Fourth extramural hockey season begins

Header image for Interrobang article CREDIT: PROVIDED BY KNYVET CARSON
Fanshawe extramural women's hockey team after they won the Laurier tournament last year.

In line with keeping the hockey culture alive on campus, Fanshawe has two distinct hockey programs for men and women: intramural and extramural. The tryouts for the extramural team began on Oct. 3.

Fanshawe's extramural hockey is a tournament-based team that competes against other colleges and university club teams in a one-day, five games, tournament throughout the year.

It is the fourth year running since the extramural hockey tournament replaced the former varsity sport within the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association (OCAA). So far, both the men and women's teams have been successful during this time.

“Three years ago the women's team actually won the first ever provincial championship,” said Knyvet Carson, Fanshawe College athletics and sponsorship officer and coach of both teams. “The Fanshawe ice hockey teams have been very competitive.”

Recounting how the women's team beat St. Lawrence Cornwall in their arena to claim victory in the championship game, Carson explained that the women's team was really strong that year.

“The women's program was usually ranked number one or number two in Ontario but in the last couple of years we have lost in the semifinals and finals.”

Although the men's program in the previous year was not as successful, Carson described it as a work in progress and expressed great optimism about the new team. “We didn't have as many goal scorers but more of a hardworking younger team,” he explained.

On the other hand, the intramural hockey program for men and women is a late-night recreation sport.

Carson explained that the program comprises of 24 men's teams and four women's team and that the game is in a league format within the college.

Carson also noted that the college only has facilities for floor hockey and that ice hockey games are played off campus. “For the extramural program, when we host our turn, we actually have it at the Western fair which has a four-part facility.”

However, the intramural games are usually held in the Stronach Arena, which is located about two minutes from Fanshawe's main campus on Sandford Street. Carson pointed out that the venue is easily accessible to players and residents.

Not to be misconstrued with ice hockey, floor hockey is under the Campus Recreation Department.

With team selection ongoing for the next tournament, Carson expressed concern that most of the players still play junior hockey for another association making their availability restricted. Though, he still expressed optimism for this year's extramural teams.

“There are always surprises during try outs,” Carson said. “Players show up that you do not know about.”

The women's season begins Oct. 28 this year and involves five teams while the men's tournament involves 12 teams and is slated for Jan. 20, 2017.