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Foreplay: Do it before you screw it

Hency Thacker | Interrobang | Culture | September 12th, 2016

Topics: Sexuality

According to Urban Dictionary, foreplay is defined as touching, kissing and licking each other in a stimulating manner in order to become turned on before having sex.

However, there is a difference in opinions regarding the importance of foreplay among different sexes.

According to the survey conducted by the Interrobang on the students of Fanshawe, 65 per cent women think that 50 to 75 per cent of time during sex should be dedicated to foreplay, whereas 61 per cent of men think only 25 to 50 per cent of the time should be dedicated to foreplay.

“Foreplay is like a starting act to sex and I would rather spend more time having sex than wasting it on foreplay,” said an anonymous male student at Fanshawe.

This opinion differed when Interrobang spoke with an anonymous female student.

“I do not get an orgasm generally through penetration. Having a long foreplay though, brings me close to it and then when I am on the brink, the penetration only acts as a stimulation bringing me to orgasm along with my partner.”

One must understand that foreplay is important to both men and women. For men, it is important to get them ready for the actual sex. However, it is even more important to women since most women come from clitoral stimulation. Foreplay cannot be limited to time. The longer the foreplay, the greater the time for which both partners are denied climax and this results in even more intense climax in the end.

There is a wide range of activities a couple can perform as part of foreplay. Some of them could consist of exploring your partner’s body while kissing or touching everywhere, blindfolding them, oral sex, hand jobs, making out, massages, strip-tease, use of toys, use of food, spanking and dirty talk just to list a few.

It is not rocket science to be a pro at foreplay. The Google Ad- Words data shows that the keyword ‘foreplay’ is searched 100 times in a week on Google in the London area. At Quora, a question and answer website, there are countless ‘how to’ questions on foreplay that are followed by thousands of people.

Rather than asking the Internet, it would make everything a little easier to ask one’s partner what they like and work towards it to improve on the foreplay skills. Better communication leads to better sex.

Instead of instant gratification, foreplay allows the couple to have long-term satisfaction. It is like investing time to get the best possible return.
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