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Interrobang issue for Friday, September 7th, 2018

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Thurman Circle partiers advised to take precautions following robbery, rowdiness
Students living on and around Thurman Circle are advised to be more vigilant and responsible by the London Police Service (LPS) and Fanshawe's campus security services, following a series of criminal activities. Read more

Take a peek at Fanshawe's newest campus
After years of planning and development, Fanshawe College has officially opened the doors of its new downtown campus. Read more

Escapology makes its Canadian debut in London
The grand opening of Escapology London, the first Canadian branch of the live escape room experience from famous Escapology LLC in Orlando, Fla., happened late this summer. Read more

Fanshawe's faculty of business gains a new dean
Mary Pierce, former instructor and chair of the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, has been appointed dean of Fanshawe's faculty of business. Read more

Fanshawe fashion department creates local pop-up shops with Goodwill Industries
Fanshawe's fashion marketing and management program continues to work hard with Goodwill Industries to create sustainable fashion for their pop-up stores. Read more

Fanshawe's SERT gears up for another year
The student emergency response team (SERT) provides students with a hands-on learning experience and immediate assistance for medical emergencies. Read more

LHSC: Stay safe, don't step over the "stupid line"
The LHSC injury prevention program is reminding post-secondary students to be aware of the stupid line, which is the boundary between being smart and taking a risk. Read more



From the Editor
To start the first official week of school, my reporters spent a good amount of time working hard to have fresh and relatable content for you to read through and stay up to date with Fanshawe and London news. Read more

Thoughts about leaving the Catholic Church
As the Catholic Church has more negative things come out into the open, many may be wondering why some people are still members of the church. There can be reasons why some stay and why it might be wise to attend a Catholic service once in your life. Read more

Textbooks are overpriced and underused resources
Even though there are hacks to getting cheaper textbooks or reducing the number that you actually need, there really is no winning in the textbook world. Read more


Rising Canadian country pop duo to headline Fanshawe frosh concert
Canadian country music keeps on getting bigger and better and this includes none other than Jenna and Stuart (Stu) Walker, otherwise known as The Reklaws. Read more

Save the bees
Many people are guilty of killing bees to avoid getting stung or using insecticides to keep the bugs away from their gardens. Read more

Terrifier: The bar has risen for clown horrors
Looking for something over the top? Suspenseful? Gory enough to make you cringe throughout basically the entire film? If your answer is yes to all of those, then Terrifier is the movie for you. Read more

Campus Style: Skin care hygiene
So how do you take care of yourself and those dreaded pimples? Well, the Fulcrum has you covered so you and your skin will be glowing all year long. Read more

Little Italy shines light on family, love and Toronto
A film about love, lost, pride and of course family with a little rivalry is just a snippet of what the movie Little Italy is all about. Read more

Playing with Matches ignites a story that's hot to the touch
Playing with Matches is a real treat and captures a rare look into the brain and world of a young New Yorker who's trying to navigate life on her own terms as best as she can. Read more


Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
You need more sleep in the next few weeks. Just a reminder. Go to bed. The beginning of this week will bring some surprises. Read more

Meal ideas to help you get through this school year
Struggling to decide what to make yourself for breakfast, lunch or dinner? Check out our meal prep guide. Read more

Five cheap date ideas
As the fall weather finally starts to roll in, this offers up more activities for you and your boo to do over the still warm days of the year. There are so many dates that break the bank, but they don't need to. Read more


Five apps to help make friends in a new city
Just like how there are apps for dating, there are many apps made to help you meet others in which you have stuff in common with. These apps are all free to download and are available for both Android and iPhone (with the exception of one). Read more

Three things you need to make for your room this year
Move in day has happened and you're noticing there's some things missing in your dorm. You need something to keep you organized and on track. Worry not, the Interrobang included the instructions for three easy-to-make DIY items to have in your room this year. Read more

Friendly face around Fanshawe
Arjun Bhardwaji is a friendly face around Fanshawe College, and can easily be found in the Financial Aid and Awards office (E2020) while also roaming the halls with a smile on his face. Read more


Ram's Rana announced as head coach for team Canada's FIBA World Cup qualifiers
Ryerson Rams men's basketball head coach Roy Rana will lead Team Canada during their FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019 Qualifiers. Read more

PGA returns to London
The Freedom 55 Financial Championship is returning to London for its sixth consecutive year, but for the first time ever local golfers will have the chance to win their own major prize. Read more

Motoring: Examining the 2018 Genesis G70 3.3T Sport
Ever since Hyundai branched off Genesis as its separate, luxury brand, its offerings have been a bit familiar. Read more

Health and Fitness: Healthy eating on campus
Whether you carry a meal plan or you have long hours of classes, chances are you are going to order some food on campus once or twice. Read more

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