strong relationship it has to London as it is home to a growing interactive media industry. “VIS is an excellent fit within the Interactive cluster of programs at Fanshawe. VIS and IDP share a common first year where students will learn about areas of web design/ development and visualization,” Brunner said. When students enter second and third year, the two programs separate and offer unique courses. “Throughout the second year, students will study more advanced concepts of visualization including 3D modeling, game engine simulations, visualization statistics, generative art and user experience design,” Brunner said. “In the third year, students will continue with advanced visualization studies with emphasis on an integrative capstone project (individual or group) or a client-based applied research project internship.”

Combined with the Interactive Media Design program, there are currently 80 students enrolled in this term.

Aviation Technology - Maintenance and Avionics (AVI1)

This program is a three year advanced diploma where the first two years are coincided with the existing Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance (AAM3) program and the third year consists of courses offered in the second year of the existing Aviation Technician - Avionics Maintenance (AVM3) program. Tim Anderson is the coordinator of both the AVI1 and AAM3 program and a professor within the Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology.

“This new program gives students a wider range of knowledge compared to our standard aviation maintenance and avionics programs by covering the knowledge in both programs,” Anderson said. “This is well suited for students who are either interested in both career paths, or those who are undecided on which path they would prefer to pursue.” According to Anderson, this is the first term that this program is offered and there are currently 30 students enrolled.

“Our partners expressed interest in graduates with a wide range of knowledge who had the potential to follow both career paths and be more well-rounded employees,” Anderson said. “It is an example of how the Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology is one of the leading aviation training centers in the country offering modern and relevant training to our students.”
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