Get involved with Fanshawe Athletics

Fanshawe Recreation signage outside a gym at Fanshawe College. CREDIT: HANNAH THEODORE
Fanshawe students can start practicing different sports in college starting from Sept. 7.

Physical activity has always been an integral part of studying. Since Ancient Greece, it was obligatory to participate in sports and games that involved movement. It helped people not only stay in form, but also kept them distracted from everyday worries, and freed the mind from unnecessary thoughts and stress.

Fanshawe College has a significant number of recreation options, where every student can practice the sport that brings them pleasure.

“There are two separate ways to participate in sports. Varsity or recreational,” explained Nicole Carriere, Sports Information Officer at Fanshawe.

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Varsity sports represent Fanshawe College among other Ontario colleges, as well as on the national stage. These include baseball, volleyball, soccer, golf, and many others. Most of the tryouts for those began in late August and will continue until Sept. 1. For full tryout information visit

“Varsity is highly competitive,” Carriere said.

Being a part of a team requires a great amount of practice and dedication. Only the people who are passionate about what they’re doing can be accepted. Varsity sports are not just for enjoyment, but for the representation of the school’s name.

Last season, Fanshawe students showed exceptional results and won many Ontario-wide and nationwide titles. One of the most significant wins was the victory in the OCAA women’s soccer championship. The girls’ team despite changes and challenges, managed to defeat four other powerful competitors to earn their title.

There’s another option for students who are not sure if the sport they are willing to try suits them. Recreational sports are open for everyone interested. They take place at Fanshawe’s gym that is open during school hours. During summer, there is also the possibility to practice on the outdoor field. The sports offered for recreation are the same as for varsity athletes, but you can devote more time to personal practice or fun games with friends. It is more for achieving your personal goals.

Another important nuance: group sports, such as volleyball or soccer with friends, when you share emotions with other people, it can be much more beneficial than running through the park with only your own company.

The last two years saw less recreational activities taking place at the college, but now that Fanshawe is finally open for in-class learning, it is such a delightful experience to reestablish friendly connections with people through sport.

There is a strong link between exercise and mental health. Students tend to be more stressed because of school and the new living environment overall. In addition to relieving stress, regular exercise improves your overall mood. Exercise helps to relax muscles and release tension from the body. Because physical and mental health are linked, when your body feels better, your mind also stabilizes.

If you often feel tired, fatigued, and stressed, you probably feel like exercising will only make your condition worse. But the truth is that physical activity is a powerful stimulant. Luckily, Fanshawe Athletics has you covered.