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Interrobang issue for Friday, October 16th, 2020

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Western says London Hall students must quarantine at home post-Thanksgiving
London Hall who traveled home for Thanksgiving to not return for at least two weeks, as the health unit confirms a COVID-19 outbreak in residence that spans multiple floors. Read this article

Fanshawe students place first in worldwide Google challenge
When it comes to online marketing, Fanshawe students mean business. That's why a pair of student teams from the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business have placed first in two categories - Global overall winner and first place in the Americas - in the 2020 Global Online Marketing Academic Challenge (GOMAC). Read this article

Fanshawe special constables now carrying naloxone kits
Fanshawe College is making moves to target the growing public health concern of opioid overdoses. Read this article

Advertising/ marketing scholarship open to students
The annual Ad Standards Scholarship of $1,500 is open for applications until Feb. 28 from post-secondary students enrolled in an undergraduate advertising or marketing program at a Canadian university or college. Read this article

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Meet The 2020/2021 Executives
The Executive team is comprised of the President, elected by students, and three hired Coordinator positions; Advocacy and Communications Coordinator, Finance Coordinator and Student Life Coordinator. All of the positions are responsible for representing students on a variety of College-wide committees and oversee the day-to-day operations of the FSU. Read this article


Cuties: Cannes or cancelled?
Disgusting, inappropriate, inspiring, influential, encouraging and propaganda. These are some reactions describing the confusing response to CutiesRead this article

Sex outside the Matrix
As recently as 50 years ago, being sexually active in Canada without being married to one's partner was a matter of controversy. Read this article

Rethinking relationships is not a bad thing
I say this purely in the spirit of much-needed levity, with all due respect to the seriousness of the situation at hand: It took the life-threatening reality of a global pandemic for me to finally demand more for myself in my personal relationships. Read this article

Opinion: Academic accommodations aren't enough in a pandemic
Even as most aspects of university life are changing drastically, academic accommodation appears to remain the same. Read this article

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From the Editor
SEX!!! Now that I have your attention, welcome Fanshawe and Western to Interrobang's latest issue - the Sex Issue. Read this article


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Refuse to let what others do upset you. Give others the freedom to ensure you are granted the same in return. Read this article

Students are still searching for love in a pandemic
Dating is awkward. Now, add face masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing bubbles to the mix and it gets even weirder. Read this article

Having fun with yourself: How to find your go-to sex toy
The vaginal orgasm - so elusive, it's thought to be a myth by some researchers. Read this article

Stress Release: How to incorporate masturbation into your self-care routine
Taking time for ourselves has become an essential part of self-preservation amidst a tumultuous and draining year. Read this article

Types of STIs and debunking myths
Sex is a part of human nature and for some a favourite pastime, but be sure you know what you are getting into before indulging in sexual pleasures. Read this article

Your local relationship and sexual health resources
Here are several resources on and off campus that can help you when you have sexual health or relationship troubles. Read this article

London's trans healthcare resources and LGBTQ2+ support groups
Trans healthcare resources still have a long way to go, but London is doing a great job of providing resources for those who need it. Read this article

Wearing a mask during sex is the new kink. Can dating handle it?
More and more restrictions are seeping into every part of our lives requiring a level of discipline I don't believe everyone possess. This will lead to and has led to conspiracy theories questioning the legitimacy of the pandemic, arguably endangering all of our lives. But I understand. Read this article

10 methods of protection (pandemic edition)
Contrary to common belief, the pull-out method is not on the top the list for a way to avoid conception. Read this article

Here we are now, entertain us
When things get bad, we look to humour, we look for entertainment. I think that people need a laugh right now of just about any kind to be able to get through the day. Read this article

Acrylic Values exhibit
Six months after COVID-19 restrictions pushed a second-year exhibition online in late March, students in Fanshawe's Fine Art Advanced Diploma program were at last able to show off their hard work in person. Read this article


Canadian student-athletes will no longer be tested for cannabis
The Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) will stop screening student-athletes for cannabis in U Sports and the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA), allowing athletes to test positive during in-competition months without penalty. Read this article

How "bubble environments" are safer for the players
The bubble that the NHL and the NBA created for their respective leagues was a unique experience and ensured everyone stayed safe. Read this article

Fanshawe makes history in OPSE Hearthstone match
The Ontario post-secondary Esports (OPSE) league officially launched this fall, giving gamers across the province the chance to compete on behalf of their college or university. Read this article

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