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Interrobang issue for Monday, October 17th, 2016

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Unmasking the clown: A brief history of clowning and fear
The recent killer clown phenomenon made its way to London as local high schools were threatened with the kidnapping of students and killing of teachers. Read this article

Fanshawe student creates petition and successfully brings back the Macs
When Garett MacLaren, a second year student in interactive media design and production at the CDPA discovered that the Mac computers had recently been replaced with PCs, he decided to do something about it. Read this article

Nine million dollars in funding for Fanshawe
On Oct. 7, Fanshawe was buzzing with big names in politics. Peter Fragiskatos, Member of Parliament (MP) for London North Centre announced the $6.2 million joint federal-provincial investment to renew infrastructure at Fanshawe. Read this article

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How the Ontario government is handling student debt: What students and new graduates think of it and should interest be removed from student loans?
Debt is a four-letter word many students and recent graduates dread. The Ontario government said that between 2012 and 2013, a graduate from a four-year university degree had at least $22,207 in student loans to pay back. Read this article

Brryan Jackson: "Who do you dare to become?"
Motivational speaker Brryan Jackson is coming to Fanshawe on Oct. 18 to engage with students and give a talk about the insights of life, HIV/AIDS, mental health and the struggle of everyday problems. Read this article

How an inexpensive lifestyle makes one woman rich
L. J. Mcleod, 31, has been living in vans all around Vancouver for years now. It is a decision that she has willingly made. Read this article

Harvest Dinner set to raise funds for London's impoverished
This is the second year for the Harvest Dinner, which takes place on Friday, Oct. 21 at 6 p.m. and features ingredients grown within 100 miles of the London area. Read this article


Rumours of Grace: While the world burns, dividends keep coming
This past summer was hot; hot, dry air helped advance the fires in Fort McMurray, southern Ontario became toasty and Canada's east coast did not have a drought, though it didn't look good for a couple of months. Read this article

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What Does Kerra Seay?: Who should I vote for, Trump or Not-Trump?
I am simultaneously happy and upset that I don't get to vote in the U.S. federal election. Happy, because whatever the results I will not feel any responsibility for the repercussions and upset because I have no control over anything and can only watch it unfold, completely powerless. Read this article

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Reyno Rants: Today's craze is tomorrow's trash
The wonderful thing about the world we live in is that everything is practically at our fingertips. Music, news, restaurants, books, movies, video games, plane tickets everything is just a few clicks away these days. Read this article


Yoga: Essential to de-stress
If you haven't tried yoga yet or you don't feel flexible enough to attend a class, here is an easy, at home routine for you to try. Read this article

Beauty Boy: Black lipstick: Pick your poison
All lipstick lovers know, the darker the colour of lipstick you choose, the harder it is to apply, maintain and perfect. Read this article

Wreckord Reviews: The singles are falling like leaves
This October could be an exciting month or it could be an absolute nightmare. There's a lot of big name talent planning to release albums in the next few weeks. Read this article

No Man's Sky: No Man's Play
Hello Games' No Man's Sky had one of the greatest concepts of all time, a space exploration game that would take five billion years to visit each planet for one second. Read this article

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Project management graduate certificate
Do schools kill creativity? This was a controversial topic delivered by Sir Ken Robinson on the TED Talks show on Jan. 6, 2007. Read this article

Crime prevention tip of the week
As you wander the cosmos in your four (or more) wheeled car, it is important to remember that the windows are glass and they work for looking in as well as out. Read this article

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Zodiac Stargazer Horoscope
Recognize that someone else's way isn't yours. In a perfect world, loved ones would share everything. Find your own level, and assume that it won't make you too much of a stranger. Read this article

Wrap yourself in warmth and style with these scarf ideas
Now that cooler weather is officially here, it's time to make use of those scarves that you kept on buying, but haven't been able to wear. Read this article


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Knights' Night: Marner makes Leafs; Tkachuk poised for spot
Mitch Marner has proven everything he needs to prove in London, and he's now getting a chance to show he belongs in the big leagues. Read this article

Motoring: The 2016 Alfa Romeo 4C: Built for fun and nothing else
The Alfa Romeo 4C is an Italian sports car that marks the return for this brand in Canada. Read this article

Ranking amongst the top
Fanshawe not only shines academically, it also excels athletically, with four of our varsity teams placing in the top 15 national rankings. Read this article

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