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Interrobang issue for Tuesday, October 11th, 2016

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Ontario government funds sexual assault awareness program for London organization
The Center for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children has received $300,000 to improve sexual assault awareness and provide training for Ontario post-secondary campus workers. Read this article

Fanshawe participating in EASI skill-assessment pilot project
Fanshawe is one of the 11 Ontario schools participating in the Essential Adult Skills Initiative (EASI) run by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario (HEQCO). Read this article

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Fanshawe opens new English Language Institute
Fanshawe's faculty of arts, media and design has opened a new English Language Institute (ELI) to enhance ESL programming. Read this article

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Crime prevention tip of the week
Student safety is the most important things for Campus Security Services. One thing that causes concern is transportation around town, be it by friend, bus, taxi or a service like Uber. Read this article

Students respond to emergencies on campus
Fanshawe has many opportunities for students to get hands on experience and help others and one of the best examples for this is the Student Emergency Response Team (SERT). Read this article

Possible Ontario wide strategy to be implemented to meet growing number of mental health cases on campuses
The growing number of post-secondary students seeking assistance for their mental health outweighs the number of counsellors able to meet the required attention in a respectable timeframe. Read this article

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FSU Executive Candidates
Meet your FSU Executive Election candidates. Voting takes place from Oct 12th at 9 am to October 13th at 4 pm. Log in to FOL to cast your ballot during that time. Read this article

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SAC candidates
Meet your SAC Election candidates. Voting takes place from Oct 12th at 9 am to October 13th at 4 pm. Log in to FOL to cast your ballot during that time. Read this article


Reyno Rants: Fed up with fall
Walking around London I can't help but notice the alarming number of trees with red, orange and yellow leaves. It's only the beginning of October but these leafy bastards think it's okay to embrace autumn. Read this article

The day I found happiness
For a long time in my life, I did not know who I was. I was scared that I would never know, and I would wander through life without a path. Read this article

What Does Kerra Seay?: The loser stands alone
Instead of providing my commentary on the latest Trump scandal (of which there are many to choose from), I'm going to look at the people who have stood behind him throughout these scandals. Read this article

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Rumours of Grace: Rising rates of student suicide and depression
According to a recently published CBC article, there is a mental health crisis among Canadian college and university students. Read this article


A heist comedy too good to be true
Masterminds is an engaging, entertaining comedy based on the real events of the bank robbery of $17 million that took place in 1997. Read this article

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H.P. Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu
Maybe one of the most important things, which distinguish good books from the bad ones, is ambience. Ambience plays a role in attracting us to whatever we read which can hardly be overestimated. Read this article

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Wreckord Reviews: Don't fall behind this autumn
While there are a lot of exciting releases coming up this October, these singles represent the tail end of the whirlwind that was September. Read this article

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Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
A lack of emotional clarity blurs an otherwise perfect picture. Not everyone is as ready as you'd like them to be. Read this article

Beauty Boy: Number one rule to makeup
Makeup is a powerful thing: it can cover, conceal, camouflage and even alter a person's entire face. Makeup can be a great pick me up for days when you are feeling down and is always there to the rescue when that stubborn pimple butts its ugly head. Read this article

Spotted: Fanshawe's stylish students
With the first semester of classes well underway, there's a wide variety of outfits students are choosing to wear on campus. Read this article

Eating disorders: Not just a diet gone wrong
OH MY GOSH, JUST EAT. An instruction that should seem like a simple task was extremely difficult for Kim, a 26-year-old who starting suffering from bulimia nervosa when she was 13. Read this article

Fanshawe strides to de-stigmatize mental health disorders
Over the past few years, Fanshawe has made large strides to help put the stigma of mental health to rest and help educate and raise awareness amongst faculty and students alike. Read this article

Anxiety Disorders: Finding the facts beneath the fear
According to the American Medical Association, over one third of North Americans will develop or experience anxiety attacks over the course of their lives. Read this article

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Help is just around the corner
London is full of warm hearts and friendly faces willing to sit down and help those struggling with mental health issues, the hardest part is just reaching out for the first time. Read this article

Running from mental illness
Karen Nixon Carroll, Fitness 101 program manager and trainer at Fanshawe, explained how physical activity works hand-in-hand with improving mental functioning and decreases symptoms of diagnosed mental illnesses. Read this article

It's bubble time: How to take the perfect bath
Taking a bath does more than just get you squeaky clean; studies have found that taking a bath can help with muscle pain, arthritis, insomnia and some skin conditions. On top of all that, taking some time to chill in a bath can help with your mental health. Read this article

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ZZZ leads to a healthy brain
There have been many studies explaining the relation between sleep and physical health for an individual. However, lack of proper sleeping etiquette acts like a slow poison for mental health as well. Read this article

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How to know what NOT to say
As a friend, how do you know if you are suggesting the right thing? There is pressure not just for those suffering from mental and emotional challenges, but in those who are turned to as support systems as well. Read this article

Mental Health: Not just a Band-Aid(R) type of fix
Despite it being an unpopular and avoided topic, mental health problems affect many Canadians every day. Approximately one in five Canadians will experience mental illness in their lifetime. Read this article

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Love Yourself
Today is another day. Life will never throw you something you cannot get past. Everything happens for a reason, one you may not see until sometime in the future. Read this article

Are pills really the answer?
In today's society, many people seem to think medication is an easy fix to whatever issue they are having. However, sometimes medication is not always the answer to solving pain, and other remedies and coping mechanisms can work. Read this article


Roller derby reigns as one of the few full-contact sports for women
The Forest City Derby Girls, London's official roller derby league, started off this year's season with more than a few bangs. Read this article

Knights' rookies making their mark early
NHL training camps are well underway, and quite a few London Knights are still fighting for spots at the highest level. Read this article

Fourth extramural hockey season begins
In line with keeping the hockey culture alive on campus, Fanshawe has two distinct hockey programs for men and women: intramural and extramural. The tryouts for the extramural team began on Oct. 3. Read this article

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