Dear readers,

Welcome to our annual Job Hunt issue.

I feel like I say it every year, but job hunting can be truly disheartening. The long hours of scrolling, applying, waiting, and constant rejection are enough to make anyone miserable. And now there is a new hurdle with the added layer of AI, removing yet another human from the job hunting process. There’s nothing quite like getting turned down by a robot. And that’s if they haven’t already given your job to AI in the first place.

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Despite what we hear about currently being in a worker’s market, it hardly feels like finding a job in certain fields is getting any easier. Industries like media and journalism are seeing constant job losses, a discouraging development for young journalists just getting started in their careers. Our featured content, meanwhile, looks at the other struggles faced by international students and people with disabilities when it comes to finding work.

But not all hope is lost! This issue also features tips on how to make your resume stand out, how to navigate online job hunting, and how to keep your side hustle going while you search for that Dream Job.

The main takeaway I hope you get from this issue is not to give up. Carve your own way if you have to. You are worthy and you have value. Do not let the process convince you otherwise.


Hannah Theodore

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