The Zolas start their tour off in London and do not disappoint

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On March 14, The Zolas had London's Rum Runners partying late into the night.

On March 14, Londoners filled Rum Runners to enjoy some indie rock from The Zolas.

The show was a more intimate setting allowing lead singer Zach Gray to interact with the crowd.

As he was hooking up his equipment, he even gave a girl in the crowd a kiss on the cheek after her friends asked.

The Zolas

The first act, New Zebra Kid, started the show off strong preparing the crowd for the excitement to come.

Next up was Louise Burns Music. She had the crowd captivated, singing along to her every lyric.

Louise put on a modest performance, smiling to her band mates often and engaging with the crowd to make the room feel more intimate.

Finally, after much anticipation, it was The Zolas' turn to take the stage.

The Zolas

With a beautiful piano intro, “In Heaven”, began to be played. But it wasn't until lead singer, Gray, started to sing that the crowd went wild.

Everyone started singing and dancing along and continued doing so until the end of the show.

The Zolas

From “In Heaven”, The Zolas played right into “Molotov Girls” to an exciting light show that had the crowd's faces lit up with countless different colours.

After “Molotov Girls” was finished, Gray engaged with the crowd.

“We're back [London],” Gray said. “I want to play one more song, let's talk later.”

With this, the band went right into “Get Dark”.

The crowd loved this small interaction and then went wild with the song.

The Zolas

From this song, Gray started chirping his band mates, saying his guitarist looked like a small child who was just excited to be on stage. The crowd loved this.

As the concert went on, the crowd became more and more engaged as The Zolas shook off any nerves and put on a great show to start off their tour.

The band didn't hide the fact that this was their longest show, with Gray saying, “This is the first full length set and I'm terrified.”

But the crowd could not be more thrilled that they would be getting more music.

The band played songs from both their 2012 Ancient Mars and their 2016 Swooner albums.

The final song of the show was “Swooner”, ending with Gray jumping off one of the amps in an exhilarating manner, giving a final strum to his guitar.

The Zolas

Then, the band was gone, but the crowd was not ready for the show to be done, as “one more song” started to be chanted.

Giving in to the crowd's demands, the band rushed back onto stage to the beat of “Escape Artist”.

But this wasn't the only song; The Zolas' encore had two more to end off what would be almost an hour and a half long show and one London wouldn't soon forget.